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Final Fantasy X


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Final Fantasy X 

This walkthrough  is courtesy of Blackestmage from Gamefaqs.

Final Fantasy X

By Squaresoft on the Playstation 2 platform, North American release, FAQ by
Blackestmage, copyright-2003


Ok well, since I'm playing Final Fantasy X once again, I decided to read my 
old FAQ and I was definitly shocked, since it was definitly NOT a well made 
guide. Hundreads of both spelling and in-game mistakes. Also, my organization
was  definitly horrible, so I'm doing a HUGE(and I do mean huge) update of 
this guide I wrote a year ago, in which I'll completely change the 
walkthrough, as well as the other sections. This is probably the final update
as well(it is completed).

Version: New but Final

Table of contents

4-The Sphere Grid
  A. Characters' overdrives
  B. Overdrives modes
7-Side Quests/secrets
 A.Omega Ruins
 B.Secret Aeons
 C.Ceslestial Mirror and Legendary Weapons
 D.The Aeons can also break the damage limit!
 E.Secret Locations/treasures(using the Airship)
 F.The secrets of Luca
 G.The Clasko's side quest
 H.Travel through Spira a second time!
 I.Al Bhed Primers full list/locations
 J.Two tricks to level up
 K.Easy gil strategies
8-Monster Arena
 A.What is it?
 B.What you need?
 C.The strategies!
  -Area Conquest
  -Specie Conquest
  -Originial Creations
9-General Tips

Legal Disclaimer: This guide cannot be used for commercial matters. If you 
want to post it in your website then you must send me an e-mail to ask the 
permission, and only once I have accepted, you can.

You can find this guide at:

1- Introduction

So! You decided to play an RPG like Final Fantasy X? Then be ready for one 
hell of a great game. Awesome story, gameplays, graphics, sounds, everything! 
Usually, players fall in love with Final Fantasy X, let's hope it'll be same 
for you :D. One year ago, when I wrote this FAQ, it was my first one, but 
since then, I managed to write several boss guides for FF7, FF8 and FF9, so 
let's say that this is my only FAQ/walkthrough so far.

2- The Characters

Each Final Fantasies have their characters, and in Final Fantasy X I 
definitly found that they were completly different from the other ones in the
previous games of the serie. Maybe because in FFX each characters have their 
own voices I guess.

Tidus: The hero of Final Fantasy X, he is a blitzball star player of the 
Zanarkand Abes, and definitly one of the funniest character out there. He's 
also pretty usefull in battles, really, for a teen, he owns!

Yuna: The main female of the game, a summoner with the task of defeating the 
world's greatest fear; the evil Sin. Without the shadow of a doubt, she has 
one hell of a destiny, as well as responsabilities for becoming such an 
important character. She's also extremelly usefull in battles. Probably 
because of the fact that she is the only character who can summons.

Wakka: The captain of the Blitzball Besaid Aurochs team, Wakka is a close 
friend to Yuna. Both grew up together, along with Lulu. He's definitly 
awesome in battle because his weapon is a ball, allowing him to attack even
out of range enemies. BUT, the best Wakka about Wakka is his accent. Oh and 
also, you gotta love his hair cut.

Kimahri Ronso: One of my three favourite character of the whole game, a big 
strong scary warrior, Kimahri has protected Yuna since she was a child. He's 
also from the Ronso Tribes, meaning that he does use blue magics, pretty 
usefull at several times in the game. 

Lulu: The black mage Lulu! She is really usefull(especially in the beginning 
of the game) with her magics, as long as you know how the elemental works.
Like I mentioned earlier, Lulu also grew up with Wakka and Yuna in Besaid 
village, so they are close friends.

Auron: One of the(if not THE) most popular character of the entire game, 
Auron has watched over Tidus in Zanarkand for a long time, and Tidus doesn't 
know actually from where Auron came. Extremelly strong, Auron is one of the 
hardest striker of the game(especially in the beginning), and you gotta love 
his red coat!

Rikku: Like Tidus says in one of the sequences of the game; Rikku is a good 
person, she's just Rikku! Well, depends by what you mean when you say 'good'. 
Rikku is a thieve, but she only steals the bad guys, so I guess she IS a baby 
face after all. But oh well.

Jecht: Tidus's father, awesome blitzball player but he passed out ten years 
ago. Actually, no one has never knew what happened to him in Zanarkand, he 
just went off to train at the beach one day and never came back. Jecht is an 
arrogant man, and Tidus hates him, because Jecht has 'raised' Tidus by 
playing his own admirable smart ass attitude.


In each Final Fantasies, there is a way to summon some creatures that will 
help you in battles. Now in FFX however, you can totally control them like 
you control a character! Anyway, here a list of them.


Location: Besaid Temple

Technic: Sonic Wings

Black Magics: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard and Water.

White Magics: None

Element: None

Overdrives: Energy Ray and Energy Blast, Energy Ray deals non-elemental 
damages to all enemies and the Energy Blast deal bigger non-elemental damages 
to all enemies.


Location: Kilika Temple

Technic: Meteor Strike

Black Magics: Fire

White Magics: Null-Frost, Null-Blaze

Element: Fire

Overdrive: Hell Fire, deal Fire elemental damages to all enemies.


Location: Djose Temple

Technic: Aerospark

Black Magics: Thunder and Thundara

White Magics: None

Element: Lightning

Overdrive: Thor Hammer, deal Lightning damages to all enemies.


Location: Macalania Temple

Technic: Heavently Strike

Black Magics: Blizzard and Blizzara

White Magics: Null-Frost, Null-Blaze

Element: Ice

Overdrive: Diamond Dust, deal ice damages to all enemies.


Location: Bevelle Temple

Technic: Impulse

Black Magics: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Water , Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, 
Watera, Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga and Waterga.

White Magics: None

Element: None

Overdrive: Mega Flare, deal major non-elemental damages to all enemies.


Of course, there are some other Aeons, to get them, refer to Secret Aeons in 
the Side Quests section.

4- The Sphere Grid

Since Final Fantasy V, each Final Fantasies had their own and different 'grow 
up' systems. In FFX, it's totally different from the others, since now your 
character just can't have a level, since you SPEND those levels to move on a 
grid called 'the sphere grid'. Read this section if you have problems 
learning the basics. 

First, there are the spheres:

Power Sphere: Strenght, +HP and Defense.
Speed Sphere: Agility, Evasion, Accuracy
Mana sphere: Magic, Magic Defense, +MP
Ability Sphere: You make your character learn anability.
Lvl Key sphere 1, 2, 3, 4: Allow you to activate the specific Lvl Key node 
Fortune Sphere: Activate the luck node.

Now, you use those spheres to activate the next nodes;

Power nodes: These are corresponding to the Power Sphere, so you activate 
them by using a Power Sphere. There are three different type of nodes that 
you can activate with a power sphere, there are the HP nodes, Strenght Nodes 
and Defense nodes.

Speed nodes: Read above, just that now you use speed SPHERES on those to 
increase stats like Agility, Evasion and Accuracy.

Mana nodes: Same as the two previous nodes just that now you gonna use mana 
SPHERES to improve stats like your Magic, your Magic defense and your MP.

Ability nodes: For this one, you simply use an Ability Sphere on a Ability 
Node to learn the ability of that node. If the node is let say 'Haste', then 
you activate it with an ability sphere so your character can learn this 

Luck nodes: Activated by a Fortune Spheres, the Luck nodes make your 
characters have Luck(increase rate of stealing good items and critical hits).

Lvl Key nodes 1, 2, 3, 4: To activate those ones, you need to use a specific 
lvl key sphere on it. Let's have an example: if you are at a level 1 key 
node, it blocks your way, so use a lvl 1 key sphere on it to unlock the 
passage, allowing you to move on. HOWEVER, I don't recommand you to use those 
early in the game, you better just have your characters stay on their part of 
grid and learn every abilities that they are supposed to.


Simply by gaining AP in combat. When you gained enough AP, you level up, or 
actually I should say that you gain a s.lvl(sphere level), so then you USE 
that sphere level to MOVE on the grid. If you let say have 4 s.lvls, you can 
move 4 nodes.

The way to move is simple. Press X on the grid, then you select 'Move' and 
you go to the direction you want. When you are at a node that you can 
activate, simply select 'Use' and then, select the approriate sphere.

Note: There are a lot of other spheres in Spira, but they are more 'Rare'(and 
more usefull of course), here a list of them.

Rare Spheres

Strenght Sphere(Strenght+4)                    
Master sphere(Activate any nodes on the sphere grid)
HP sphere (HP+300)
Clear Sphere  (Clear node already activated)                 
Defense sphere(Defense +4)                    
Friend sphere(Join an ally on his part of grid)           
Agility sphere(Agility+4)                       
Return Sphere(go back to a sphere already activated by your character)   
Accuracy sphere(Accuracy +4)
Evasion sphere(Evasion+4)                      
Teleport sphere(go to a sphere already activated by an ally)  
Magic sphere(Magic+4)
Magic defense sphere(Magic defense+4)   
Attribute sphere(activate any Attribute sphere of an ally)
MP sphere(MP+40)                                         
Blk Magic sphere(allow you to learn a black magic from an ally)
Skill sphere(Activate any skill sphere of an ally)
Special Sphere(Activate any special sphere of an ally)
Wht Magic sphere(allow you to learn White Magic ability from an ally)
Warp sphere(move to any node)
Luck sphere(Luck+4)
5- Overdrives

This section is divided into 2 parts; the characters' overdrives, and the 
overdrives mode.

A). Characters' overdrives

An overdrive is a limit break, and in FFX, EACH characters have their own 
DIFFERENT way of learning new ones.

The SwordPlay of Tidus: 

Spiral Cut: you will have it at the beginning of the game.
Slice & Dice: You must perform 10 GREAT overdrives to obtain it.
Energy Rain: You must perform 30 GREAT overdrives to obtain it.
Blitz Ace: You must perform 60 GREAT overdrives to obtain it.

When I say that you must perform a GREAT overdrive, I mean that you must 
press X when the cursor of the overdrive is in the white space of the bar. Tt 
will also increase the damage of the attack.

The Grand Summon of Yuna.

This one is pretty usefull, when one of your Aeon doesn't have his overdrive, 
use Grand Summon one of them and once he/she's on the field, you'll see that 
he/she'll be ready to perform his/her limit. Now also, if you Grand Summon an 
aeon who already has his overdrive,  you can then use that Aeon's overdrive 

The Wakka's Slots:

Element Reels: You have it at the beginning of the game. 

To deal nice damages with this attack, you gonna need to correctly select the 
right elemental circles. If you are let say fighting a ice fiend, try to 
select three red circles in the spins so you can perform a fire elemental 
attack to deal nice damage. 

Fire: Red Circles
Thunder: Yellow Circles
Blizzard: White Circles
Water: Blue Circles

Attack Reels: Learn it as a Blitzball TOURNEMANT prize(not in a league).

Probably one of the greatest attack of the game, if you manage to correctly 
select three spins of 2 Hits in the wheels, Wakka will attack 12 times the 

Status Reels: Learn it as a blitzball LEAGUE prize.

If you manage to select three same abnormal Statuses roulettes, you will 
inflict that abnormal Status on the enemy. 

Aurochs Reels: Learn it as a Blitzball TOURNEMANT prize.

Here, if you select three same wheels, you will attack all enemies for major 

The Ronso Rages of Kimahri:

You will learn all of the Kimahri's Overdrive by using his technic Lancet. 
Simply Lancet the approriate enemy to recieve a new blue magic. Here the list:

Jump, Seed Cannon, Thrust Kick, Fire Breath, Aqua Breath, Stone Breath, Self 
Destruct, Doom, Bad Breath, White Wind, Mighty Guard and Nova.

See a Blue Magic list FAQ/guide to know which monsters to Lancet. 

The Lulu's Fury

Fire Fury                             Waterga Fury
Thunder Fury                       Blizzaga Fury
Blizzard Fury                        Bio Fury
Water Fury                          Osmose Fury
Fira Fury                              Death Fury
Thundara Fury                      Drain Fury
Blizzara Fury                         Demi Fury
Watera Fury                         Flare Fury
Firaga Fury                           Ultima Fury                        
Thundaga Fury

To be able to use one of those Fury, you just need to have Lulu learn that 
spell. For example, if you let say wanna use a Fira Fury, you gonna need to 
have Lulu learn Fira.

For this one you have to turn the right analog Stick very fast, the more you 
spin, the more spells you gonna perform.

The Auron's Bushido

Dragon Fang: You will have it at the beginning of the game

Down+Left+Up+Right+L1+R1+O+X is the combination to perform it.

Shooting Star: Really a good one, Auron runs at one enemy and strike it to 
send it out of the battle field. You will have it when you find the Jecht 
Sphere after beating Spherimorph in the Macalania Wood.

Triangle+Circle+Square+X+Left+Right+X and good bye to the victim.

Banishing Blade: Nice one here, not only that it deals nice damages but also 
that when you use it correctly, Auron will inflict all the breaks(Power, 
Armor, Mental and Magic break)to the enemy. You will learn it after finding 
Three Jecht Spheres.

Up, L1, Down, R1, Right, Left+Triangle

Tornado: The last one, damages all enemies. You will obtain it by getting all 
ten Jecth spheres.


The location of all the Jecht Spheres.

- Macalania Wood after beating Spherimorph you will automatically get one.
- Just at the right of the Besaid Temple in the Besaid Village.
- Go to Besaid and take the SS Liki Board, then go into the Cabin.
- At Luca, in the stadium, near the Aurochs' Locker Room
- In the Mi'ihen Old Road just near the chest where you found the Mars Crest
- At the Mushroom Rock Road, in the Precipe(past that broken elevator)
- At the moonflow just in front of the beautiful lake
- At the south part of the Thunder Plains
- In a dead end at the beginning of the Mt Gagazet
- In the Macalania Wood, near the Women and her little kid

Note: You will find some sphere named Auron's Sphere or Braska's sphere. 
Don't worry, these are Jecht spheres. 

Rikku's Mix

Rikku can mix the items for making a new one with two any items. For more 
information, go see a Mix FAQ(I'm definitly too lazy to write all the recipes 
you can get...also the fact that there are already a whole lot of guides with 
detailed Mix results so...)

B). Overdrives modes

You see, in this game, you choose your own way of having your overdrives bar 
increases. Let me explain. In Final Fantasy VII for example, the only way to 
have his limit bar increase is by getting damaged. Another example, in Final 
Fantasy VIII, you need to have your HP in crisis, or near, level(low). In 
Final Fantasy IX, it was just like in FF7 as well(to go in Trance). Now 
however, in FFX, you choose your own mode! So I'm gonna write a list on all 
those modes, and how they work. To set an overdrive, you need to go in the 
Menu and select Overdrive. Now select set and choose the overdrive mode you 

Stoic: Increases as you are damaged by enemies.

Warrior: Increases as you damage the enemies.

Healer: Increases as you heal an ally.

Comrade: Increases as your allies take damages.

Slayer: Increases as you kill enemies.

Victor: Increases as you win battles(need to be in the party)

Tactician: Increases as you inflict abnormal statuses to enemies.

Hero: Increases as you kill powerfull enemies.

Ally: Increases as your character gets his/her turn.

Daredevil: Increases as you fight with low HP.

Loner: Increases as your character is alone in the fight.

Coward: Increases as you flee from battles.

Dancer: Increases as you dodge an enemy attack.

Rook: Increases as you reduce an enemy or nul flie an enemy's attack.

Sufferer: Increases as you are inflicted with abnormal statuses.

Victim: Increases as you participate in battle with abnormal statuses 
inflicted(piece of trash)

Avenger: Increases as enemy kills your allies.

6- Walkthrough

Yes! Finally, I'm at the walkthrough part, the reason why I made this FAQ :D! 
Hope the section will help you to pass through the game.

Please, only read and use this walkthrough when you_are_playing_the_game. If 
you are getting FFX tomorrow, and wishes to read this walkthrough before, 
watch out cause you WILL see some spoilers since this walkthrough will take 
80% of the whole FAQ, meaning I'll be explaning the plots of the scenes a 
lot, and I'll also detail each areas with the treasures you can get and all.

So at the main menu, when you select New game, you will first see the 
introduction sequence.

You'll see several persons sitting around some fire. And then, a guy will ask 
you to listen to his story.


Welcome to Zanarkand! First, you will gain control of a blond headed guy in 
amazing clothes. He is a professional blitzball player of the Zanarkand Abes, 
and he has a game to play. Now, head south and go talk to your fans and name 
yourself. The default name is Tidus, and I'll use this name to refer him in 
the whole walkthrough so in case you gonna name him personally then just keep 
his name in mind. After that, just have Tidus talk to his fans and all, and 
then he'll be on a bridge heading to the stadium. Run to the next screens on 
the bridge. You can also listen to Zanar, the blitzball(is he?)commentator, 
he's talking about Tidus's old man, Jecht and he'll mention that ten years 
ago he vanished into thin air. Anyways, once you are the stadium, be ready to 
watch an AWESOME CG movie in which you'll see a real game of Bliztball! Enjoy!

However, in that sequence, you'll see something huge attacking Zanarkand. 
When you gain control of Tidus in the middle of a destroyed city, just run 
away from the stadium and meet Auron on the way. You'll also meet a strange 
little guy who will inform you that your story begins. Once he's gone, Auron 
will introduce you to that huge bubble type monster that is attacking; it is 
named Sin. Now, that huge monster will throw some of it scales on the bridge, 
so you will have to fight them. Auron will also give you a Longsword, a gift 
from your old man.

Anyways, have your two characters take care of those enemies. Make yourself 
familiar with the basics , cause it will be like that for the whole game. 
Just like Auron said, just beat down the ones that matter and pass through 
them. After a couple of battles, it'll be time to fight your first boss of 
the game!

Boss: Sinspawn Ammes(with a couple of sinscales)
HP: 2400
AP: 0
Difficulty: Easy

Here, meet Sinspawn Ammes! Well, in this battle, you'll see a mini overdrive 
tutorial, and then you will be able to perform Auron's Bushido overdrive; the 
Dragon Fang. Use it properly to take
down all those sinscales, as well asto destroy one of the boss's tentacle. 
Once you did that, you just have to pummel Ammes, each time you do so, it 
loses a tentacle, and you have to dispose of all those tentacles to win the 
battle. The boss will only use one attack; Demi. That one takes away 1/4 of 
the party's HP, so unless you have 1 HP left only, you can't die, so DON'T 
bother wasting potions to heal you. 

When it's dead, you will gain control of Tidus. So now, follow Auron but 
don't miss that Save Sphere just behind the dead body of Ammes, so use it to 
save your progress so far and to heal your HP as well(since that in FFX, each 
time you touch a Save Sphere you regen your whole party's HP). Once your 
done, follow Auron, and once again some sinscales will be in your way, but 
now, looks like there are hundreads of them. Anyways, once you have killed a 
bounch of them, Auron will advice you to destroy that tanker at your right, 
so follow his orders and destroy it(will take a couple of hits)so it will 
fall and explode, so that huge titantron(with a picture of Jecht on it) will 
fall, so then it'll be time to RUN AWAY. You'll see another CG in which Auron 
will tell Tidus that this is the beginning of his story, and then you will be 
absorbed into that black hole. 

Now you'll be in the middle of the air- in a totally destroyed Zanarkand. 
Have Tidus flies to that Jecht looking person on that roof, so then you'll 
see one more CG. After that, Tidus will wake up in some strange and scary 


In there, Tidus will be in the water, and on your map you can see that there 
is a red dot. So head there, however, while you do so you better swim always 
to the left until you arrive at some little stairs, so go up there and go 
open that chest for 2 potions. You can also find a chest containing 200 gils. 
When you are done, head to that red dot, and continue on that 'bridge'. When 
you have the opportunity, go left and then south to get a chest that contains 
an Hi Potion. Once you grabbed the item, go back and continue on that bridge 
until it collapses, and you'll find yourself in the water, with three 
sahagins messing around you. Dispose of two of them, and the last one will be 
crushed by the next boss.

Boss: Geosgaeno
HP: 32 767
AP: 0
Difficulty: Hard

Let's see, Geosgaeno has nearly 33 000 HP, and his physical attacks are 
gravitational elemental;
they hurt you for half of your HP. Also, his defense is so high you can 
barely deal 30 of damage points each time you hit him. Well, once you 
attacked him 3 times, Tidus will, fortunately for you, flee from the battle.

Once you saw that cool escape from Tidus, you'll find yourself in a new 
place, actually looks like a temple to me.

Unknown Temple

Just go north up the stairs and you'll enter a huge room. In there, it's 
cold, so you'll need to make a fire in the middle of the room(red X on your 
map). So first, go southwest from you and use the save sphere to save/heal, 
then enter that door next to the sphere. Examine the opened chest to get a 
flint. Now, go back to the huge room, and head to the door northwest. In 
there, open the hidden chest in the bottom of the screen to get an Ether. 
Then go up the stairs and on the way, examine that thing on the wall to 
obtain a Whitered Bouquet. Now continue up to the screen and you'll arrive at 
a balcony of the huge room. Head right to get to a chest containing an Hi 
Potion, now go back to the principal room and make a fire with the Bouquet 
and the flint. Now Tidus will fall asleep even though he's hungry, and he'll 
dream. When he wakes up, the fire will light off, and then a creature will 
attack you.

Boss: Klink
HP: 1500
AP: 5
Difficulty: Easy

This won't be hard, just have Tidus hit Klink with physical attacks. After a 
while, that door you couldn't open earlier will explode, and a group of 
strange individual will come out of it. Now that cute girl with glasses will 
enter the battle and help you. You'll see a mini tutorial on how to Steal, 
and once again just like with Auron previously, your commands will be set 
that you will have to steal. So have Tidus use his physical attacks, and use 
that girl to ONLY steal. Steal a maximum of Grenades from Klink, because 
those will be pretty usefull after. Don't forget to keep an eye on your HP 
too, but Klink does barely 100 damage each physical attacks so really you can 
win pretty easily.

After the fight, you will see the group discusses in their strange languages, 
and then take you to their ship(not friendly though). 

Al Bhed Ship

There, you'll meet Brother, actually a punk with a Mohawck. They will talk in 
their strange language and then, that girl that helped you out to beat down 
Klink will translate in english what they are saying!!! Well actually, you'll 
understand that if you wish to stay, you'll have to work for them. Now grats, 
you just found yourself a job! Oh well, go to the upper right on the dock to 
get the Al Bhed Primer volume 1. Now, save at the save sphere on the left and 
then go talk to the girl. She will then explain to you how the sphere grid, 
the 'grow up' system, works! It's a tutorial, so if you still have problems 
to understand it, refer to my sphere grid section OR you can use a Sphere 
Grid FAQ as well. Anyways, once you are done, go talk to the Al Bhed left to 
Brother to recieve 3 potions. If you wish to see the whole sphere grid 
tutorial again you can talk to the Al Bhed just right to Brother. When you 
are done, talk to the girl once again and she will explain to you what is the 
first mission. They say that underwater, there is an old ship, and that there 
is still power in it. So you and her will go underwater to see if that ship 
can still be used, and then you know.

So you will jump in the water, and then head to the red dot on your map. Once 
you are at the generator like place, you can save(there is a sphere at the 
bottom right of your screen), and then examine the little screen in the room 
to open the door, allowing you to enter the thing. Now, follow the girl to 
the next room, and you'll be attacked by some piranhas, so once again have 
Tidus take care of them via physical attacks and use the girl to steal some 
Grenades. After that, have Tidus examine that machine, and then you'll be 
attacked by a boss.

Boss: Tros
HP: 2200
AP: 8
Difficulty: Easy

The battle isn't hard really. Now have the girl use all those Grenades she 
stole so far, and use Tidus to strike Tros as well. Just use your physical 
attacks and Grenades, and after a while, Tros will swim to the other side of 
the room. So now you'll learn about Trigger Commands, it's a command that 
allow you to move your characters in a battle(a bit like when you could 
change your  row from Back to Front and vice versa in the previous Final 
Fantasies). So then you'll be able to use Stand By, which makes you regen 50 
HP. Do it a couple of times and Tros will use his best attack; Nautilus 
charge, which deal nearly 180 damage on both characters. When he does that, 
quickly have your characters heal themselves with NORMAL potions(don't waste 
Hi Potions). Don't forget that the girl has only 360 HP. Tros will also use 
some physical attacks on one character for around 60 damage. Once Tros has 
escaped to the other side of the room a couple of times, you'll be able to 
use the trigger commands named Pincer Attack, so do that and your two 
characters will surrender Tros to send him to oblivion from both sides. Have 
the girl use her Grenades(deal around 350 damage, pretty good) again and 
Tidus uses his physical attacks. 

Once you won, get out of the place and follow the Al Bheds(the group on the 
ship) to even more deeper in the darkness of the sea, and you'll finally find 
out that what you were seeking; a ship. Oh well, even though it's in bad 
condition, it can still be dragged out like one of the Al Bhed says once you 
are back at the dock. 

Al Bhed Ship

So there, even though Tidus played a major role in completing the mission, 
the Al Bheds still won't let him enter into the cabin and will leave him on 
the dock without any food. So Tidus, who still hasn't eaten yet, will of 
course depress. However, the girl will come to you and give you a meal! 
They'll also have a conversation, and you will finally learn her name; Rikku. 
Now in the conversation, Rikku will also ask to Tidus who he is, and where he 
came from. So he'll honestly reply that he is a Blitzball Star Player of the 
Zanarkand Abes, and that his home was just destroyed by a huge monster named 
Sin. Now be ready to be shocked, cause when Rikku hears that she will tell 
you that Zanarkand was destroyed by Sin, not a couple of minutes ago but a 
THOUSAND years ago. Without a doubt, Tidus won't believe his ears, and the 
only hypothesis he'll come up with it is that he is now a thousand years 
later in the futur. Rikku will also tell you that Tidus might just be sick 
from Sin's toxin, which is like a drug that makes you hallucinate and believe 
things that never happened. Anyways, in the conversation, you'll learn that 
they are Al Bheds, and that the religion in the world is the Yevon church. 
Also, Rikku will tell you that she'll take you to Luca 'cause someone could 
maybe recognize you there, since there is a blitzball stadium there. So now, 
when Rikku will enter into the cabin to tell it to the others, Sin will 
attack you and once again absorb you to take you to a new place.

Besaid Beach

There, Tidus will wake up in the water. You'll then recieve a blitzball in 
the back of your head. So Tidus will perform his sphere shot to the group who 
sent the ball from the beach. Now swim to the beach and meet the Besaid 
Aurochs(bliztball team!). Now, the tall man with a funny hair cut will ask 
you to show him the move one more time. After that, he'll introduce himself; 
Wakka, captain of the Aurochs. Tidus, in the conversation, will say that he's 
a player of the Zanarkand Abes, so the group will be shocked since just like 
Rikku said, it was destroyed a long time ago. Now Tidus will be hungry, so 
Wakka will take him to his village. He will also tell you his point of view 
about Sin, and that Sin came because the humans were using machinas(machines) 
and that it was forbidden, so Sin would be a punishment. Now anyways, follow 
him, and you'll jump into a river. Now, you'll once again have to swim. On 
the way, at the beginning, open that chest on your right to get a pheonix 
down, and then follow the map to the red dot. Don't forget to open that chest 
near the end as well to get 2 antidotes. Now once you are out of the water, 
Wakka will tell you about his ambitions, and that the Aurochs have never won 
any games. He'll also tell you that last year, he couldn't focus on the game 
and couldn't show a good performance 'cause he had something on his mind
(you'll learn about it later). So continue to the village, and you'll meet 
the Crusaders on the way as well. Now head to the village.

Besaid Village

In there Wakka will show you the prayer. Then, he'll also show you where is 
the Crusader's lodge so you can go visit them. So when you can control Tidus, 
explore the village. At your left just near the item shop, open the chest to 
obtain a pheonix down. Now, between the two tents on the left in the village, 
you can go in a hidden passage to get to a place with 3 chests. Get 2 
potions, 400 Gils and an Hi Potion from those treasures. If you are still low 
on money, I advice you to go sell those Grenades, each can be sold for 75 
gils and since you won't need them anymore, just sell them. Now when you are 
done with the goodies, go the Crusader Lodge(the blue tent at the upper left) 
and talk to Gatta and Luzu to learn the history of Crusaders and why they 
exist, and learn also what is a summoner. Now, grab that Al Bhed Primer 
volume 2 on the ground right near the counter. After that, go present 
yourself at the temple, so head to that big structure north of the village, 
and talk to the priest to learn what an HIGH summoner is, as well as who last 
defeated Sin(high Summoner Braska)ten years ago. When you are done, go back 
outside and go into Wakka's lodge(middle right one), here Wakka won't give 
you food but will advice you to take a nap. Now in the meanwhile, the priest 
will come in and ask Wakka to follow him to the temple because the Summoner 
hasn't came out yet. Tidus will then have a dream, about a day ten years ago 
in Zanarkand. Now when you wake up, go in the temple and once the hero 
learned what happened, he'll run into the cloister even though he's not 
allowed to, at the rescue of the summoner!

The Besaid's cloister of trials.

Each temples have their own different cloister of trials, which are 'puzzles' 
that you need to solve in order to reacj the Chamber of Fath, chamber in 
which the summoner prays to get an Aeon. You'll learn more later. The 
Besaid's cloister is definitly simple, you'll see.

So first, examine that glyph on the wall in front of Tidus. By doing so, the 
green glyph at your right will glow, so touch it as well to open a door to 
some stairs. Go down those, and then go examine that glyph on the wall to 
learn a bit about the cloisters. So take that Glypgh sphere off, and continue 
down the stairs. Put that glyph sphere in the double doors to open them. Now 
continue on the way until you arrive at a pedestal blocked in a wall. Touch 
the signs on the wall opposite of it to open a secret door. In there you can 
get a Besaid Sphere, so take it and pop it in the pedestal blocked in the 
wall. When you do so, the wall will vanish, allowing you to move the 
pedestal. However, don't do that yet. Instead, go back at the double doors 
you opened with the Glyph sphere, and you'll see that the sphere is still in 
the recress, so take it back, and then put it in the first recress wall you 
meet on your way back to the pedestal. So when you do that, a hidden room 
will be revealed, and you can get a destruction sphere from the recress in 
it. So take it, and go back in that big room in which you took that Besaid 
Sphere. Put it in the recress, to break a wall at the end of the place. So go 
there and you'll see a chest, open it to get the Rod of Wisdom. Now go back 
to the pedestal, and push it on the glyph sign on the floor to complete the 

Now, you'll see Wakka joining you on that elevator and tell you that what you 
did was taboo, and that the only persons that can enter a cloister are the 
summoners, and their guardians. Now he'll also inform you that he IS a 
guardian, and that the guardian's duty is to protect the summoner in his 
pilgrimage. Now before the chamber of fayth, you'll meet Lulu, one of Yuna's 
guardian and even though she's a beautifull woman, watch out cause she gets 
mad easy(and I do mean easy). Now, after the conversation, you'll finally see 
the summoner; oh what the, the summoner is not an HE but an SHE! I, too, just 
like Tidus, first thought that summoners were all old geezers. Well actually, 
Yuna is a pretty young lady. Well, once you saw her, she'll be exhausted, and 
a strange gigantic lion like creature will help her to walk out of the 
temple. So once you are out and back to the village, go in the middle of it 
to see a summoning! Enjoy! When the sequence is over, it'll be the 
celebrating night, and Wakka, along with Tidus, will introduce the Aurochs to 
their new goal; Victory! Anyways, after that, when you can control Tidus, go 
to Yuna and she'll introduce herself to you, as well as talk a bit with you. 
She'll also mention that she would like it if you could talk to her about 
Zanarkand tomorrow in the ship; she's going on her pilgrimage and you are 
following her until you arrive at Luca since it's your destination to see if 
someone will know you there remember? So go talk to Wakka and choose to rest. 
Now you'll have a dream. In this dream, you'll be on the deck of Besaid. You 
can also control Tidus, so just run to Yuna at the end of the deck and talk 
to her. You'll also see Rikku, as well as Tidus's old man; Jecht. Now you can 
definitly see how scumbag Jecht was with Tidus, and that he 'raised' his son 
by gitching him(replace the G by B and you'll understand I meant, now tee-hee 
no one will be able to tell I was vulgare!). 

Now when you wake up, it'll still be the middle of the night, and Lulu and 
Wakka will be talking about a certain Chappu outside. You will also hear Lulu 
mentions that Tidus does look like Chappu. Now, once Lulu left Wakka, he'll 
come to your tent and tell you that that famous Chappu was his little brother 
and that he was killed last year by Sin. Now the next morning, your party 
will be waiting for you outside the lodge, this is the beginning of your 
journey in Spira bud, enjoy.

Outside the tent, Wakka will give you the sword he gave Chappu; the 
brotherhood. So now, once Yuna has joined you, you'll leave Besaid Village. 
Now, go back in the village and go in the item shop, talk to the girl who 
sells medicines and she'll tell you that her dog has dug something yesterday
(or what ever). So go in the upper right tent of the village and 'talk' to 
the dog in there. You'll then obtain Valefor's second overdrive, the Energy 

So when you are done, leave the village for good to expose yourself to the 
evilness of the fiends. On the way, you will go into two battles in which 
you'll learn some basics for the beginning. For example, you'll learn that 
Wakka is best to take down those flying fiends, and that Lulu is the perfect 
character to beat down those elemental monsters. In the battle in which you 
must use one of your black magic spells, you gonna have to kill a water flan, 
so lightning(thunder) magic works the best for that.  Anyways, continue on 
the screens and all, and at the area where there are two fallen pillars, the 
scary cool looking lion like creature you saw in the temple back in Besaid 
will come at Tidus, and engage a battle.

Boss: Kimahri
HP: 800
AP: 0
Difficulty: Easy

Now, the difficulty of this battle is easy, but it could definitly be the 
first battle in which you can actually lose! It's a one on one duel between 
Tidus and that blue beast; Kimahri. Have Tidus use Cheer if you wish, and 
attack the opponent. Kimahri uses physical attacks for around 160 damage, as 
well as Jump for around 100 damage. He's pretty fast, meaning that it'll be 
a 'you hit I hit' battle. Just use your physical attacks, and whenever your 
HP goes down to 150(or even 200), you better use a potion. After you dealed 
800 damage on Kimahri, the battle will be over because Wakka will stop the 

After the duel, Wakka, Lulu and Yuna will tell you more about Kimahri. 
They'll tell you he is from the Ronso Tribe, and that he fights using the 
fiends' way of fighting. Hmm keep that mind for later, you'll understand.

Now in the next random battles, you will go in a battle in which you'll be
able to use Yuna's aeon; Valefor, against a Garuda. Then after, you will also 
once again battle a Garuda but this time you'll learn that you can defeat 
those without using any Aeons. Blind that enemy is the key, so have Wakka use 
his Dark attack to inflict Darkness on Garuda, so then it won't be able to 
hit you.

So continue on the way, don't bother gaining some AP to level up, the 
monsters of Besaid don't got much AP to give, just move on with the story and 
you'll arrive at some much better places for leveling. Once you are at the 
Besaid Beach, DON'T board the boat yet, instead, go in the water and play 
with the waves!

No seriously, go in the water and swim to your west until you reach a hidden 
side of the island, open the chest there to get the Moon Crest, you'll 
understand what to do with it much later in the game. So finally, go at the 
boat and talk to everybody there and you can get an Ether, 400 Gils, a 
Remedy, 3 Pheonix Downs and a Seeker's ring as well(HP+5%). Then, say good 
bye to Besaid Village.

SS Liki

On board, Tidus will take someone's googles and look at the now far away 
Besaid island, and then look at the party with it. Anyways, when you gain 
control of him, first head down into the cabin and you'll meet O'aka the 
twenty third, merchent extraordinary! Gotta love his strong accent. Anyways, 
go talk to him and lend him some gils(be a pal and give him 100), that will 
be usefull for later. Now, then, head to the bottom of your screen and go 
into the power room, you'll then find out how the boat can move; because of 
the chocobos! If you haven't played other Final Fantasies, then you obviously 
don't know what a Chocobo is. Actually, it's a big cute yellow bird, and it 
has an incredible power and can run for hours without getting tired at all. 
Oh well, anyways. Head to the bottom of the screen and get the Al Bhed Primer 
volume 3. Now, you can head back to the previous screen, and go talk to Luzzu 
and Gatta to find out that it seems that they are carrying something in the 
room behind them. Anyways, now enter the room to your left. In there, you can 
get a remedy from the chest, and you can see a luggage that you can kick. Now 
from what I understand, each times you kick it you get a free potion, and you 
can kick it and get a potion each time until you have 20 potions at ALL in 
your inventory. Anyways, when you are done, you can laugh if you wish and go 
talk to Botta, you'll see that he is seasick. Then, go in the end of this 
room and talk to Keepa, he'll tell you that Botta is sick and that he can't 
stand to look at him feeling that way because otherwise he'll be sick too. 
Final Fantasy 9 humor style :D. Anyways, now head all the way back to the 
dock, and go talk to Wakka. Now, go try to talk to Yuna and you'll understand 
from those Kilika blitzball players that Yuna is the daughter of High 
Summoner Braska. Hmm, go talk to Wakka again and you'll now learn that Yuna's 
father DID beat Sin ten years ago so he could get the 'I've beaten the crap 
out of Sin!' title. Anyways, once you red the conversations in which you can 
understand that Tidus finds hard to have a famous parent(his father was the 
greatest blitzball star remember?), you'll finally be able to pass through 
Yuna's fans to talk to her. In the conversation, you will then be shocked; 
Yuna KNOWS the Zanarkand you came from! Actually, a man named Jecht told her 
about it, and that he was Braska's guardian! Of course, Tidus won't believe 
his ears and tell Yuna that it's impossible cause his father went to train at 
the sea ten years ago and that he never came back. Now, to shock you even 
more, Yuna will tell you that she actually did met Jecht exactly ten years
(and three months) ago! 

Are you beginning to understand? Oh well, you won't have the time cause the 
boat will then be attacked by the terrible Sin. Actually, it doesn't seem 
that Sin is attacking the boat but simply showing off his body to you, 
because he's just heading to Kilika. Now naturally, one of the Kilikian(can 
we say that?) will try to distrack Sin by throwing the harpoon on him, so of 
course, Sin will take that as an offense and will engage a battle with you.

Boss: Sin(along with Sinscales)
HP: 2000
AP: 10(and 2 from each Sinscales you kill)
Difficulty: Easy

What the bloody hell? You already have to battle the big bad meanie Sin??? Oh 
well, don't fret, this won't be an hard battle really. So first, Sin won't 
actually attack you, but will simply throw on you some Sinscales like he did 
in Zanarkand remember? Anywways, each scales have 400 HP, and they still 
attack for same damage that before, so they are once again not a threat at 
all. However, I recommand you to kill off a couple of them so you can get a 
pretty good ammount of AP at the end of the fight. Anyways, once you are 
done, let Sin throw 3 scales on you again and then dispose of only two of 
them, letting one last on the field. Now bring out Lulu, Wakka and Kimahri, 
in order to damage Sin. Since he is out of range for physical attacks from 
fighters like Kimahri and Tidus, you gonna have to use Wakka, since his ball 
can reach about everything out there. Now, have Wakka attack the fin, have 
Lulu use her black magic spells, and use Kimahri's Lancet as well to deal a 
cool little ammount of damage. If you never get too low on HP, have Yuna with 
her Cure magic, definitly good and way better then potions.

Once you have taken care of Sin, the harpoon will unfortunately be cut off, 
and Sin will go away(nah don't think he's fleeing, it's just that he has 
business to take care of somewhere else). So now, with all those waves moving 
the boat, Tidus will fall in the water, and Wakka like the big brudda he is, 
will dive in the water as well at his rescue and give him a potion or a 
pheonix down what ever, but you'll be attacked by yet another boss. Now be 

Boss: Sinspawn Echuilles(with some piranhas)
HP: 2000
AP: 12
Difficulty: Medium

Woah, this battle isn't an easy one! Actually, it's not hard but you 
definitly need to watch out cause you could get your butt kicked if you don't 
do things correctly! So first, let's talk about your situation. You have 
Wakka and Tidus and only(underwater), and the Sinspawn Echuilles is 
accompagnied by piranhas. Now, there are an infinite number of those fishes, 
so killing them is meaningless. Now, to talk about Echuilles itself, it's 
going to use both Drain touch, which drains away around 60 HP of one 
character's HP, and he will use terrible Blender attack as well, which deal 
nearly 200 damage on your two characters. Now also, the piranhas will attack 
you for around 70 damage at well. First, begin the fight by having Wakka use 
Dark Attack the boss in order to blind him, then have Tidus use Cheer
(optional but still cool). Once Echuilles is Darknessed(another one of my 
cool words), his drain attack will now most likely miss, but not his blender, 
so still be ready to use potions at any moments(when your HP gets down to 150 
or less). Have your two characters pummel the boss, and whenever Darkness is 
gone, use Dark Attack again. Like I said earlier, it's useless to kill off 
those piranhas cause they keep coming back.

Once you finished off the boss, you'll see a new CG sequence. Now in it, 
you'll see the vicious Sin attack Kilika with a huge tsunami to of course, 
destroy the whole village and of course, to do some more victims... Once you 
saw all the scenes, you'll disembark at the Kilika's deck, and Yuna will talk 
to a couple and ask to be taken to the dead victims so she can perform a 
sending. Now, you'll also see Wakka, along with two Aurochs players run in 
town to see what they can do to help. Once you have the control of Tidus, 
touch that save sphere and heal yourself after all those battles. When you 
are done, continue in the village and head to your left to see one more CG, 
now in it you'll see a pretty sad movie of Yuna performing a sending. 

After that, you will take the night off to go rest at the Inn. When you wake 
up, talk to the HILARIOUS kid running in the Inn and he'll tell you that he's 
gonna be a BLITZBALL when he grows up. Allow me to laugh. Anyways, now go 
outside of the Inn, and head to the screen to your left to see a little girl 
crying in a destroyed tent/house(what ever). Try to talk to her and the 
tent/house(what ever) will collapse, so Tidus will jump on it and rescue the 
little girl. Now go all the way back to the deck and head into the pub, in 
there, open the chest to get an Ether; you can only get that chest if you did 
saved the little girl(it's a token of her big sister's gratitude). Now, get 
out of the pub and follow Datto advice earlier and go talk to Wakka. After 
the conversation in which Wakka tells what he think about playing blitzball 
even in such terrible events, follow him to the left of the village. On your 
way, go into the house just right in your screen(where you saved the little 
girl) and open the chest in it to get 3 potions. Now get out of it and head 
north to get into the wood.

Kilika Wood

In there, you'll see a little conversation between your characters and Yuna 
will ask to have Tidus as her guardian. Once the convo is over, run into a 
random encounter to learn the Lancet's basics from Kimahri, and Lancet that 
seed plant to learn Seed Canon. Now don't use that overdrive yet, keep it for 
the next boss fight. When you are done with the enemy, you can explore the 
whole wood and do some treasure hunting Final Fantasy 9 style OR you could 
simply head north first and battle that huge monster blocking the path. So 
head north to meet Luzzu and Gatta, Luzzu will tell that that huge sleeping 
plant is actually Ochu, and that it's a pretty tough one. Now when you gain 
control of Tidus, talk to Luzzu twice to recieve 4 antidotes, and then run 
into the lord of the Wood for a battle.

Boss: Lord Ochu
HP: 4675
AP: 40
Difficulty: Medium

Like I said earlier, this battle is optional, but you should definitly fight 
it so you can show to the Lord that he's not the boss of the wood out there 
at all. Now, the battle is actually longer then tough. Lord Ochu is an high 
HP user, 4675 is pretty high. You can summon Valefor if you wish but I would 
more recommand you to take down Ochu with your party and test your skills so 
far. Ochu will use Poison Claw for around 150 damage on one character and to 
inflict poison. Now also, it will use Water on one character for around 140 
damage as well, and when it falls asleep, if you wake it up with physical 
attack it will counter with Earthquake which is it most devastating attack 
because it deal up to 250 damage on party. Anyways, in your party, I 
recommand you to have Tidus, Wakka and Lulu or replace Tidus or Wakka by 
Kimahri. As you might already know, fire is the best magic to take down a 
plant enemy, and also you might already know that Water actually heals them. 
Anyways, have Lulu use her Fire, and have your strikers hit the boss. 
Whenever one of your character is poisoned by it claw attacks, quickly have a 
character switch to Yuna and have her cast Esuna. You can also use antidotes 
as well. Same goes for your HP, whenever you are too low on HP, have Yuna use 
her Cure magic. After you dealed enough damage, the impolite Ochu will fall 
asleep in your face, now, QUICKLY wake it up with PHYSICAL attacks because 
when it's sleeping, it's regenning around 500 HP at each turns! However, as I 
told you earlier, each times you wake it up, the boss uses Earthquake, and 
it's a pretty dangerous attack I'd say, so heal. Anyways, the battle is not 
easy, yet not hard neither.

When you are done, it's time to explore the place a bit. First, talk to Luzzu
(if you managed to kill Ochu) and he'll reward you with an Elixir! Now head 
to your north until you reach a dead end. There, open the chest for a Luck 
Sphere. Now go all the way back and at your first intersection turn to your 
left and you'll eventually see some Crusader giving orders to his inferiors. 
Now talk to the leader once to get a Remedy(is it a Remedy actually?) and 
then, if you did killed Ochu then he'll also reward you with a SOS Nullflies 
armor. Now, go south to you in the hidden passage through the wood and find a 
chest. Once you opened it, go all the way back to the first intersection of 
the wood and head to your right to get a chest. Now go back and continue 
north until you meet yet another crusader. Talk to him again to be rewarded 
with one more gift as well(an elixir? Sorry I don't remember). Now turn to 
your right, and continue on the next screen to reach some stairs. There, 
you'll learn that High Summoner Ohaland(or what ever) trained here. So then, 
Wakka, Tidus, and two Aurochs will race, and Yuna will be the one who gives 
the count. However, she will fool them and run before them before the count 
of 3. Once you gain control of Tidus, you can talk to Lulu and actually hear 
her laugh for the one of the only time in the whole game. So save at the save 
sphere north of the stairs, and continue on the next screen to see that Wakka 
is calling you; one more boss battle for you.

Boss: Sinspawn Geneaux
HP: 3000
AP: 450
Difficulty: Easy

Another Sinspawn! Actually, this battle isn't hard really, it's even pretty 
easy. However, it requires some technical skills from you. If you try to 
attack Geneaux with physical attacks, you'll find out that it armor is 
extremelly resistant. So then, if you try to harm it with magics, those two 
giant tentacles in your back will absorb the magic! So, what you gonna do? 
Well, you need to first take out those two tentacles. Use your strongest 
strikers for that. Have Tidus, Kimahri and Wakka attack those tentacles until 
they are dead. Their attacks won't be too dangerous(some physical attacks of 
around 100 damage on one target). Geneaux will also attack you with Sigh, 
which deal around 120 damage on party. Anyways, once you took out the arms, 
bring Lulu in the field and have her use Fire magic. After a couple of turns, 
the boss will finally break out of it shell to reveal itself. It now won't be 
resistant against physical attacks anymore, but it will also be able to 
attack you with it arms to inflict poison, so once again make full use of 
Yuna's Esuna. 

Once you are victorious, Wakka will tell you you are a pretty good guardian, 
and then head up the stairs to your north. On your way to the temple, you'll 
meet up with the Luca Goers(blitzball team), and they will play their 
arrogant smart asses. Once Wakka gave them a rendez-vous in the finals, head 
to your north and enter the temple of Kilika. 

In there, go pray with Wakka if you wish, and you'll see another summoner, 
Dona(accompagnied by her guardian, Barthello) and she as well, will remind 
you of Jecht and the Luca Goers, since she will gitch(replace the G by B and 
you'll get I meant, tee hee once again no one will be able to tell I was 
vulgare), to then leave. Now save, and enter the cloister of trials. In 
there, the party will go on that elevator but Kimahri will push Tidus off it, 
you are not a guardian yet, so you can't go with them. Now, once they are 
gone, try to go on the elevator and Dona(along with Barthello) will come 
back, and that big muscle head man will force you to enter the cloister by 
picking you and throwing you on the elevator. Now, you don't have the choice, 
so head north and open that huge door. Yes, it's time to do another cloister 
of trials!

So first, you'll be in a room with a huge door in front of you, and to your 
left you can see a pedestal with a Kilika sphere in it recress. So take that 
Kilika sphere, and put it in the recress of the huge door. Doing so 
will 'burn' the door, so then take off that Kilika sphere to completly open 
yourself a path. Now go in the next room and put that Kilika Sphere you are 
holding in the recress on the north wall. When you do that, a glyph will 
appear. So take off the sphere and pop it in either the recress on the right 
or left wall, and then go touch that glyph sign. Now the wall will open to 
yourself. Go in the next room, and now you'll see that at your left you can 
go down some stairs to a lower level but actually, there is fire blocking 
your path. You can also see another Kilika Sphere on a recress to your right. 
Go take it off(the fire will light off on the lower level), and go pop it in 
a recress in the previous room. Now come back, and go step on that glyph sign 
on the ground in order to move the pedestal from the previous room in this 
room. Now take the glyph sphere from it, and put it where you just took off 
the last Kilika Sphere. The wall will open itself to you, and in there you'll 
see a destruction sphere. Ignore it for now, and go back in the previous 
room  and take a Kilika Sphere, now come back and put it in the pedestal. Now 
push the pedestal to the glyph sign on the ground just like you did in Besaid 
Temple. When you do that, that part of the ground will be lowered, revealing 
yet another Kilika Sphere in a recress. Go take it, and now go up the stairs 
to the other side of the room and put the sphere in the recress of the door. 
The door will burn just like at the beginning of this cloister, but don't 
take off the sphere to completly open yourself a path yet. Instead, go back 
to the other side of the room and go take that destruction sphere in the 
little room that was revealed when you used that Glyph Sphere. Now, put that 
destruction sphere just where you took off the last Kilika sphere(down the 
second level) to destruct the wall, now open that chest to get a Red Armlet. 
In last, go up the stairs and take off that Kilika sphere from the burning 
door in order to open yourself a path to some stairs leading to room from 
where you can acess the chamber of the fayth.

When you arrive there, your party will of course be shocked, since you aren't 
supposed to be there. Now talk to both Wakka and Lulu to learn what is Yuna 
doing in a chamber of the fayth, and how the summoners can get their Aeons. 
When you are done, try to leave the room and Yuna will come out of the 
chamber, along with a new Aeon; Ifrit! Now Tidus will tell you that he 
remembers that song you are hearing(the hymn of the fayth) from his 
childhood. Now when you are out of the temple, Tidus will be down because he 
wants to go back home, and after a little convo you'll leave to the wood. Now 
go all the way back to the deck of Kilika, you might want to buy some 
equipments and medicines and when you are ready, go see your party and choose 
to embark to board the SS Winno.

SS Winno

You are finally on your way to Tidus's destination; Luca. Now on the boat, 
it'll be night, and you can hear several conversations. From where you are(in 
the cabin with the Aurochs and two female players of the Luca Goers), get out 
and lend some more gils to O'aka if you wish, then go out to the dock. Now, 
you can go try to talk to Yuna if you wish, and you will confront the Goers. 
Now, when those annoying-no-fun-good-for-nothing little worthless and sad 
pathetic excuses of the humanity are gone, talk to Yuna more if you wish. Now 
go up the stairs to your left if you wish to stalk Wakka and Lulu while they 
are ...talking about the futur of Tidus. You can hear four different convos 
from them. When you are finally done with all, go at the front dock and 
you'll see a blitzball. Examine it in order to have a flashback of Tidus, in 
which you'll see Jecht showing off by showing him the Jecht Shot. Now, you 
gonna play a mini-game. Tidus will try to do that Jecht Shot, and YOU will 
decide if he succeed or not. You see, you'll hear Jecht throwing at you some 
bad comments in the screen. Well, you need to press an arrow and X to the 
areas of the screen where you gonna see those comments. If you let say see 
something left on your screen, you need to press the arrow pointing to the 
left+X. If you see one in the middle screen then you just press X. So do the 
mini game correctly and you will learn the Jecht shot! Now in a blitzball 
game you'll be able to use it, that is once you can set a technic. Anyways, 
if you did beat the mini game correctly, the Aurochs will once again ask you 
to show you that move one more time. After that, go talk to Yuna and you'll 
discuss about Jecht, and Yuna will tell you that since Jecht was her father's 
guardian, who is high summoner, he is famous in Spira, meaning that if he 
died she would just know it. That means that Jecht IS alive, but what 
happened to him... Hmm. Anyways, after the conversation, it'll be bed time. 
Save your progress so far(you'll have the choice), and the next morning, 
you'll see an FMV of the boat arriving to Luca!


Once you are there, you'll hear the two no good annoying commentators of Luca
(Boba and Jimma, or what ever) bragging about the Goers(since they are from 
Luca), and then definitly insult the Aurochs. Anyways, Tidus won't let the 
Goers do what ever they want and will tell them this year, they are sure 
taking the cup. Now, you'll also hear some dudes running around saying that 
Maester Mika has arrived. So your party will head to Dock number 3 in order 
to see the Grand Maester. There, you'll first see a Guado, Maester Seymour
(former principal of an high school in the Simpsons, ok I was kidding), and 
finally, you'll see Mika. Can't stand his voice. Anyways, he'll introduce to 
you Maester Seymour, who just took the place of his father, Gyscal Guado, who 
has departed to the Farplane(dead) couple of nights ago. Once Seymour 
finished his speech(and noticed Yuna), you'll see Tidus enter the Aurochs 
Locker Room. In there, the team will be depressed, cause even though Tidus is 
with them, they are scared of facing the Goers again this year and to lose. 
Well, Wakka will come after and inform them that they have to face the Al 
Bhed Psyches first, and then they are in the finals! Yes, two wins and they 
won the cup! But at the same moment, Yuna will enter and tell you that 
someone saw Auron in a cafe!!! So of course, Tidus will want to head to that 
cafe, but Wakka will tell you to come back quick 'cause the game starts like 
real soon. So with Kimahri and Yuna, you'll head to that cafe. Outside of the 
locker room, Tidus will meet two Al Bheds and will try to ask them to thanks 
a girl named Rikku for helping him out earlier. Now of course, they won't 
understand but anyways. So with your party, just follow the red dot on your 
Map in Luca until you arrive at that cafe. On the way, Tidus will help Yuna 
to learn how to whistle, and they will talk a bit about Zanarkand as well(the 
Zanarkand of Tidus). So after that, head into the cafe and of course, Auron 
won't be there anymore. However, Kimahri will meet two giant Ronsos, Biran 
and Yenki, that he hasn't talked for 10 years. Now however, they are not 
friends, actually rivals, and since they will mock Kimahri, he will smack one 
to Yenki to knock him off, but then the game will start so your party will 
look at the screen to see Mika's speech just before the game. Now in the 
meanwhile, Biran will take this opportunity to give Kimahri a cheap shot, but 
now Yuna will be gone!!! So you'll head out of the cafe to meet Lulu, and 
she'll tell you that the Al Bheds took Yuna in hostages! So you will have to 
head to their ship, which is at the dock number 4(just follow the red dot on 
your map). On your way near the ship, you'll meet some Workers, these are 
actually machinas and they will try to stop you, so yeah the Al Bheds were 
expecting you since they sent them for you. Now, you'll have to battle nearly 
10 of them, and as you can see they have pretty good defense against physical 
attacks, so the key to win is follow Lulu's advice and use lightning on them. 
As you know, machines enemies aren't really good against thunder, so abuse of 
Lulu(her magics I mean...). On your way, you'll meet O'aka if you gave him 
some gils earlier, just buy some Eye Drops from him, it'll be pretty usefull 
for your next boss battle. Once you reached their ship, they'll be escaping 
so you'll jump on the ship before they can get away, and then you'll have a 
boss waiting for you.

Boss: Oblitzerator
HP: 6000
AP: 36
Difficulty: Easy

Even though this boss has a lot of HP, it's still an easy one. The only 
annoying thing about it is that it can inflict Darkness on your characters, 
so have those Eye Drops you bought earlier at full use. Oblitzerator is a 
machina so it is weak to lightning. However, first, you can see a crane at 
the right of your screen(Tidus mentions it), and you can use it to attack the 
boss. However, it's out of power, so when a machine is out of power it's 
usually because it needs some energy! Now, you gonna give some energy to it 
by casting Thunder on it around 3 times. Then, have Tidus use it, so then the 
crane will lift up Oblitzerator in the air and then let it crush itself on 
the ground, now the boss will lose it upper part, as well as nearly 3800 HP! 
So then just finish it off with your physical attacks from Kimahri and Tidus, 
as well as with Thunder from Lulu. As long as Tidus and Kimahri are always 
ready to use an Eye drop to cure Darkness, the battle is definitly easy.

When the fight is over, you'll see Yuna coming out the cabin by herself, and 
you can also see behind her that she has taken care of the Al Bheds :D. Now 
you'll see a little conversation between your characters(actually, between 
Lulu, Yuna and Tidus, Kimahri being the loner guardian he is), and when Tidus 
will mention that he was helped by some Al Bheds when he was first absorbed 
by Sin and that this boat you on looks like theirs, Yuna will then ask you if 
there was a man named Cid on that boat. Who's Cid? Her uncle. He's an al bhed 
actually, now wait a second. Yuna is Al Bhed on her mother's side? Ouch, 
Wakka must not hear this because as you know, he doesn't have much 
appreciation for them. By mentioning Wakka, you'll then remember that you had 
a game to play! So the party will get back at Luca, and you'll see Wakka 
score a goal on the titantron just before the last second of the match 
against the Psyches to win 3-2!!! You are in the final!! Grats!

However, Wakka is all beaten up as you saw. So he'll leave the bench to 
Tidus! He will also inform the Aurochs that after this game, he'll quit and 
be a full time guardian. Now, your next opponents are the Luca Goers, and 
you'll have to play a blitzball game. Learn the basics, and then save your 
game and finally, talk to Wakka to begin the game. Actually, just before the 
game, you'll see the fans cheering, and then, you'll see the cool looking man 
in a red coat who helped Tidus out at the beginning of the game, you man you 
were seeking by heading to that cafe earlier: Auron! So anyways, now, let's 

You will have to play the game against the Goers, and you can lose the game 
if you wish. HOWEVER, since you are here, you should just try to win!!! Now, 
it'll be tough cause the Goers are pretty hard. Here, I'll tell you what 
happens if you win, and what happens if you lose.

If you win: Once the game is over, you'll see a sweet 'obtained Strenght 
Sphere' message in your screen. A strenght sphere is a sphere that you can 
use on a empty node, so then it'll create a Strenght+4 node, AWESOME for this 
point of the game! Also, after some events(you'll see), when Wakka is saying 
good bye to his team, he'll be holding the cup and he'll give it to Datto.

If you lose: Now you WON'T obtain any rewards, and after some events of the 
after-blitzball game, when Wakka is saying good bye to his team, he'll give 
Datto a blitzball.

So, of course, winning is way better! To win, I hope you did learned the 
Jecht shot from that mini game on the SS Winno. So in the first fall of the 
match, Tidus will unfortunately be too low level to be able to set any 
technics. So the first two times I've beaten the game, I never won the game 
cause I never actually tried to. However, th 3 times after, I've always been 
able to win it, and I used a simple strategy. In the first fall of the match, 
since you can't have Tidus with the Jecht shot yet, I advice you to do 
nothing except keeping the ball away from the Goers. Try to goal if you wish, 
but it's definitly hard, since Balgerda and Doma(or what ever their names) 
are usually protecting the goal, ALONG with their goaler. So then, try to use 
Tidus enough so he get enough points to level up once the fall is over, and 
try to keep the score at 0-0 in the whole fall, or like I said earlier you 
can still try to score. Now once the first fall is over, if Tidus levels up, 
then you'll be able to set a technic, so set the Jecht Shot. Now, in the 
second fall, have one of your player passes to Tidus when he is really near 
the goal, and have him use the Jecht shot. If only two Goers were breaking 
Tidus, the Jecht Shot will knock them off to clear yourself a path(use the 
move once and you'll understand), and then, if you were close enough, their 
goalie shouldn't able to block the ball, so then you should score! Now, it'll 
be 1-0(or maybe you were capable of scoring one more goal?), and then do 
nothing but PLAY with the ball. Have your characters just pass and, just make 
sure the Goers never get the ball. Once the fall is at 3 minutes, Tidus will 
get out of the sphere and will tell Wakka to replace him since it was their 
deal after all(and also because the fans were cheering for Wakka!). So now, 
for the remaining 2 minutes, try to score if you wish(use Wakka in that 
case), but still try to keep the ball away from the Goers' hands.

That was how I was able to win the last 3 times I've beaten the game anyways. 
Now, either you win or lose, after the game, the blitzball sphere you in will 
be infested by Sahagins! You'll have Tidus and Wakka to dispose of 18 of 
them. If you worked on Tidus and Wakka's stats properly since the beginning 
of the game, it won't be hard really. Once out of the sphere, you'll see that 
the stadium is full of fiends chasing the fans! Now you'll see a short but 
AWESOME FMV of Auron, in the middle of the fleeing fans, with his huge sword, 
watching a viouvre(a fiend). Now you'll have to fight it, and you'll control 
Auron, but as you know, Auron is strong so in one hit the viouvre will be 
dead. Now Tidus and Wakka will arrive and now Tidus will learn from Wakka 
that Auron is the best guardian there ever was- so Auron is a guardian? Now 
you won't have time to think cause you'll be attacked by a Garuda, remember 
that fiend in Besaid? So use same strategy that before, which is using Dark 
Attack on him and then pummel it to death. Now after that, you'll be attacked 
by one more Garuda, accompagnied by a Dingo and a Viouvre, however, you'll 
then see another FMV in which you see Seymour summoning his aeon, Anima. That 
Aeon is extremelly powerfull, and she will take care of all the evil fiends 
in the stadium.

After the FMV, you'll see Auron talking with Tidus in one of the dock of 
Luca. You will learn that Auron did defeat Sin with Braska and Jecht ten 
years ago; Braska was the summoner, Jecht and Auron were his guardians. Now 
you'll hear another SHOCKING new. If you aren't at this part of the game yet 
don't read cause there is a spoiler: when Tidus will ask Auron why he watched 
over him in Zanarkand since he was a child, Auron will reply that Jecht asked 
him too. Now, when Tidus will ask Auron if Jecht is alive, Auron will tell 
you that Jecht is still alive, actually, he is Sin. That's right, Sin is 
Jecht. Of course it is a shock heh. Anyways, after the conversation, follow 
Auron to the red dot and you'll now see Wakka saying good bye to the team(if 
you won the game you'll see him giving the cup to Datto), and then he'll go 
talk to Yuna and Lulu. You'll now learn a bit more about the incident, and 
that the fiends just came like that in the stadium. Hmm, did someone released 
them in there or they just came like that? We have no clue for right now, and 
you'll now see Auron coming to Yuna, offering his services to her in order to 
become her guardian! Auron has now joined you! He'll also tell you that Tidus 
will won't stop at Luca neither and will continue on the journey.

Now, once you can control Tidus, go to Yuna for quite an hilarious scene in 
which you'll see them trying to act like if they were happy when they are 
actually sad.

Mi'ihen Highroad

First, go to the save sphere and now, you'll see that you can play blitzball 
via the save sphere! Play a bit if you wish, if you do, then I recommand you 
to try to get Wakka's second limit break, the Attack Reels(see my overdrive 
section for more infos). Now when you are done, head north. On the Mi'ihen 
Highroad, EACH(and I do mean each) persons you see will give you items when 
you talk to them. Now please, you can get an awesome spear for Kimahri, the 
Hunter Spear, which has the next abilities on it:


You can get it by talking to a guy with a blue coat and long brown hair. Just 
talk to everybody on the road to get some goodies. Now head north, and you'll 
see a scholar staring at a statue. Talk to that guy and, with his strong 
accent, he'll explain to you who's the person in statue. It's actually 
Mi'ihen himself, he founded the Crimson Blades eight hundread years ago, and 
then they became the Crusaders couple of hundread of years later by growing 
up their ranks in Spira. Now, continue to head north until you see some ruins 
on your left. Now, the man who just explained to you who was that statue 
minutes ago will come at you, and will introduce himself to you. He is named 
Maechen, and just like he said, he's a scholar at Yuna's service. Now, in 
different places of Spira, if you ask him, Maechen will teach you different 
stuff about places. Pretty cool isn't. Now, continue on your way and you'll 
meet Lucil, captain of the Chocobo Knights in Djose, accompagnied by her two 
assistants. She will warn you that there is a huge monster who eats chocobos 
around, so you gotta be cautious if you never rent a chocobo. When they are 
gone, continue on the road and when you have the opportunity(you'll see a 
little area on your right), go in it and go talk to that woman you see. She 
is Belgemine, a summoner, and she will challenge Yuna to an aeon fight. So 
first, make sure Valefor has her overdrive, then choose to duel Belgemine.

She will use Ifrit, so you can only use Valefor. Summon her and have her use 
her overdrive. If you did learned Energy Blast in Besaid like I told you in 
Besaid then it should definitly be enough to take down Ifrit, now otherwise, 
don't use your overdrive yet and instead, have your Valefor attack Ifrit with 
Blizzard. Now, when you are told to use the Shield command, do it, and once 
you have your turn unleash your overdrive. Why is it that complicated? 
Because if you never use your overdrive as your first attack in this battle 
and that Ifrit is still alive, then he will use his Meteor Strike without 
letting you block with Shield, and since it deals pretty high damage...

Anyway, if you are victorious, Belgemine will reward you with an Echo Ring
(HP10% and Silence Ward on it), and if you lose then she'll just give you a 
Seeker's ring. So once she's gone, continue on to the next screen. There, go 
to your left past Elma and open the chest to get a Remedy. Go back on the 
road and go talk to that woman with her daughter, and they'll talk with you a 
bit. You'll now finally learn what the hell is the Calm. As you can 
understand, the calm is the time when Sin is defeated. However, you will also 
learn that Sin always come back... Once you can control Tidus, continue on 
the road. If you wish, kick the ball on the ground for fun but then the 
little kid running around won't give you 3 softs. So first go talk to the boy 
in order to recieve 3 softs, then show him your gratitude by kicking his ball 
away. Yes, I'm an evil and vicious dude. Anyways, continue on the way, don't 
forget to talk to EVERYBODY again, and go in the next screen. By the way, you 
might have been able to note that each peoples you talk to mention stuff 
about the Crusaders who are trying out some operations or what ever. Keep 
that in mind. Now, continue on the third screen and you'll see a caravan, and 
you'll see Gatta and Luzzu as well heading to a little area on the right. Go 
talk to them, and now if you won the blitzball game earlier Luzzu will 
congratulate Wakka. Otherwise, if you lost, he'll cheer you up by telling you 
that it was close. Anyways, once you finished talking to them, they'll leave 
you. Now continue on the way, you can get 2000 gils in some ruins to your 
right eventually, so don't lose this opportunity to make some cash. Once you 
are near the end of the long road, you'll see a religious lady trying to stop 
the Crusaders from doing something forbidden. Now, Yuna will cheer her up, 
and once you are done, continue on the next screen grabbing that chest over 
there for 3 Eye drops. In the next screen, the party will arrive at a Inn, 
actually Rin's travel agency. Wakka, who doesn't like Al Bhed won't agree to 
go in it but Auron, who's kind of the big boss won't let him the choice and 
head in it. Now, you will try to sleep but Tidus won't be able to, so go out 
of the agency to see a long conversation between him and Yuna. In that 
conversation, Yuna will tell you more about how the summoners defeat Sin(with 
the Final Aeon), and Tidus will also ask if using machinas is THAT bad. He 
will also mock Mika, allow me to laugh. In last, Yuna will also tell you that 
you can obtain the Final Aeon once you prayed to each temples of Spira, and 
then by going at Zanarkand. The party will then rest for the night. 

Now, the next morning, a dude will give you a level 1 key sphere, and if you 
try to go out the Inn, Tidus will bump in an Al Bhed. That Al Bhed is 
actually Rin himself, owner of the Inn. He will give you an Al Bhed primer 
volume, and will then advice you to not talk Al Bhed in religious places of 
Spira. Now, in the middle of the conversation, you'll hear a girl screaming 
for help out there, so Rin will give you 2 Mega Potions. Now, Auron will come 
at Tidus to summon him, so go save and head out for a boss battle.

Boss: Chocobo Eater
HP: 10 000
AP: 90
Difficulty: Rough

Remember what Captain Lucil told you? There is a monster who eats Chocobos 
that is running around. Well you are now in front of that thing. The battle 
can actually be easy, but I'd say it's pretty rough with low stats! Chocobo 
Eater is the highest HP user so far(beside Geosgaeno, but he doesn't count 
since you didn't have to defeat him at all but just bite him), and his attack 
power is pretty good. His fist of hell(or what ever is the attack) can deal 
more then 1000 damage! Also, his normal physical attacks deal nearly 700 
damage each hit. In last, when the chocobo eater is on his back, it counters 
your attacks with Blizzard for around 300 damage. Now, have Auron use his 
Power Break to cut down the boss's strenght a bit, then have Tidus cast Haste 
on as many characters as possible. When Chocobo Eater is on his feet, I 
recommand you to have Auron, Lulu and Kimahri. Auron and Kimahri are good 
with their piercing weapons, and Lulu is good for her magics. Have her use 
Fire, and the others should just attack the boss. Once he falls on his back, 
Auron will advice you to push it now, so that means that if you hit the boss 
more with your physical attacks, you can push him off completely screens over 
in the water to win the battle and get good items. Now however, yes you can 
push off the boss in the water but watch out, he can push you off the cliff 
in your back as well! Whenever you see him doing a clothesline like attack, 
he'll push your whole party from one screen. If he never push you off the 
cliff, it won't be game over, you just won't get the 90 AP bonus, and back at 
the Inn they won't let you rent a Chocobo for free(you'll have to buy 1000 
gils). So it's in your best interest to win. If you wish, you can have Yuna 
with her Aeons but if you wanna test your skills a bit, try to win without 

Once you won, you won't be charged if you wanna ride a chocobo. So choose to 
ride one, then head to your north for a long road. Ride your chocobo to the 
next screens until you arrive at a gate, but then don't go there yet and 
instead, go to the bottom left path in your map to go in the Mi'ihen Oldroad. 
Time to do some more treasure hunting! On your way, always look on your map 
and you'll see some little areas that you can't access. Well you actually 
can, at each little hidden area you see on your map, there is a chocobo 
feather(a little yellow feather) on the ground somwhere. Press the action 
button on it so your chocobo(with Tidus on it back) will jump on those hidden 
areas to get some chests like a Thunder Blade and a Scout. You can also get a 
Fortune Sphere(extremelly rare item) from another chest that you can access 
using a chocobo feather. Then continue down the road to arrive at a huge 
place when you can see several chocobos messing around. You can also see 
Captain Lucil there. Anyways, continue to head south and you'll meet O'aka, 
buy some items from him if you need, then save at the save sphere. Now 
continue to a dead end to the south and open the chest to get a Mars Crest, 
gonna be usefull later in the game(much later). Once you are done, go all the 
way back to that gate, and dismount your chocobo. Now, you'll see Dona with 
Barthello arguing with a Crusader guarding the path. He'll tell you that ONLY 
Crusaders can pass through the gate until their mission is over. So talk to 
Dona some more and when she's gone, go to the caravan and you'll see Luzzu 
and Gatta once more. Now, talk to the guard if you wish, and he won't let you 
pass neither. You can also do a donation to the other guard, and he'll give 
you tokens of his gratitude. If you lend him 100 gils, you get a scout, 1000 
gils and you get an Ice Lance and if you give him 10 000 gils, you get a Moon 
Ring. Now, try to backtrack and you'll meet Seymour with two guados. The 
Maester will ask you if he can be of any help, and when Yuna will demand him 
if he could do anything about the gate, he'll go talk to the guard and will 
allow you to enter the gate. My friends, the Mushroom Rock Road awaits you on 
the other side.

Mushroom Rockroad

You'll first see a sequence of Maester Seymour, giving a speech to the 
Crusaders and the Al Bheds. Now, Wakka will of course be angry at Seymour, 
since he is supporting them, and as you know, they are going to use forbidden 
machinas(I'll tell you what is the Operation soon). So Wakka will go ask 
Seymour why in the hell he's not stoping the operation, and the Maester will 
answer that the will of having Sin killed is strong enough to betray the 
Yevon's teachings. Once he's gone, go north and talk to the three Crusaders 
on your left to get some items. Now, remember that you are supposed to be 
heading to the north path to Djose Temple in order to get an Aeon there for 
the pilgrimage however, you'll see Clasko(the chocobo knight who's usually 
with Captain Lucil and Elma) who will tell you that you cannot pass since 
Seymour wants Yuna's presence at the command center, which is at the end of 
the Mushroom Rock Road. So head left instead, you'll meet O'aka there, who 
has managed to sneak into the road and fooled the guards. Buy some goodies if 
you wish, then continue on the next screen. Talk to the Crusader there(as 
well as every other Crusader you meet on the way), and save your game. Now, 
go to that 'elevator' and press X to be lifted. Now continue on your way 
until you see a guard and a chest toward a cliff. Go talk to the guard to get 
some potions, then open the chest to get 1000 gils. Now still continue on the 
way and get every chests you find. You can meet Shelinda on the way as well. 
Now once you reached the end of the road(and took all the treasures possible, 
definitly good since you can get some cool items like Remedy and so on). So 
take that elevator at the end to be lifted. Now, you'll see a Crusader 
standing there. Talk to him to get an X Potion. Now go to your west and on 
the map you'll see a small way that curves in a spiral. Run to the end of it 
to get an Al Bhed Primer! Now, go back and continue north. On your map, 
you'll see a red dot to your west, go there to take one more elevator, and 
take it to get to a lower level. There is a chest there. Now head back up, 
and continue north until you arrive at the end of the place, take the 
elevator to be lifted up. Now continue on your way(following the map) and 
you'll see a real elevator(machine), and a guard next to it. Talk to him to 
get a Mega Potion. Now, save your progress and heal your wounds, and then you 
can see Gatta upset about something. Follow him to the bottom of the screen 
to see a scene between him and Luzzu.

Gatta is actually upset cause they ordered him to defend the command center 
in the operation. As you know, he came all the way from Besaid to fight Sin. 
Luzzu won't still try to help him, so Gatta will run away even more upset. So 
now go talk to Luzzu, and since HE was told to go on the front line in the 
operation in order to battle Sin, meaning that yes, it WILL be dangerous. So 
since this might be the last chance for him to talk to Wakka, he'll tell him 
that he was the one who convinced Chappu to join the Crusaders. Wakka will of 
course smack him one, but then after you'll see a conversation in which 
you'll learn that Chappu and Lulu were actually in love and that Chappu 
decided to quit Blitzball and become a Crusader in order to protect her love, 
Lulu, from Sin. Anyways, once Luzzu left, save your game, and it's now time 
to train! Around the save sphere here, you can find some pretty good 
monsters, especially the Garudas. If you can overkill them, you can get 250 
AP, so grow up on your grid. Also, have Lulu learn the grade 2 levels of her 
black magics; Fira, Thundara, Blizzara and Watera. You'll need those for the 
upcoming battle. So once you increased your party's stats enough, save, heal, 
and go in that platform to be lifted up to the command center. There, you'll 
see some of those forbidden machinas(canons), and Wakka will curse them. 
You'll then learn from Lulu that Chappu actually got killed by Sin when he 
was using one of those. Now continue on the next screen, and Yuna will tell 
Wakka that she isn't totally against this operation neither. Now once again, 
continue on your next screen totally and head north. There is a chocobo 
knight in front of the command center, and you can ask him some questions as 
well. To your left, you can see a save sphere and O'aka once again, so save 
and buy some goodies. Now, head into the command center and you'll see Gatta. 
Still upset, he's wondering if he should go in the front lines.

Now boys and girls, it's time for you to choose the destiny of Luzzu or 
Gatta. If you tell Gatta to go on the front line(top option) twice, he'll go, 
and fight Sin on the most dangerous post. If you do that, something will 
happen. Now if you don't tell him to go, then something else will happen. 
Here a little spoiler, if you want Gatta to live then don't tell him to go, 
but in that case, it'll be good bye to Luzzu... Now however, if you do tell 
Gatta to battle Sin, then Luzzu will live but Gatta will...die. A tough 
choice I know, each times I go through this game I don't know which one to 

Anyways, go in the command center to meet Maester Wen Kinoc, one of the four 
Maester of Yevon AND commander of the Crusaders. He'll talk with his long 
time friend Auron and told him that this operation won't work. Now, when 
Gatta will come to tell Kinoc that everything and everybody are ready to 
begin the operation, Kinoc will proceed. Now, let me finally explain to you 
what is the famous dangerous operation Mi'ihen.

The Crusaders and the Al Bheds have joined force, and they collected 
sinspawns from all over Spira to gather those here in Mushroom Rock. As you 
know, Sin always return to it sinspawns, so they will lure Sin. Now, once the 
evil frog is here, the Crusaders and the Chocobo Knights will attack Sin and 
it army of sinspawns, and will try to imobilize Sin. In the meanwhile, the Al 
Bheds will shoot Sin with their forbidden canons, and will give the finishing 
blow with an huge extremelly powerfull machina weapon. 

So before you talk to that Crusader near Kinoc, get the two treasures in the 
command center and then talk to the soldier and tell him you are ready. 
You'll now watch a sequence in which you see a huge sinspawn breaking out of 
a steel cage. Now, since that sinspawn is extremelly agressive, you'll have 
to calm it down by beating the crap out of it. Guess who's gonna have to do 

Boss: Sinspawn Gui(with an head and two arms)
HPs: 12 000(body), 4000(head), 800(each arms)
AP: 0
Difficulty: Hard

Hardest battle so far, especially if you haven't took the time to increase 
your characters' stats. Let's talk about Gui and it attacks. The body will 
use Demi on party, which takes away 1/4 of your life. Now, the two huge arms 
that you can attack can strike one of your characters for around 700 damage. 
Also, those two little arms you see under the body and that you can't target 
will also attack you physically for around 400 damage. Now, that head up 
there uses Thunder on one target for around 250 damage, and when it is moving 
it will use Venom Attack, which deal more then 500 damage on one character 
and inflict poison. Now let's talk about the strategy. Have Tidus, Wakka and 
Lulu first. Have Tidus cast Haste on party, and in the meanwhile use Wakka to 
shoot his blitzball on the head, and Lulu will use her grade 2 spells(Fira, 
Thundara, Blizzara, Watera) on it as well. Your goal is to first destroy the 
head. If you wish, have Yuna summon an Aeon and have that Aeon uses it 
overdrive to beat down the arms temporarily(they are regenerated after 3 
turns) so they won't disbturn you while you are beating down the head. 
Whenever you see that the head is moving, quickly attack it so it'll stop. 
Now, once you depleted it HP(4000, could take a while), don't use Wakka 
anymore and have your strongest strikers. You can't attack the main body when 
those arms are there because they will protect it to reduce your damage by a 
lot. So you have to destroy them, and since those got an armor, have 
characters with Piercing ability on their weapons(Kimahri and Auron are 
good). With Lulu, she can use her spells directly on the body even if the 
arms are there(won't block the magics). Whenever the arms are destroyed, you 
have 3 turns until they are regenerated, so quickly have your strikers hit 
the body the more possible. It has 12 000 HP, so it is sure long. Make full 
use of Tidus's haste, and whenever one of your characters get their 
overdrives, use them! Overdrives that attack all enemies are definitly good
(Auron's dragon fang for example).

Once you are victorious, the boss will be nearly dead and then you'll see in 
the sea, down the cliff you on, a huge shadow. Yes, Sin is there. You'll see 
an awesome FMV in which you see the Al Bheds shooting Sin with their canons. 
Sin will release his sinscales on the beach and captain Lucil will order her 
Knights and the Crusaders to attack those. Now however, Sin will reply with a 
vicious graviga like attack, killing about everybody out there. 

You'll now see Yuna waking up on the cliff, and Sinspawn Gui will be back and 
will avenge itself! Now however, Seymour will join the battle to help Yuna 
and Auron.

Boss: Sinspawn Gui(with an head and two arms)
HPs: 6000(body), head(1000), two arms(800 each)
AP: 1500
Difficulty: Easy

Like I told you earlier, you only have Auron, Yuna and Seymour. But trust me, 
Seymour is extremelly powerfull. Also the fact that Gui is now way weeker, it 
body has half less HP(6000), and the head has also only 1000 HP now. It 
attacks are weak, even though it still uses Demi, Venom Attack and all, it 
physical attacks deal around 100 damage only. So have Seymour use his Ara 
spells. One of them will destroy the head, then have him beat the hell out of 
the body. He deals around 1400 damage with each of his grade 2 black magics 
so Gui will go down quickly. Don't worry about Seymour's MP neither since he 
has 999 of it. If you want(and have the patience), you can try to see 
Seymour's overdrive! Since his overdrive mode is set on Stoic, the only way 
to boost it is by letting Gui damaging him, and once it's full, have Seymour 
use it. The overdrive is called Requiem, and it actually a pretty cool one! 
It's gonna deal around 2000 damage on all enemies so it might be fun to see 

Once the battle is over, you'll see the Al Bheds are still trying out their 
huge forbidden machina weapon on Sin, even though about everybody are dead 
down there on the war field. Now, unfortunately for them, it will be a piece 
of trash since Sin is too powerfull and will protect it self against it 
laser, and then will counter with one more graviga like spell to destroy the 
huge machina. Sorry guys, but Sin does win the war...

Once the FMV is over, you'll be able to control Tidus, who will wake up on 
the beach. Now you'll see several dead warriors around, and head north until 
you find Gatta. If you told him to battle Sin twice he won't be alive, now if 
you otherwise told him to stay at the command center he'll be depressed. 

You'll again see one more CG in which Sin is in the sea, staring at his 
hundreads well thousands of victims, and will then leave to the ocean. 
However, Tidus will go crazy and will follow him in the water, saying he 
wants to be absorbed to be able to go home. 

Djose Highroad

Tidus will however be back at the beach, and Yuna will be performing the 
sending for all the victims. Yes, the operation Mi'ihen was dangerous, and 
those who believed in it have now hopefully learned a lesson.

You'll then see some conversations between first Auron, telling to Kinoc and 
Seymour that they totally messed up and wasted lives. Now, you'll see Seymour 
go at Yuna and tell her that she, more then ever, needs to be the people's 
strenght. He'll also ask her to be her pillar of strenght as Yunalesca did 
with Lord Zaon. Hmm, you'll hear more about it way later. Now, once you can 
control Tidus, go save at the save sphere, and completely head to left in 
order to talk to Auron. He'll tell you that Sin, actually Jecht, came and 
killed all those victims cause he wanted to show that to you, so you can stop 

Now, when you control Tidus, open that chest where Auron was standing, then 
head north and to your right to continue on the Djose Road(meet Shelinda on 
the way and ask her to heal you if you wish). Once you met your party, they 
will go on and then, Kimahri will TALK to Tidus!!! He'll tell you that Yuna 
must shine in dark times, and that he tries too. So Tidus will ask him to 
smile, and he will actually smile.

So now, back on the pilgrimage, use the save sphere, then continue along the 
way. Once again, talk to EVERYBODY you meet, and take the two chests you can 
find by looking on the map. In random battles, you might meet some Basiliks. 
I suggest you Lancet them with Kimahri to learn Stone Breath, which is a 
pretty cool blue magic I'd say. So, once you arrived at a crossroad, Tidus 
will ask how long will it take until Zanarkand. So Lulu will brief you on the 
itinerary; you first heading to Djose Temple to pray there and obtain a new 
Aeon. Then, you'll cross the moonflow to the Guadosalam, then cross the 
thunder plains to the macalania temple. So continue on your right, and you'll 
see a little conversation between Auron and Tidus. Auron will tell Tidus to 
not tell anyone about the fact that Sin is Jecht. So anyways, go on your way 
to the temple. You'll meet Captain Lucil, along with Elma, Clasko and a 
chocobo. Chat with them, then continue on your way to the temple. Now you'll 
learn that from that explosion of those rocks on the temple, it means that 
there is another summoner in the temple. So first, head to your left to get a 
chest, then to your northeast to get another chest. Now, save your game if 
you wish at the save sphere in the area, then head to the right of the 
temple. Here you'll meet either Gatta or Luzzu, depends on your choice 
earlier. If Luzzu is dead, when you talk to Gatta, he'll be depressed, and 
when you talk to him, he'll tell you that he found Luzzu, but he was torn in 
half... Now if Gatta died, then, when you talk to Luzzu, he'll go berserk and 
begin to hit the wall. Wakka will however calm him down, telling him to go 
back to Besaid to rest, and that he knows what he's feeling(Chappu was also a 
victim of Sin remember?). 

Djose Temple

So once you are done, go in the temple and you'll meet the summoner; Isaaru, 
with his guardians, Pacce and Maroda. Pacce is actually a young kid, but as 
Isaaru says, he's doing his job pretty well. Now, once Isaaru will tell to 
Yuna that his strongest will is to be the sucessor of High Summoner Braska, 
he'll leave, wishing you good luck. Now, with Tidus, go the passage to the to 
the left of the stairs leading to the cloister of trials and open the chest. 
Now go the right room on the other side to find another chest. Now, when you 
are done, try to go in the cloister of trials but you'll see Isaaru and 
Maroda come to tell you to be cautious on the road cause Maroda heard from 
some Crusaders that some summoners were disapearing on their pilgrimage! Now 
once they are gone, go in the cloister.

That one is actually pretty simple and easy. So first, take in note that all 
the spheres in this cloister(excluding the Destruction sphere) are Djose 
sphere, so when I say sphere I mean Djose Sphere, alright? Now, you'll first 
be in a room with two spheres in recresses on opposite walls, and a door with 
two shaped recresses on it(empty). Take the two spheres from left and right 
wall, then put them in the recresses of the door to open it. Now you'll enter 
in a new room, and on the ground you can see the sign of Yevon. In order to 
access to an higher level, you need to highlights each parts of that sign. So 
let's do it. First, you see a pedestal with a sphere in it. Now, you can also 
see two spheres, one to the left of the door in front of you and one to the 
right. Put both in the recresses in the little passage to the right in this 
room. When you do that, you'll see the pillar on the up there shines. Now, 
push the pedestal(with a sphere on it) under it in order to charge it. Now go 
to the left of the room(completly left on the other side) to see a glyph sign 
on the ground. Steph on it to move the pedestal to the center of the room, 
and take the charged sphere and put it in the recress to the right of the 
door to open it. Now, it will reveal a way to a room with another pedestal on 
the other side, but you can't acess it because there is lightning on the way. 
So go back to your right completly(where you charged the sphere to open the 
door) and take both sphere and put them in the pedestal. Now, push the 
pedestal north in the room with lightning in the center. Now, if you put the 
spheres in the pedestal, it will be blocked in the lightning, and it won't 
fall. So have Tidus jump on it, then to the other side. Push the pedestal 
there to highlight one part of the Yevon sign. Now go back to the previous 
room(jump back), and go step on that glyph sign to get back the pedestal in 
the center of the room. Now, take both spheres from it and go put them back 
in the recresses where you took the first spheres in the first room remember? 
Doing so will highlight two more parts of the Yevon sign. Now, go take that 
charged sphere and put it in the recress to the left of the door that leads 
to the lightning room. Now, all parts of the Yevon sign will be unlocked, so 
a magic elevator will appear. Use it to go on the higher level. Now head up 
to a huge room with like, 5 or 6 pedestals, each with a sphere on it. Push 
them all to make appear a pedestal in the previous room, and open a door to 
some stairs as well. Now, if you go up the stairs, the puzzle will be 
completed but don't do that yet. Instead, head back to the lower room via the 
magic elevator, and go left near that glyph sign on the ground. You'll see 
something shining on the wall, so touch it to reveal a room with a 
destruction sphere in a recress in it. Take that destruction sphere, and go 
back up the higher level, in order to put that destruction sphere in the 
pedestal. Doing so will destruct the wall to your right and reveal a chest, 
open it to get a Magic sphere. Now go up the stairs, grats, puzzle completed.

In the room, you'll see your party and Yuna enters the chamber of the Fayth. 
If you wish to laugh, go talk to Kimahri. He'll then tell you:

Pick spot. Shut up. Wait.

Direct heh. So, try to leave the room and Yuna will come out of the chamber, 
and then Dona, along with Barthello will come. She will once again flame the 
party and especially Yuna, and then, Barthello will go at Auron. So then, 
Dona will ask Barthello if he knows that rifraff. Now watch her face when 
Wakka tells her that the guy she just called a rifraff is actually Sir Auron, 
Lord Braska's personal guardian :D. Barthello will then tell Auron that he is 
his idol, his model, his reason why he became a guardian, and he'll then 
shake his hand. So, soon after, your party will head out of the temple, you 
now have a new Aeon: Ixion!

The party will take the night off and rest. The next morning, buy some 
weapons and equipments in the Inn if you wish, then go in the temple to find 
Yuna. She's in the left room(left to the cloister I mean), so go wake her up, 
and then she'll get out of the temple quickly(and I do mean quickly) to 
apologize for the time they lost because of her. Now the party will pick on 
her and mock on her, even Auron. For fun of course, since the party will then 

So when the convos are over, head out of the place and on the way out, talk 
to everybody again to get some items. You'll also meet Captain Lucil and her 
crew as well. Now, when you are out, you'll be back at the crossroad, now 
head left to enter the moonflow. 


It'll be a long road. On the way when you meet Shelinda, talk to if you wish, 
but then go behind her and get the chest for 3 lvl 1 key spheres. Now 
continue on the way, and you'll eventually meet Biran and Yenke. They will 
once more pick on Kimahri, and then they will however tell you something 
interesting and affirm the rumor Marodo heard back at the temple; some 
summoners are just vanishing into thin air! Anyways, take that chest after, 
and continue on the way. If you want an advice, have Valefor and Ifrit with 
full overdrive gauge. Now continue on the road and meet Belgemine. After the 
blabla, you'll be able to duel her in a Aeon battle.

Now it'll be actually tougher then the first time. She'll use Ixion, and if 
you tried Ixion, you should've noticed that he's pretty fast. So now you have 
to battle Belgemine's Ixion, and he is fast as well. Have both of Ifrit and 
Valefor summoned with full overdrive. One Hell Fire from Ifrit and one Energy 
Blast from Valefor will take care of him, but just to tell you one thing. 
When you use your overdrive on Ixion for the first time, he counters with 
Haste to be even more faster. So deal with that. But like I told you, if you 
were able to get Valefor's second overdrive, then that and Hell Fire should 
be enough to be victorious.

Either you win or lose, you'll get the Summoner Soul, and you'll see a 
tutorial of it; it's a feature that allows you to set abilities for your 
Aeons! Now if you were victorious, you'll be given 2 Dragon Scales. 

So anyways, continue on your way(don't miss a last chest for a Magic Defense 
sphere) and you'll arrive at the beautifull lake of the Moonflow. You'll see 
a scene with your party, staring at the beauty of the lake. Then, head west 
to see a Shoopuff! It's actually an enormous animal and it can take you to 
Guadosalam by passing through the lake! So before you ride the Shoopuff, 
you'll be in a screen with O'aka. Buy stuff from him, then talk to Yuna and 
Kimahri to hear something that happens to Yuna long time ago. Now continue on 
the next screens, and you'll see several sellers, but I don't recommand you 
to buy any equipments from them cause they are pretty expensive. Now, talk to 
Auron if you wanna laugh, then go to the last screen to see Captain Lucil 
arguing with the Shoopuff driver. He does not wanna let Lucil bring the 
Chocobo with her on the Shoopuff, so they will have to find another way; when 
there's a will, there's a way. Anyways, so go save your game, and open that 
chest near Lulu for 5000 gils. Now, go back to the Shoopuff and tell the 
driver you are ready, so you'll have a ride on the huge animal! On it, you'll 
see a conversation. Wakka will show you a sunken city under you, and then 
Tidus will ask them how come they can cry at the use of machinas when they 
also actually abused of them(the blitzball sphere for example). So Lulu will 
then reply that the machinas that are forbidden are the war ones. Like in the 
Operation Mi'ihen for example. 

Now, be ready for some actions, cause you'll be attacked by the Al Bheds, and 
one will take Yuna with him and flee in the water with it, so of course, 
Tidus and Wakka will go at her rescue. In the water, you'll meet your next 

Boss: Extractor
HP: 4000
AP: 660
Difficulty: Easy

The battle is actually easy, but that is only if you did managed to work on 
Tidus and Wakka properly since the beginning of the game. The Extractor will 
use Aqua shooter for around 200 damage on one character, and when it goes up 
to redye a deaph charge, if it never use it, it will deal around 500 damage 
on your two characters and inflict Darkness. Now, have Wakka and Tidus with 
some lightning weapons. A Scout or Thunder ball for Wakka for example, since 
Extractor is a machine so lightning is it weakness. Have Tidus Haste if you 
wish, and then hit the boss. Like I told you, it is an easy fight, but if you 
were too lazy to work on Tidus and Wakka, it could be rough. 

Once the battle is over, Yuna will be back on the shoopuff, and you'll see 
the party talking and wondering about WHY does the Al Bhed keep trying to 
attack them. Now, Lulu will make a link between them and the rumor they heard 
from Maroda, Biran and Yenki. Anyway, once you are at the other side of the 
Moonflow, save your game, then continue to your left. You'll see some Guados, 
talk to them if you wish(grab the chest) and then continue to left to the 
next screen. Here, you'll see someone lying unconscious in the sand. Examine 
the person to see a little FMV in which you'll see that it's actually Rikku! 
The Al Bhed girl you met in the beginning of the game! So now, Tidus will 
introduce her to the party, and she of course won't tell Wakka that she is an 
Al Bhed. Now, Rikku will also join your party, to be a guardian of Yuna as 
well! So then, continue north(don't miss the chest) and then, go in a random 
encounter. You'll see Rikku, and a chest, so you'll see a little tutorial 
about stealing. You'll then also get a tutorial about how to use her 
overdrive; Mix. I suggest you Mix those two items you just found in the chest 
and that will do a Firestorm, which is extremelly powerfull, hurt the 
opponent for 700 damage around 6 times. When you are done, continue north, 
get the chests you find as well.

If you want a little tip, run around the road in order to get in random 
encounters, and have Rikku steal those chests you will find in the battles. 
You can obtain Mega Potions by doing so, and since those are pretty good so 
you know...

Now once you reached the end of the road, enter the Guadosalam.


Enjoy the Guadosalam, it's fantastic. In the place, you'll first meet a 
Guado. He'll tell you that Maester Seymour would like Lady Yuna to go in his 
manor because he has very important business to deal with her. That Guado is 
named Tromell, and even though he's one weirdo, he's polite. So now, before 
you enter in the manor located to your north in this place, Rikku will first 
give you a tutorial on Customize, a new feature you should definitly adore in 
this game. With it, you can add some abilities on your equipment with items. 
So now, when you can control Tidus, go in the Inn to your right and in there, 
you can talk to Maechen to hear more about the Farplane and the Pyreflies. 
You can also talk to that big mouth Shelinda if you wish. Now get out of the 
Inn and go to your left and get on the second level and go in all rooms you 
see to get some chests. In the equipment shop, you'll see O'aka and a seller 
behind the counter(a Guado). Now, even though I have a lot of respect for 
O'aka, don't buy equipment from him, buy from the Guado instead. For example, 
that Shimmering Blade for Auron with Piercing on it, along with a Strenght+5% 
and a empty slot. From the Guado you can get it for 2000 Gils, but from O'aka 
it'll be nearly 6000 gils! So don't get gipped. So buy some equipments, and 
customize them if you wish. Now, when you are done, head to the manor and 
enter the huge red door(get the chest right to it). Now in there, you'll be a 
in a waiting room. Go talk to your party, and head on the balcony for a 
hidden chest.

If you talk to Lulu, you can learn some infos about Lord Jyscal(that he wed a 
human woman for example). Now, try to enter the purple door and Tromell will 
enter the room, telling you to come in. Now, in this room, talk to once again 
everybody. Auron will tell you to be on your guard, because those who have 
powers use their powers. So since Seymour is a Maester, he just got a lot. 
Lulu can also teach you something, which is that at Guadosalam there aren't 
any temples. The summoners usually pass by to only be able to access the 
Thunder Plains. Anyway, once you talked to everybody, Tromell will come in 
and talk about Seymour, telling that he is the futur of Spira(or what ever). 
Now then Seymour will come in as well(finally), and he'll show to the party, 
in a FMV, the great machina city, Zanarkand, as it looked a thousand years 
ago. Remember you the beginning of the game with Tidus? Now, once the FMV is 
over, you'll see Lady Yunalesca with Lord Zaon. Seymour will explain to you 
that Yunalesca was the first summoner who was able to defeat Sin on a 
pilgrimage. Now, be ready to be shocked, cause Seymour will ask Yuna in 

Auron will talk to Seymour, and bash him a bit, telling him that Yuna has no 
time for marriage. Now, Seymour will tell you that there is no need to answer 
right away, so Auron will tell to the party that it's time to leave. Outside 
the manor, you'll see the party still shocked, especially Yuna; Seymour 
actually wants to wed her to bring joy to Spira. Now, Yuna will tell to the 
party that she wants to go see her parents in the Farplane, so the party will 
accept. Now to the highest level of the Guadosalam, then enter it. In front 
of the Farplane, your party will go in but Auron and Rikku will decide to 
stay. Auron doesn't wanna go cause he says that he doesn't need to see the 
past. And Rikku won't come because since she is an Al Bhed, she has the 
theory that in the Farplane, you just see your memories(talk to Maechen in 
the Inn and ask him about the Farplane, he'll explain the Al Bhed's theory), 
and that she doesn't need to see them. So, go in the farplane, and you'll see 
a nice FMV of it. Now, go see Wakka. He'll of course be talking to Chappu, 
and now, when he'll tell him that he gave his sword to a guy who looks like 
him, your Brotherhood will be powered up. Remember that on it, you could only 
see Strenght+5% and 3 empty slot? You couldn't customize it, but now it'll be 
powered up, and you'll see a Strenght+10%, Sensor, and Waterstrike. Now then 
go talk to Lulu for more about her and Chappu, and Wakka. Once you are done, 
go talk to Yuna for a conversation between her and Tidus. You'll see her 
parents, and she will ask Tidus to try to call Sir Jecht. He of course won't 
come, since he's still alive. However, you'll see Tidus's mother. Now, once 
all the blablas are over, you'll leave the farplane. However, outside, you'll 
see Jyscal! Yuna will send him for good, and then, on your way back, the 
party will be wondering how come Jyscal came back. When you are sent, you 
can't come back, but he did came back, meaning that he probably had something 
very important to tell you.

So now, back at the Manor, Yuna will go in. Now you'll have a conversation 
with Lulu. After this, you can talk more to Lulu if you wish, and you can 
talk to everybody else as well. Now try to go in the passage to the Thunder 
Plains and you'll meet Shelinda, telling you that Seymour left Guadosalam in 
a hurry and went to Macalania Temple. So Tidus will go tell the party, and 
Rikku will go search Yuna in the manor. Now once they are back in the salam, 
Tidus will suggest they head for Macarena Temple(haha), it's actually 
Macalania, but you know Tidus! So now, leave the Guadosalam to the Gandof 

Thunder Plains

Enjoy the music :D.

First, you'll see a little tutorial about how to travel in the Thunder 
Plains. As you can understand, you need to press X to dodge the lightning 
bolts of the plains. So first, save your game if you need, then get that 
chest behind the sphere. Now continue on your left hugging the walls you'll 
yet find another chest, along with a Qactuar stone. Now, go completly right 
to meet Maechen. Talk to him and ask him who worked on those towers. When you 
are done talking, head right and hug the wall and you'll see on the map a 
little area. Go in for another Qactuar stone, now take that chest next to it 
and get a Water Ball, equip it to Wakka so he'll deal nice damages on the 
fiends of the plains. So now continue to your north getting the chests you 
see, meet Shelinda on the way as well. Now, continue on to see a scene. As 
you could have seen when you entered the plains, Rikku has a lightning 
phobia. So she'll beg you to stop by the Inn over there to rest. Do so, head 
to northwest and enter the Inn. Now, Yuna will ask a room for the night and 
will leave you for her room. Now, you'll see Rin again. Tell him you are good 
at learning his language, and he'll give you one more Al Bhed Primer. Now, 
he'll also ask if that man in a red coat is Sir Auron. If you say yes, you'll 
learn that 10 years ago at the beginning of the calm, Rin helped out Auron 
when he was wounded. Hmm, now go to your right where Yuna went, and you'll 
see a sequence of Tidus hearing someone talking in Yuna's room. Now Tidus 
will unfortunately break into the room, so you'll see Yuna listening to a 
mini person on a sphere. Now she'll tell you that it's a Jyscal sphere she 
just obtained(remember at the Farplane? Jyscal came to give Yuna that 
sphere). She will however run away from the room. So now, Tidus will of 
course try to see what is that sphere really all about, but Wakka will come 
and discipline him :D. Now, you'll take the night off and rest. Once you are 
ready to go the next morning, go buy some equipments at the counter of the 
Inn and buy some of those lightningWard armors, pretty usefull for this area. 
Now, get out of the Inn and continue on your journey!

Here comes a tip. Each times I beat this game I always stop by the Thunder 
Plains and level up. This is definitly a good place to get some AP. For 
example, those Iron Giants, when overkilled, give nearly 1300 AP. When they 
appear in a team with two of those one eye monster, if you overkill all, you 
get around 1600 AP. So go at that save sphere north of you, and train there. 
You can also meet some Qactuar near those Qactuar stones. Even though they 
are pretty tough since they have extremelly high evasion, you can steal some 
Chocobo Feathers from them, and those items are pretty usefull for both mix 
and Customize. So, once you trained your characters enough(in my second game, 
I was able to get the Aga spells there, but it took me a LONG time 
really...), head north and Yuna will tell the party she has something really 
important to announce them. So, Auron will advice to go under that rest area 
like tower over there. Once you there, Yuna will tell you that she will 
finally marry Seymour. In the conversation, you'll see that Yuna wanna go 
talk to Seymour for personal's matters, and that it is about the Jyscal's 
sphere she was watching in the Inn. So the party will continue on, head north 
to the next area.

Macalania Wood

First, the party goes on to enter the wood but Auron will stay to talk with 
Tidus. He'll tell you that Yuna is actually only marrying Seymour in exchange 
of something. We don't know what though. So anyways, continue on the way, now 
be ready for one long road. You can go right from the beginning of it to talk 
with Lucil and Elma at the entrance for Bevelle(you can't go in yet of 
course). So go on the road(actually a long branch), and make it to the end 
alive(won't be hard). Get some AP on the way as well, and you can play a mini 
game, butterfly catching if you wish but I don't recommand you to do it right 
now. So once you made it to the end, move on to the next screen and you'll 
see a save sphere along with O'aka. I don't advice you to bother with him 
cause his equipment is too expensive, and he sells trash, so continue on and 
you'll see that Auron wanna show you something. Once he broke the wall of 
ice, follow him in the area he went and in there, he'll show you what are 
those memory spheres made of. Now, unfortunately, a boss will attack you.

Boss: Spherimorph
HP: 12 000
AP: 3240
Difficulty: Easy

The battle is pretty easy if you know what you are doing. You see, the boss 
has extremelly high defense(and high HP as well), so the best way to kill it 
is by using magics. However, it has only one magic weakness at a time, and if 
you hit it with another one of the three other elemental magics, you'll just 
heal it. Let's give an example. If the boss has a ice weakness, then you need 
cast a fire spell on it. Now, if you try to use let Thunder, you'll just heal 
it. So, how to know it weakness? Well, hit it with physical attacks, and then 
it will attack you with a spell. If it attacks you with Thunder, then have 
Watera(I hope you have it at this point) on it to deal nice damages. Once you 
could guess it weakness, Spherimorph will change it, so once again attack it 
with a physical attack so it will counter with a magic, cast the counter of 
it and so on. Other then spells, it will also stomps one of your character 
for around 700 damage, and its most devastating attack is Press, which deal 
around 900 damage on party. So just keep casting the right spells and 
constantly heal your party and it won't be hard really. If you still have 
difficulty with the spells at this point of the game, well here I'll write 
the counters. 

Water works against a Lightning enemy, so Lightning will also work well on a 
marine fiend. Now, an ice fiend isn't good against Fire, same goes for Fire 
against Ice. 

Once you are victorious, Auron will show to the party a ten years old sphere, 
and it was Jecht who actually left it there. You'll see how hilarious the 
pilgrimage of Braska was in it, especially with Jecht, along with Auron.

You will also see Jecht talking to Tidus, telling him that if he's watching 
at this sphere right now, it's because he's stuck in Spira as well. He'll 
also try to tell something to Tidus, but he won't. 

Now when the party is leaving, Auron will go at Tidus and tell him that Jecht 
did loved his son. So cute. Anyway, get out of there, save, and head north to 
a Rin Travel Agency. 

Lake of Macalania

Talk to Clasko there, and when he'll see that he would be better as a Chocobo 
Breeder then as a Chocobo Knight, tell him that he is right. Now enter the 
Inn to rest if you wish and buy some weapons, then head out of the place and 
head southwest on the way. You'll meet Tromell, and he'll tell you that 
Seymour is sorry to have left Guadosalam without any notices. Yuna will then 
ask him if Seymour will let her continue her journey even if she is married 
to him. So then, Tromell will take Yuna to Macalania Temple(Seymour's current 
location), and he won't escort you yet because of Guado's tradition(that's 
right, a half guado half human marries a human and they follow Guado's 
traditions, damn I don't like those stupid Yevonites quite frankly). Now 
however, once they are on the all year frozen lake of Macalania, they'll be 
ambushed by the Al Bheds, so you will go at their rescues. Now however, 
Brother, with the Al Bheds, got an hard weapon for once.

Boss: Crawler, Negator
HP: 16 000, 1000
AP: 4400, 200
Difficulty: Hard

For once, you got quite a tough machina there. You see that thing flying 
around the Crawler? It's a negator, and it disables all magics and summoning, 
so you have to destroy it in order to be able to use those. Have Wakka 
equiped with a Scout(lightning attacks on it), and have him attack that 
Negator with his ball, since it's out of range for ground physical attacks. 
Now, once the Negator is destroyed, quickly have Yuna summon Ixion and have 
him use Thor Hammer to deal nice damages. Now, there is a chance that the 
Crawler will KO Ixion with Mana Beam, since it inflict nearly 1500 damage. 
Now, have Lulu with her Thundara, if she has her overdrive then have her use 
Thundara Fury as well. Other then that, if you wanna attack the Crawler with 
physical attacks, then have characters with the Piercing ability. Oh well, if 
you managed to learn Armor Break from Auron(that is if you leveled up several 
hours earlier), then you can have him use it to break Crawler's armor so your 
characters like Tidus will be able to attack it. The attacks from Crawler are 
Assault, which inflict nearly 1000 damage on one character. And Mana Beam, 
which takes 3 turns to be charged will deal up to 1300 damage on party(or on 
one character? I'm not sure). Haste is of course pretty nice, and make full 
use of your overdrives. Have Rikku steal the boss as well. Whenever the 
Negator is back to disable your magics, then quickly destroy it again. Like I 
said it earlier, have your hardstrikers with lightning weapons(Thunderblade 
on Auron, Scout for Wakka, ect, you know). 

When the battle is over, Rikku will tell her brother named Brother in Al Bhed 
that she is Yuna's guardian and that nothing will happen to her so no need to 
try to capture her again. Wakka will of course then see that Rikku is an Al 
Bhed, and will then turn his back on her and both will argue about Yevon, and 
Sin, and the forbidden machinas. Now, the party will take those Al Bhed 
flying Motocycles machines to head for the temple. 

One of your party's member will go on the machine with you, and that will 
depend about your affection level. For example, if you were more gentle with 
Lulu(like, you always talk to her first in areas and all), she'll go with 
you. However, if you were more gentle with Rikku, then she'll go on that 
machine with you. As I heard, you can have Wakka, Yuna or Auron go on that 
flying bike with you as well but from all the times I've beaten the game, 
I've only been able to see some conversations between Tidus and Lulu or Tidus 
and Rikku.

Ah anyway, that doesn't matter for the story, once you landed after your 
trip, you'll be at an entrance. Take the chest right to it and then enter the 
door. Now follow the long way until you arrive at the Macalania Temple. 
You'll see that the priest doesn't want Rikku(an Al Bhed) to go in the temple 
but Auron will shut that Yevonite's mouth so bad that he'll run away crying 
at his mother. 

Macalania Temple

You'll meet Tromell in there, and he'll give you a Shell Targe as a token of 
his appreciation for helping him earlier with the Crawler. Now, you'll also 
meet that big mouth annoying Shelinda girl, and she'll tell you that she 
wouldn't be happier even if it was her own wedding(she's talking about 
Seymour and Yuna's wedding...). Now, take all the chests in this temple, 
including the ones in the room left to the cloister. Now, if you try to climb 
those stairs, a woman will come out of the room right to the cloister saying 
she just found a sphere in Yuna's belongning. So go in the room, and the 
party will finally watch that famous Jyscal Sphere. In the sphere, Jyscal is 
absolutely not talking about a marriage, but he is talking about Seymour's 
evil ambitions! He is also saying that he'll be killed by his own son soon, 
and he begs you to stop Seymour. Wakka will of course be shocked, and won't 
agree to go battle Seymour, but as Auron says, without her guardians, Yuna 
isn't safe with Seymour alone now. So get out of the room and head into the 
cloister. You won't have to solve the puzzle yet, just head north. You'll see 
a little scene about Wakka, begging Auron to reconsider the question and not 
battle the leader of the guado. Auron, however, won't care and will continue 
on. So go in the next screen, and you'll meet Seymour with two Guados. The 
party will confront him, and Yuna will come out of the chamber of the Fayth. 
She'll then tell Seymour that she came all the way here in order to stop him. 
So then, Seymour will of course reply to your offense by engaging up a battle 
with him. 

Guys, any last thoughts? Because it's now the time to fight the Maester.

Bosses: Seymour
        Two Guado guards
HPs: 6000
     2000 both
     18 000
AP: 6280
Difficulty: Hard

The battle is very hard if you haven't took the time to properly level up 
your characters since the beginning of the game. However, if you managed to 
increase your characters' stats enough, the battle will then only be long. 
The fight is divided into three parts.

First part: Seymour and two Guado Guards.

You see two Guado Guards in front row, and Seymour in their back. Now, both 
Guado will automatically cast Protect on themselves, and Seymour will then 
cast Shell on himself as well. Now, let see his strategy. If you try to 
attack Seymour with a physical attack, one of the two Guado Guard will Guard 
him, so then your attack damage will be reduced by half, now, since they have 
protect, it'll be once again reduced by half, so at all, it'll be reduced by 
3/4. So since you can't attack Seymour, then you'll think about directly 
using black magic spells on him since the guards can't block them. However, 
not only that Seymour has really high magic defense, he also got Shell on 
him, so nope, magics won't be a good idea neither. In last, if you hit one of 
the Guado Guard, since they got Auto Potion, they will automatically use an 
Hi Potion to heal for 1000 HP points. The strategy is simple; to me, the best 
thing to do is to have Kimahri with his overdrive bar full, and then have him 
use Stone Breath(you could've get it by using Lancet on one of those Basiliks 
back on the Djose Highroad)to petrify(and then they explode) both guards. Now 
if you weren't able to learn it, then have Yuna cast Shell on your characters
(since your three opponents only attack with magics), OR you can completely 
block the damages taken from Seymour. How? Well, the Maester has an attack 
pattern. He uses Blizzara, then at his next turn; Thundara, then at his next 
turn; Watera, then at his next turn; Fira(in that order). So you can cast the 
nega spells of Yuna in that order to be completely protected(the order is; 
NulFrost, NulShock, NulTide and NulBlaze). Now back on the guards, like I was 
saying before I interupted my own self, have Rikku steal both guards once, so 
then they won't have anymore Hi Potions to use when they are struck. Now you 
can kill them. Once they are dead, have Tidus talk to Seymour(or you could 
have done it at the beginning of the battle) and his strenght will increase 
by a lot(I do mean a lot). You can do same for Yuna and Wakka, just that for 
them, you increase their magic defenses. Sooo, have Haste on your 
hardstrikers, and then beat the crap out of Seymour. Once you depleted 3000 
HP of him, he'll summon his Aeon; Anima.

Second part: Anima

Remember the Aeon who got rid of all the fiends back at the Luca stadium 
event? Well you now have to fight her. Anima uses only two attacks; Pain, 
which is instant death to one character. Her second attack is her overdrive; 
Oblivion, which might kill your party if she uses it. However, just like your 
Aeons and you, she needs to have her overdrive bar full in order to use it. 
Anima also boosts herself to increase her limit. To take care of her, I 
suggest you have Tidus; if you worked on him properly since the beginning of 
the game, after you have him talk to Seymour, he should be able to deal some 
really impressive damages. For your two other characters, have your two 
strongest ones on strenght, OR have Lulu; trust me, her -Ara spells work well 
on Anima. So have Haste casted on your whole party(when facing Anima, being 
fast is vital), and then beat the hell out of Anima. Whenever she dares to 
use Pain, quickly have Yuna cast Life or use a Pheonix Down. If Anima gets 
her overdrive full, then have Yuna summons an Aeon in order to protect 
yourself from Oblivion. As you know, lots of peoples just summon that Aeon 
named '????' for now(Shiva), and they fight Anima with it. Since the Aeons 
are immuned to death, Pain only damages them(not for much by the way) and if 
your Aeon's HP gets too low, you can have him/her use their elemental spell 
on them(fire for Ifrit, lightning for Ixion and ice for Shiva) but I don't 
know, it's not as fun to beat down Anima that way. When Anima is nearly 
defeated, make sure to completely heal your party, and then give the 
finishing blow, so Seymour will dismiss her and will decide to do the job by 

Third and Last battle: Seymour

Seymour has now completly healed himself(6000 HP), and will now use Multi 
Spells, which is a doublecast. He will still use the same attack pattern, so 
you can once again block the spells using the Nul spells trick. Just to let 
you know, each spells from Seymour deal around 1500+ damage, twice, so nearly 
3000 at all. If you decided to not learn those Nul spells, then you might 
consider using Shell(now if you haven't learned it, then I don't know... Just 
abuse of Cura). Seymour is fast, so Haste will definitly help. Have Rikku 
steal him a Turbo Ether if you wish, but really, if you are low on HP and 
magic defense then you will really want to quickly end this battle. From my 
experience, Seymour's defense isn't extremelly high so make full use of your 
physical attacks(especially Tidus's). 

Once you are victorious, Seymour will die, and then fall on the ground. 
However, just when Yuna will come to send him, Tromell(along with two Guados) 
will enter the room and after threating you, they'll leave the room(carrying 
the dead body of Seymour). 

So now, when you can control Tidus, save your game and heal, then leave that 
room. Now, when you try to cross that passage you used when you first came, 
it will vanish, so now, in order to make the three parts of the bridge 
appears again, you'll have to complete the cloister of trials.

First, get down that ramp to your left, then you'll be on a level just under 
the 'bridge'. So go take that Glyph sphere from the central pillar(there are 
three and I'm referying to the one in the middle) and put it in the pedestal. 
Now, push it to your right and it will slide and then break into that icicle. 
Now, push it north and it will slide down a ramp to a lower level. Go down 
that level and take back the glyph sphere, and insert it in the left most 
recress on the wall. Doing so will lift up a block on the level just above, 
revealing a Macalania sphere. Go up to the higher level and go get the new 
Macalania sphere and now go put it in that pedestal below you(lower level). 
Then push to your right and it will slide directly under a pillar, making 
appear one of the three parts of the bridge. Now, go back to the level above 
and go take that Macalania sphere in the recress to the bottom right in your 
screen(the icicle was near it) and then go back down to the lower level and 
insert it in the recress on the left pillar. A new part of the bridge will 
appear. Now, go back up one level and take that last Macalania sphere(the 
ramp will vanish) and go put it where the Glyph sphere first was(the central 
pillar) to complete the bridge. Now go up one level and you can now cross the 
way to get out of the cloister. However, you might want to continue the 
puzzle and get that Destruction sphere treasure like in all of the previous 
cloisters you completed. So if you are willing to, step on that glyph sign on 
the ground on the passage in order to move the pedestal just right in the way 
you use to go down one level. So now, remove the Macalania sphere from it, 
and push it. It will slide down and stop in the on the way on that glyph 
sign, then it will be propulsed south and break into the huge icicle holding 
the Destruction sphere; now that sphere will be on the pedestal. So go down 
the ramp again, and go step on the glyph sign southwest on your screen, so 
then the pedestal will be moved in front of you; with the destruction sphere 
on it. So now, put that Macalania sphere you are holding in the recress in 
the right one of the level to make appear the icicle again. Now, go push the 
pedestal to your right just like you just did so it will slide and break into 
the icicle. Then, take that Macalania Sphere from the central pillar(don't 
worry for the bridge) and go put it at the recress that makes appear the ramp 
down to the lowest level. Now you can push the pedestal with the Destruction 
sphere north down the lowest level. Follow it below, then take that 
destruction sphere and put it in the rightmost recress on the wall to your 
left. Doing so will destruct the ground, revealing a chest. Open it for a 
Luck Sphere, then get back up the higher level and go take that Macalania 
sphere you used to make the Icicle appear. Now, go back to the level below 
again and put it in the pedestal. Now push it to your right so it will slide 
and stop just under the pillar again, making a part of the bridge. Now go 
back up the level, and take that Macalania Sphere you used to make the ramp 
appear and pop it back into the central pillar to once again complete the 
bridge, allowing you to cross it. 

Phew...Took a while to type all...

Ok so now, outside the cloister, the Guados will have gathered, waiting for 
you. Now, Tromell will tell you that if they let you go, Seymour would never 
forgive them. Rikku will then have the idea of showing them the Jyscal 
Sphere, but unfortunately, Tromell, like the no good pathetic sad bastard he 
is will show you the sphere, and then destroy it, telling you that the Guados 
take care of the Guado affairs. So Auron will then run and break through 
them, along with the party in order to escape out of the temple. Outside, 
meet O'aka, then save if you wish and run for your life away. Some Guados 
will chase you as well, and since they run faster then you, you might have to 
battle several of them. Actually, they aren't really tough. They will summon 
some fiends to help them in battle, and they still have auto potion so use 
same strategy you used in the battle with Seymour. Once you crossed the long 
road to the door, go in and follow on the way in the crevasse, and head to 
the Lake of Macalania where you fought the Crawler(get a level 1 key sphere 
from the chest on your way in the crevasse, save as well). When you are 
ready, go south to the next screen to see two die-hard guados still following 
you. Now if you look closely behind them, you can see a huge gorilla. He's 
your next boss.

Bosses: Wendigo and two Guado guards.
HPs: 18 000
     1200 each
AP: 2580
Difficulty: Medium

Remember Wendigo you could find in those forests near Timber back in Final 
Fantasy VIII? Ah anyways.

The battle won't be hard, but pretty long. One of the Guado will cast Protect
(or shell) on Wendigo first, so begin by killing off those two Guados(steal 
with Rikku if you can't kill them in one hit). As final attacks, one of the 
two guards will use Protect(or shell) on Wendigo, and then the other one will 
use Berserk. Berserk is a status that increase the strenght of a target and 
then you can't control that target anymore. Now since Wendigo does nothing 
except attacking you, then Berserk is good for him to increase his damage. 
First, quickly have Auron use Threaten on him. Doing so will cure Berserk, 
and also imobilize him. Then, have Haste casted on your characters, as well 
as Protect(helps tremendously since Wendigo attacks for nearly 2000 damage 
each hit). Now, if you did leveled up Yuna enough so she learned Dispel, use 
it. However, it's a spell actually pretty far on the grid so you probably 
have it only if you did leveled up her a lot. Now, another way to dispel it 
would be by using an Item with Rikku but I know little about the items 
effects so I don't know. Anyways, I've always used Threaten on him, and 
Provoke and as well and it was enough for me really. Also, you can use Dark 
Buster with Wakka on the boss to blind him however, it will only work for one 
of his turn, after that it'll be gone. But still, it's a strategy! Also, if 
you wanna summon an Aeon, Ifrit works pretty well since Wendigo is weak to 
fire(so have Lulu with her fire elemental spells as well but keep in mind 
that the boss is Shelled). 

Once the battle is over, Wendigo will still be alive and will break the 
frozen lake you on, so the party will fall in to a unknown place...

The Bottom of the Lake of Macalania

Your characters will have landed on the bottom of the Lake, in middle of some 
ruins. Now think about your situation. You just killed Maester Seymour, and 
that frikin idiot guado, Tromell, has burned the only proof of the unclean 
death of Lord Jyscal by his own son. Spira, once the guados will have tell 
them what you did, will be then against you, including your former allies 
like Maester Kinoc, as well as Yevon and the temples.

When you can control Tidus, save your sphere and heal, then go talk to all 
your characters. You can actually see quite an hilarious scene between 
Kimahri and Rikku, since Rikku wanna looks like Lulu. So then, when Yuna 
wakes up, take that chest behind Kimahri, then once again talk to everbody. 
When you speak to Auron, he'll tell you that you and Jecht weren't good at 
singing, and you will see a flashback of Tidus singing the hymn the fayth in 
Zanarkand. You'll also learn that Auron is originated from Spira, not 
Zanarkand. Now when you talk to your characters, they will notice that the 
ground is shaking, and that there is something strange going on. The fayth, 
who was singing the Hymn, will also stop singing. So then you'll see a FMV of 
Sin. Guys... You were stepping on Sin since you fell off!!!

So Sin will go berserk, and will absorb you somewhere else in Spira. Tidus 
will also in the meanwhile, finally be a hundread percent sure that Sin IS 


Tidus will wake up in the water, and it definitly looks like you are in the 
middle of nowhere. Actually, you are in a desert. So now, swim to your bottom 
left to get a chest, now get out of the water and go save at that sphere. So 
continue north and you'll have a forced random encounter.

You will have to battle a Zu, and now normally, you are supposed to get your 
butt kicked so then Auron comes to help you, and then Lulu as well. However, 
if you can beat down Zu(just slow him and haste yourself) with Tidus alone, 
when you win, you'll see Lulu appears asking if you are alright, and then 
Tidus says 'We rock', and finally Auron appears and congratulate you 
saying 'Good Job'...

So anyways, after the battle, Tidus, Lulu and Auron will talk together, and 
then move on. So continue up and find Wakka, he'll join your party of course. 
Now take that chest over there for 8 Al Bhed Potions(those potions can only 
be used using the command 'Use', and it heals the party for 1000 HP as well 
as cure several abnormal statuses. So now, continue to your next screen. Now 
head right on your map to the dune and meet Kimahri. He'll also join you. Now 
get back to west and continue north in the desert. You'll eventually arrive 
at a tent, with Rikku inside. Now you'll see a conversation in which Rikku 
will tell you that she actually knows this place; it's Bikanel Island in the 
Sanubia deserts! Now she will tell you that she can lead you to a secret home 
of the Al Bheds named Home(...) and that Yuna might be there, but first the 
party will have to swear on their mother's name that they won't tell anyone 
about it. Wakka, even though it'll be hard, will accept. So now follow Rikku 
to the next screen. You are going to be in one of the biggest area of the 
whole game, not complicated but you have a long way until you arrive at Home
(2 long screens). So go on the next screen, and go on the way hugging the 
left limits and take all the chests you find since they are some good 
medicines. Now, in the central of this area, you can see a save sphere just 
by a pannel. Go read it to see that, in Al Bhed, it's written: Weaker Fiends 
to the right, Stronger fiends to the left. Now, even if you are scared to, go 
left and go down a dude to find some ruined towers and all. You can get 3 
chests(or 4) in this little area so search(2 are actually inside of the 
ruined towers). Now go back to the save sphere, and head north(grab the Al 
Bhed Primer on the way)to the next screen. In there, you'll see some antlion 
sandpits, and there are usually some chests in them. However, some of them 
will also contain a fiend called Sandragora, and even though it isn't 
extremelly strong, it uses Seed Burst, which inflict Confuse. You can also 
find the Mercury Crest(will be usefull later in the game)in a little area 
west on your map. Also, don't bother with the sandstorm area to your right; 
you can't go in now. So continue north, taking every chests you find, and go 
to the red dot. You will have to battle a Sandragora since there is a pit at 
the entrance to the next area, so beat it down, then move on.


You'll arrive at Home finally, but you'll see that the Guados are attacking 
the Al Bheds! You'll see the Al Bheds fighting the fiends using some guns and 
all, but you'll also see that the Guados are winning the war. So the party 
will continue on, and one of Rikku's friend, Keyakuu or Keyakku(sorry) will 
die and will tell you that the Yevonites are attacking you(oh for real?). You 
will then meet a bald headed man, actually Rikku's father and leader of the 
Al Bheds; Cid. So now it'll be time to rescue Yuna, AND save the Al Bheds 
from those no good Guados. So save at the save sphere and take that Al Bhed 
primer on the ground west to the door, and examine Keyakuu or Keyakku
(sorry)'s body for 2 Hi Potions, and then enter Home.

In there, the party will be searching for Yuna, and you'll be ambushed by a 
Guado and 3 Bombs. Now the Guados have actually quit on using Hi Potions, but 
they using abnormal statuses like Confuse on you so always take care of them 
first. When you win the battle, head north to the next screen, and Cid will 
announce via the mic that he's going to destroy Home, so you have to get 
underground to access the airship in order to escape. So then Rikku will tell 
you that if Yuna's here, she's in the summoner Sanctum so you'll head there 
however, you'll once again be attacked by some Dual Horns and a Guado. Beat 
them up, then don't go south yet and go back north and head to your left and 
you'll arrive in some rooms. Take that Al Bhed Primer on the bed and then try 
to open the chest, but you'll have to solve an Al Bhed puzzle in order to get 
the reward; a friend sphere(if I do a next update I'll write how). Now when 
you are done go back to where you fought those Dual Horns and continue north 
to arrive at a intersection with three passages. First, head north(the one in 
the middle) to find a chest(you can't continue on because it is blocked). Now 
go back, head to the one to your left to find a save sphere, so save and 
heal, then come back to the intersection and head into the passage to the 
right. The first door you see can't be opened but you can go in the one 
beside it(take the Al Bhed primer in the corner by the way). In the room, 
you'll battle two Chimeras and a Guado, then you'll have two more Al Bhed 
puzzles to solve. One of them requires a digit password, and to find the 
digits you have to use those four questions below. If you don't know Al Bhed, 
then you might need this. 

The first digit is 'number'+'numbe'
The second digit is 'number'-'number' (so just subtract them)
The third digit is 'number'times'number'(so just multiply them)
The last digit is just like the first one.

So enter the pass and you'll be rewarded with a Special sphere. Now the other 
puzzle is actually a test, asking you questions. The questions are in Al 
Bhed, as well as the answers, so use this to complete the puzzle correctly.

The first answer is the third one.(Yes)
The second answer is the fourth one.(Bikanel Island)
The third answer is the second one.(Brother)
The last answer is the first one.(Al Bhed)

You'll be rewarded with a skill sphere. Now get out of the room and get back 
to that save sphere and then, once you were able to get some AP, enter the 
door. You will first see a scene between Rikku and Wakka. Rikku will be 
depressed, hopeless and sad about seeing her Home destroyed like that when 
they just built it(it's actually not the first time they are attacked like 
that). Now, Wakka will admit that the Guados are definitly acting 
like 'asses', and you'll be attacked by two more Chimeras(along with a 
Guado). Dispose of them to see yet another scene. You will then begin to 
understand something. Since the beginning, the Al Bheds were kidnapping the 
Summoners to actually put them in their Summoner Sanctum. Now, the only 
theory Tidus will come up with is that the Al Bheds are kidnapping the 
summoners in order to protect them from the dangers of their pilgrimages. At 
that moment, the party will leave Tidus, hiding something. So now, in the 
room you are in, there is a hidden chest near the stairs and you can get a 
Level 4 Key Sphere from it! There is also another chest with a Level 2 key 
sphere. So now, head in that door to your upper left to enter the Summoner 

In there, you'll meet Isaaru, Dona and Pacce. You'll also see several dead 
bodies around, and Isaaru will tell you that they died protecting them, so 
the least they could do in return was to give them a proper sending. Now 
Pacce will run to Tidus, asking him what are the Al Bheds talking about when 
they say that the Summoners are being sacrificied. Rikku will then tell you 
the shocking reason why they do capture the summoners. Let me explain. When a 
summoner has prayed to every temples in Spira, they head to Zanarkand, the 
lost city of sorrows, in order to pray for the Final Summoning so they can 
defeat Sin with it. So when they are ready, they confront Sin and summon the 
Final Aeon. Now that Aeon is extremelly powerfull, and beat down Sin. 
HOWEVER, while they summon the Final Aeon, the High Summoners die. In other 
words, yes Yuna WILL beat Sin with the Final Aeon, but she will die as 
well... Tidus will of course be angry at the party, yelling at everybody, 
asking them why in the hell they let Yuna do such a dumb thing as becoming a 
summoner to die at the end just so Spira can be happy and then have a new Sin 
reborn in a few years after. Now, Tidus, who never knew Yuna's real destiny, 
will have to apologize to her for all the times he encouraged her to battle 
Sin. You'll also then see Wendigo, but then, Dona and Isaaru will summon 
their Aeons to get rid of the grease gorrila, and Isaaru will tell you that a 
world without Sin is the dream of every childs in Spira, and that he will get 
rid of the evilness even if it means his life. 

So once the sad scene is over, you'll find a chest in the bottom left part of 
the room. Open it for 10 000 Gils. Now, head out of this room via the door on 
your right and in the next screen, go climb the stairs to that Airship; that 
is the sunken ship that you had to go explore with Rikku and the Al Bheds in 
the beginning of the game!


So now, in the ship, Tidus will go run at Cid and threat him, asking him 
where Yuna is(by lifting him up in the air, go Tidus go!). Cid will then 
accuse him of wishing Yuna's death so Sin can be gone, but Tidus will affirm 
him that he won't let Yuna die and that he will put a term at his pilgrimage. 
Once the airship is in the middle of the air, Cid will order Brother to fire 
the missiles in order to destroy Home-as well as to kill all those Yevonites 
in it. Brother will agree, and fire the missiles from the forbidden machina 
on the airship. You'll see a pretty cool FMV of the Airship escaping from the 
now totally destroyed Home. As a good-bye, the Al Bheds will sing the Hymn of 
the Fayth...

When you can control Tidus, you can explore the ship if you want. For 
example, you can go buy some goodies from Rin(who's onboard). You can also 
talk to Isaaru and his two guardians. In a passage leading to a room, you can 
find Dona, and looks like she matured a bit. However, Barthello isn't with 
her... Anyways, what ever you do, get out of the cabin and enter again. 
You'll see a scene between Auron and Cid. You'll also hear that Yuna is Cid's 
niece; wait a second, oh true, Cid is Yuna's uncle! Well then, if Rikku and 
Brother are Cid's childrens... Then they are cousins with Yuna! Anyway, in 
the blabla you can understand that Cid wants Yuna's pilgrimage to stop. Now 
when you can control Tidus, go talk to Brother. Now, the ship will be 
arriving soon to Bevelle, and you'll see Yuna(in Bevelle) in a wedding dress 
with Seymour! Oh no, he's gonna marry her! So Tidus will convince Cid to 
follow a simple plan;

- Fly to Bevelle
- Take Yuna
- Leave

:D, pretty simple plan, and since Cid likes to play hardcore, he'll accept! 
So now, if you talk to Auron, you'll see Rikku asking him how come Seymour is 
still there; you killed back in Macalania Temple remember? Then Auron will 
tell her that Seymour is alive just like Jyscal was; he wasn't sent, and 
since he was so attached to this world, unless he's sent, he'll never be 

Anyways, Rin will come in the cabin to inform you that some Guados are 
onboard with their fiends! They probably got on at Home. So now, time to 
teach those worthless guados some manners. Esti de caliss. First, get out of 
the cabin, and you'll see that you can run in random encounters. So head 
south, and pass all the screens until you arrive at some stairs and a save 
sphere. Save, then go up the stairs and go right to look at the window. 
You'll see a giant serpent like monster flying. Lulu will introduce it to 
you; Evrae, protector of Bevelle. So now, Cid will ask you to fight 
that 'thing' via the mic, so head north(meet Rin on the way so buy some 
goods), and take the elevator to go up to the outside deck to meet your next 

Boss: Evrae
HP: 32 000
AP: 5400
Difficulty: Medium

Hhpm. You might have heard that Evrae is the 'OMG TOUHGESTEST BOSS EVER11!1!
1!'. Ok, Evrae is
not EASY, but honestly, from all the times I have beaten the game, I was 
never killed by him- except in my NSG challenge file. I'm not saying he's a 
push over; in fact, he's actually pretty rough! But I'm definitly telling you 
that he is VERY beatable, and from my opinion, he is not HARD at all. So 
first, let's explain the way the battle goes on. Your party is on the deck of 
the airship(outside), and Evrae is flying by it. You can battle the boss from 
two ranges; either you in front of him so then you can attack him with 
physical attacks(Kimahri, Auron, Tidus, Lulu, Rikku), or you can also fight 
him when he's far the deck. In that case, the only attacks that can touch him 
are Lulu's spells, and throwing Wakka's blitzball(and Lancet I think but I 
don't see why you would use that). Let's talk about his attack. Evrae swipes 
one character for around 1000 damage. Also, when he inhales, at his next 
turn, he'll use Poison Breath, which deals nearly 1500 damage on party(best 
attack) and inflict poison as well(and maybe Silence or Darkness?). Also, he 
will use Stone Gaze to petrify one of your character. Now he will also use 
Haste when low HP, and when the ship is in far range from him, he'll use 
Photon Spray(or something like that) on party for around 300 damage(am I 
right or totally wrong? Last times I've fought him he didn't use it). Now his 
last attack can also be only used when he's in far range from you, he'll 
change row to fly to you in melee mode, using his 'tail' to damage your whole 
party for only 200-300 damage... 
Ok so let's talk about the strategy. First of all, have Tidus cast Slow on 
the boss, and then have him use Hastega on party(if not learned, then have 
Haste). Now steal or Mug Evrae if you wish for some Water Gems, and then have 
your hardstrikers(Auron, Tidus, Kimahri) hit Evrae and deplete around 20 000 
of his HP. Now whenever you see him charging by inhaling, it means he'll 
throw his Poison Breath on you, which is deadly. HOWEVER, having Rikku use an 
Al Bhed potion(heals for 1000 HP points and cure Poison, Silence and 
Darkness) to completey heal back the damages taken from that breath. Also, 
whenever he uses Stone Gaze, quickly have a Soft thrown in order to cure it. 
Now, once you depleted his HP to nearly 10 000, have either Tidus or Rikku 
ask Cid to pull back, and then in one or two turns, the airship will go in 
far range from him. From now on, have Wakka, Lulu and a fast character(Tidus 
or Rikku). Have Wakka uses his blitzball(he can use it on that row) as well 
as Lulu's black magic spells(even though Evrae has no weaknesses and high 
magic defense, it can still deal a bonus of damage). The reason why I told 
you to go far is that because Evrae, once his HP drops below 10 000, will 
cast Haste on himself. So then, the Slow effects will be gone and he'll be 
extremelly fast. When far from him, unless he changes row to come near the 
ship, he'll only use his photon attack, which is way less dangerous then his 
Poison Breath, Stone Gaze or simple physical attacks.

Once you defeated the boss, you'll see an AWESOME FMV named 'The Red Carpet'. 
You'll see the airship intimidating Bevelle by flying around it. When Kinoc 
sees that, he'll order some of his guards AND to some MACHINAS(that's right, 
they do use forbidden machinas) to shoot the ship. So then the party will 
slide on ropes from the airship to Bevelle! Enjoy the sequence really!


Interrupting the wedding, the party will land on the Bevelle's bridge 
infested by warrior monks. Run north and try to get to Seymour and Yuna. On 
the way, some monks and their forbidden machinas will block the path so take 
care of them. Now let me warn you; when you meet machinas using kick attacks, 
take care of them first, because if they are the last targets alive in a 
battle, they'll use Trust Kick, which propulse a character out of a battle. 
Use Kimahri's Lancet to learn that attack by the way(even though you won't be 
able to use it to kick out enemies off battle, it deals nice damages). So 
once you reached the end of the bridge up the stairs, you'll be blocked by 
Kinoc. So you'll see a scene of Yuna, attempting to send Seymour but then 
give up so the monks won't kill her friends. Now, Seymour will unfortunately 
marry Yuna and kiss her... To then, like the bastard he is, will order the 
monks to kill you. Yuna will however, menace Seymour and Mika that if their 
monks do not drop their weapons, she will jump off the bridge. So Seymour 
will be disciplinated, and will obey. Yuna will however, still jump off the 
throne!!! Now now, don't worry, while falling, she'll summon Valefor at her 
rescue! So then, once she was able to escape it'll be your turn too ya. So 
Rikku will throw an Al Bhed flashbomb on the ground to blind every dirty no 
good Yevonites staring at the actions, to then escape(enjoy the scene, Auron 
is so the bestest11!1!1!).

Bevelle Temple

Once the party will have reach the Temple, you will be able to see Yevon's 
true face; lots of machina in the temple! So take that machina elevator to go 
down that spiral way. Then, your party will arrive at yet another huge door 
that you can open using a machina. Now, you'll see a save sphere, save at it, 
and enter that door. Be ready for the toughest and lamest cloister of the 
whole game.........

First, take that pedestal and push it to turn it into a platform. Tidus will 
go on it, and will then be transported in a new huge machina area. So now, 
you see on the way some green glyph like sign with arrows pointing in several 
ways? This is what you use to stop the platform you on to then be able to 
either change direction, or to go on a small area. Also, if you wish, let the 
platform take you north so you fall at the end of it to see that you reappear 
at the beginning of that loop. So first of all, let's call the loop you first 
come on loop 1. In it, you can see 3 green glyph thingy. One that leads you 
to the right to go down to another Loop(let's call it loop 2), and that can 
simply let you head north. Now, the second one has an arrow point to left 
then right then left. And the third and last one has an arrow that can allow 
you to change inverse your direction. SO, first, go on the first glyph sign 
and press X when the arrow is pointing to your right, so then you'll go down 
to loop 2. Now however, you can only continue down the last level because a 
part of Loop 2 is missing, not allowing you to cross it. So go down to the 
head of the last level, take a Bevelle Sphere there and put it in the 
pedestal. Now, push the pedestal back into the path, and head back to Loop 1. 
There, continue north and turn right at the second green glyph turn, and 
press X when the arrow is point to the right. There, take one Bevelle sphere 
from the pedestal and put it in the recress there, doing so will put back the 
missing part of Loop 2, allowing you to move on it. So yet, push back the 
pedestal in the path, and now head use the third glyph sign to inverse your 
direction and use the glyph sign you just use to go pop that Bevelle Sphere 
but use it to go your right. Take the bevelle sphere there, put it in the 
pedestal, push it back. Now, go to Loop 2. Let's describe this one. You can 
acess it via the first glyph sign of Loop 1, just press X whenever the arrow 
points right. Now, there, you'll arrive at a glyph sign. With that sign, you 
can go back to loop 1, you can head north, and you can head right as well to 
go a area you went earlier to get a Bevelle Sphere. Anyways, from that glyph 
sign, you can go north in Loop 2 and see 3 other glyph signs; second, third 
and fourth one. So now, head to the fourth and last turn and press X when the 
arrow points the right. There, place a sphere into the slot to allow you to 
move on a path leading to a door with a recress on it. Push back the 
pedestal, and yourself fall at the end of the loop to reappear at its 
beginning. Now, take a right turn at the third glyph sign(the one just before 
the last one). There, take that glyph sphere and put it in the pedestal, now 
go back to the loop and go back to the last glyph sign to turn right. Now, 
put that glyph sphere in the recress at the end of the path, revealing a 
Destruction sphere. Take it, and put it in pedestal, and push it back. Now, 
once again, go into the third glyph sign turn where you obtained the Glyph 
sphere. Put the destruction sphere there to activate a path. Now, push back 
the pedestal, and go back at the beginning of the loop 2, and take a right 
turn once again at the last glyph sign, get the bevelle sphere you had 
earlier back and put it in the pedestal, push it back, and go back the 
beginning of Loop 2. So now, in the loop, make a right turn at the second 
glyph sign(you never went there yet) to arrive at a platform. Push the 
pedestal across it, allowing you to leave that area. Now, you'll be in front 
of some stairs. Go up them, and at your right on top, open the chest for an 
HP sphere. By doing so, the chest will vanish, allowing you to steph on that 
glyph sign on the ground. So step on it to make the pedestal appear near you, 
now take a bevelle sphere from it and put it in the slot in front you to 
activate the path on your left. So push the pedestal in there, and Tidus will 
automatically go on the other side, open the destruction sphere treasure(a 
Knight's Lance), and then come back. Now head to your right and you'll arrive 
at the room leading to the chamber of the Fayth.


Ahem... sorry. So now, you'll meet your party in there, and Tidus, even 
though it's taboo to go in the chamber of the fayth when you are not a 
summoner, won't care and will try to open the door leading to it so he can be 
sure Yuna's in there. Now, he'll try to open it but won't be able to, but 
then, Kimahri will help and since he has the strenght of a hundread mens, the 
door will be opened in no time and you'll head in there to see Yuna, praying 
to the fayth, to then obtain...THE KING OF DRAGONS; BAHAMUT!!! Congratulation!

However... When you head out of the chamber, Kinoc and his monks will be 
there waiting for you to arrest you...

The Trial in Bevelle

You will first see the trial of Yuna. You'll now meet Maester Kelk Ronso for 
the first time, and he'll accuse Yuna of inflicting dire injuries to Maester 
Seymour, so Yuna will tell the truth and tell to Kelk that Seymour is the 
real traitor, and that he killed his father, and also that he is already dead 
so it is the summoner's duty to send the dead to where they belong. Now, Kelk 
will somehow be shocked, learning that Jyscal was actually assassinated by 
his own son, so Mika will replace him. Now be ready to be shock, because when 
Yuna asks Mika to send Seymour, the Grand Maester will show you that he is 
also an unsent, and that sending the death to where it belongs is traitorous. 
So of course, if the death is that convenient for the futur of Spira, why 
does the summoners have to sacrifice themselves and risk their guardians' 
lives on pilgramages. However, Mika won't care and will imprison the party 
once again.

So now, you'll see Tidus and Auron in a steel cage, suspended into mid-air. 
They will converse about Yevon's true face, and Yuna. Now, Konic will come to 
tell them that their sentances have been decided.

You'll now see Tidus, being pushed off in some water prison. You'll meet 
Wakka and Rikku in there, and you will talk about how to get out. Well, as 
they will mention, they can't get out of the water from here, since there are 
no ladders or anything like that, so they'll wonder how come their sentances 
was just to be pushed like that in water and will come up with the theory 
that the Monks are expecting them to die down there.

Now, you'll be back in the court of Bevelle, and you'll see Kinoc, Seymour, 
and Mika talking. Seymour will tell Mika that Yuna could be usefull for him 
alive, but the old man will reply that she disturbed the order of Yevon and 
that she has to die. Now Kinoc will mention that they'll put Yuna and her 
guardians in the Via Purifico, and that no ones was ever able to get out of 
that dungeon. But Mika will tell him that there is yet still a little chance 
they make it out of it alive, so he'll ask Seymour to wait for them at the 

Bevelle- Via Purifico

So now you'll control Yuna, in a strange place that seems complicated. First, 
head north to enter a room where you can see a save sphere. Use it to save 
your progress, find a passage that leads to the east and continue on north(by 
the way, if you never run into an encounter, fight with your Aeons) to arrive 
in a room where you can see a arrow like dot on the map. Go to it to see that 
it's actually Kimahri! He'll join you of course, so then, take that chest to 
your left for a Mega Potion. Now, head north and go left whenever you can, 
and continue north until you arrive at a room in which you'll see a save 
sphere, along with Auron, he'll join you. Now, from where you are, you can 
exist the area heading north but I don't recommand you to do that; let's do 
some treasure hunting! First, from where you are, go west and head south. On 
the way, you'll see some passages heading east but yet only go in the one 
that you can see that there is one of your allies in it(you can see a arrow 
like dot on the map), so when you see one, go in it until you arrive at the 
end of it. Meet Lulu, she'll join you, then take that chest for a White Magic 
sphere. Now go back and head south until you arrive at a dead end. Take that 
chest for an Elixir and then touch that glyph on the wall. Now go back at the 
first intersection head right to get back at the area you were in(there is a 
save sphere). So now continue to head until you can see a huge closed area on 
your map that you can acess by turning to your right. In there, open that 
chest for a Black Magic sphere, and then step on that huge platform in order 
to activate a teleport platform somewhere northwest in the Via Purifico. So 
now, get out of this room and continue north until you arrive at a teleport 
platform, use it to go up(just a short cut)to arrive in room where you found 
Auron. Now, go left and use the passage to go north and continue west until 
you arrive at a passage blocked by a fence(you can see two chests on the 
other side), so now, when you stood on that huge platform earlier, that 
teleport platform near you was activated. So use it to head west to teleport 
in that room that you can't acess by running, open both chests for a Skill 
Sphere and a Lucid Ring(really nice ring for when you fight fiends that use 
abnormal statuses attacks). So step on the teleport platform again while the 
arrow is pointing east so it'll you back outside. Now run back to the place 
where you met Auron, and have your Aeons with their overdrives limit bar 
full, save, heal, and head north to find Isaaru.

He'll tell you that Maester Mika ordered him to take care of you, so even 
though he doesn't wanna battle Lord Braska's flesh and blood, he can't 
disobey to the grand Maester since he's a Yevonite, and for him, Yevon is 
like laws.

AH ANYWAYS all that tell you that he is the next boss. However, it won't be 
ordinary battle; it'll be an Aeon duel, divided into three parts.

Bosses: Isaaru's Aeons(Grothia, Pterya and Spathi in that order)
HP: ???(can someone contribute, telling me the right number cause I never 
AP: 6000
Difficulty: Medium

Ok I'd say this battle is not hard really, but still, watch out. Isaaru will 
first summon Grothia, and that Aeon is actually Ifrit. When summoned, 
Grothia's overdrive's bar will be full(I guess Isaaru Grand Summoned him...), 
so you can do two things. If your Shiva is good on HP and magic defense, then 
you can summon her and have her block the Hell Fire, using Shield, OR simply 
use her Diamond Dust and hope that it kills Grothia. Or you can either have 
Bahamut summoned, and have him use the Mega Flare, which should definitly 
kill off Grothia. If not, then you'll recieve the Hell Fire in your face but 
it won't be as powerfull as when you use it. So anyways, once Grothia is 
defeated, Isaaru will summon Pterya. That Aeon is as you can see, Valefor. 
Even though she has more HP then Grothia, she is still pretty weak. Fast 
though, but her Sonic Wing does barely 100-200 damage points(to me at least). 
So have one of your Aeons(choose any, as long as the chosen one isn't your 
best, and also, you can have Bahamut if you wish; it would be useless to keep 
him to fight the last summoned Aeon from Isaaru, you'll understand after)
summoned and beat down Pterya. Use your overdrives if you have them as well. 
So now, once Pterya is gone, Isaaru will use his third and last Aeon; Spathi
(Bahamut). Now, if you listened to me and kept your best Aeon, summon 
him/her. As you can see, it would've been useless to keep Bahamut for the 
last battle since you can't summon him now that Isaaru did before you. So, 
have your best Aeon gets in the battle field, and he/she'll need to have her 
overdrive; Spathi won't attack you, in fact, he'll use a countdown of 5 
turns. Once it reached 0, his overdrive bar will be full so he'l use Mega 
Flare to deal nearly 3000 damage points. So have that best Aeon beat the hell 
out of Spathi before he can use his overdrive. The Aeon you chosen to battle 
Spathi must be strong to deal nice damages to deplete Spathi's HP quickly
(from my experience, I'd say Spathi got nearly 20 000 HP). If Spathi never 
does get his limit bar gauge full and then unleash Mega Flare, have your Aeon 
shield and hope that it won't kill you.

So let's get over the strategy again; when Isaaru summons Grothia, have Shiva 
or an Aeon that will beat him down in one overdrive so you won't have to 
suffer the Hell Fire. Now, when he summons Pterya, have a fast Aeon summoned 
but don't use your best Aeon yet, have your second to best instead. 
Preferably an elemental one so he/she can heal himself/herself with spells. 
Now, when Isaaru summons Spathi, have your best Aeon on both speed and damage 
summoned in order to quickly beat him down before he can use the Mega Flare
(for me it was Ixion).

Hmm... Now that I am looking at my strategy, looks like I have a written a 
lot for a definitly not hard boss... Oh well.

Once you are victorious, Isaaru will tell Yuna the way out.

Bevelle- Via Purifico(underwater)

You'll now have the control of Tidus, and your party will be made of him
(duh), Wakka and Rikku. Use that save sphere you see in front of you, then 
use that chest on the opposite wall to buy some goods as well(I wonder what 
the hell a shop is doing in there...). So now, don't worry; the Via Purifico 
underwater is extremelly simple, unlike the Via Purifico on ground. So now, 
continue north then swim west in the huge flooded path. You'll see a save 
sphere, use it to save and heal, then continue north.

Hmm, actually, what the hell is wrong with the area? If you remember 
correctly, you are supposed to be block in a underwater 'prison' since you 
were sentanced. Now, the area seems to have an easy-to-reach exit by 
swimming. Well, you'll now understand what was the idea; they have put the 
dead unsent Evrae monster in that tunnel so it can take care of you!

Boss: Evrae Altana
HP: 16 000
AP: 5800
Difficulty: Easy

Damn, I thought the dead body of Evrae would be an insanely hard boss. But 
he's actually one hell of an easy boss. First, it doesn't have much HP(only 
16 000), and second, since it's dead, it's a zombie. Now what happens when 
someone is zombied? The curative items and magics work in inverse. Meaning 
that if you throw an Hi Potion on the boss it will heal it! So now you'll 
think about using a Pheonix Down to kill it in one turn heh? Well, it won't 
work since Evrae Altana is immuned to instant death HOWEVER, it will still 
deal 8142 damage! But first, let's talk about his attacks. Evrae Altana uses 
physical attacks for nearly 1500 damage point on one character, and it most 
dangerous attack is Stone Gaze. What happens when you are petrified 
underwater? Yes, the victim explodes in thousands of little pieces, and you 
can't use him/her anymore- in the battle that is. So have some stoneward or 
proof armors to completly block the attack. So now, you can also see that 
with your characters, you can use the Trigger Command 'open'. If you do so, 
you will open some locks behind your characters, and when you open both, the 
fence will be opened, and your party will flee to another screen. If you do 
that a couple of times, you'll arrive at the end of the tunnel, and a fence 
will protect you from Evrae Altana's attacks so he won't be able to hurt you 
anymore. However, by doing so, not only that it's boring, but also that you 
don't get nice items when you are victorious. So if we get over the strategy 
again; have two Pheonix Downs used and it's bye bye. Don't forget to have all 
characters be active to everybody gets the 5800 AP bonus.

Once you are victorious, there won't be any random encounters anymore, so 
continue on. Get two chests on the way, one contains a Rematch, and the other 
one contains an Avenger. Once you reached the end of the long tunnel by 
swimming, you will meet your party(Yuna, Auron, Kimahri and Lulu) on the 
bridge of Bevelle's gate. 

Bevelle's gate

However, remember what Mika ordered Seymour to do? He asked him to wait for 
you at the exit of the Via Purifico, so he'll be here with some guados and a 
monk. Now, you'll see in the scene that he killed Kinoc, and you'll hear an 
evil speech about his ambitions; the dude wants Yuna to accompagny him to 
Zanarkand so then he can become the next Sin and save Spira from it sorrows 
by destroying it so no one will be able to suffer from the world's vice 
anymore... Yes, just like Tidus said, you got one nuts n00blet Maester over 
there. So then, Kimahri will try to stop him with his lance, but Seymour will 
transform himself into a new Seymour, so Kimahri will order the party to 
escape Bevelle, protecting Yuna. The party will hardly obey and get away. 
However, once they are near the Macalania Wood out of the Bevelle's 
highbridge, Yuna will stop and tell Auron she can't leave Kimahri behind. So 
then, Tidus will tell her that anywhere she goes he'll follow, so both will 
run at the help of Kimahri. Of course, Wakka and Rikku will join them since 
they want a piece of Seymour as well. Finally, you'll see Lulu tell to Auron 
that she'll go too, so Auron will of course follow as well in order to avenge 
Kinoc's death. 

When you can control Tidus, use the save sphere and run on the bridge and get 
at the gate. If you are low on stats on the grid then level up a bit here, 
pretty good place, you can get over 8000 AP by overkilling those machinas. 
When you are ready, head completly north, use the save sphere before, and be 
ready to battle the Maester a second time.

Bosses: Seymour Natus and Mortibody
HPs: 36 000
AP: 6300
Difficulty: Medium

Hmm, I thought that Seymour Natus was definitly a push over. In fact, I found 
that he was way better last time you fought him. I guess he's out of pratice. 
Anyways, let's talk about his strategy. Seymour, in his new strange looking 
form, will still use his Multi Spells. He will also use Break to petrify one 
character. Then he's low on life(below 20 000), he'll use his most 
devastating attack quite often; Flare, which deal nearly 2500 damage on one 
character. Also, he'll use support magic like Protect. First, have Tidus, 
Auron and Yuna use their trigger commands to Talk to Seymour. The strenght's 
potential of Tidus will once again be doubled, same goes for Auron. For Yuna, 
it'll once again be her magic defense. So now, once you did that, have Wakka 
destroy that Mortibody if you wish. If you do so, the Mortibody will 
automatically revive itself by drawing 4000 HP from Seymour. Now to talk 
about that Mortibody, it will use level 1 grade spells like Fire, Thunder, 
Blizzard and Water on all characters for around 200 damage(...), and the 
level 2 of them(the Ara spells) on one character for around 600 damage... 
Anyways, so have Rikku first steal Seymour Natus for some Tetral Elementals
(GREAT items), then take care of him. Hastega sure helps, and whenever 
Seymour uses Break, quickly have Rikku use an Al Bhed potion to heal the 
party for 1000 HP and cure the stoned character. Like I said it earlier, once 
Seymour is low on life, he'll begin to use Flare pretty often, but honestly I 
found that his Multi Ara spells attack was more dangerous. He will also use 
Protect on himself, so if you can have Yuna cast Dispel, it would be very 
usefull. Auron and Tidus's damage should be pretty good once they talked to 
Seymour, so make full use of them. Same goes for your overdrives. If you 
wanna play with aeons, then keep in mind that once Seymour has his turn, 
he'll say 'Death awaits you' to then Banish from the battle.

When Seymour is defeated, you will have escaped out of Bevelle and the party 
will go take refuge back in the Macalania Wood. 

Macalania Wood

Welcome back, now you are safe from those Yevonites :D. So let's once again 
talk about your situation. You made it out of Bevelle alive with your whole 
party, but don't forget that you did just beat down Seymour a second time. So 
Mika and Seymour himself will probably report a big lie to the citizens of 
Spira, saying you once again agressed the leader of the Guado. Also, since 
you made it out of the Via Purifico, you are now known as some evaded dudes 
running for their lives. 
All that to say that you are now enemy of Yevon...

Anyway, when you can control Tidus, you'll be in a small area with your party
(Yuna and Kimahri are missing). Talk to them, then save your game, get out of 
the area. Now, you'll be an intersection; left of you leads to one more 
intersection of two paths; one leads to Macalania Wood and the other one 
leads to Bevelle, however, two monks are blocking those paths so don't go 
there. Now, from where you are, head south to arrive at a lake. You'll see 
Kimahri, now head north to find Yuna.

In the conversation, Tidus will first apoligies to Yuna; since the beginning 
of the pilgrimage, Tidus kept telling he wanted to go to Zanarkand and that 
he was tired of this trip and all. As you know, Zanarkand means 'end of life' 
for Yuna. So then, Tidus will advice her to just quit her pilgrimage so she 
can live a normal life. She could also, with the party, go into the Tidus's 
Zanarkand so they can have fun all together there. However, Yuna, crying, 
will tell him that she just can't quit her pilgrimage and that she have to 
beat down Sin. 

You'll now see a romantic FMV of Tidus and Yuna, being able to show their 
loves for each other for the first time. Cute.

Once the FMV is over, Yuna will ask Tidus to be with her until the end. Tidus 
will reply that he'll be with her forever. Anyway, when you can control 
Tidus, head south to the next screen. However, you'll see Yuna who will join 
Tidus, to then hold his hand so they can walk like a couple. Cute.

Anyway, once you'll be back at the party, Yuna will tell them that they first 
take the night off(phew what a day if you think about it), and then the next 
morning. they'll continue on the road. 

When the party wakes up the next morning, you'll control Tidus and you'll be 
back in the intersection. head in the path to your right, then continue on 
and use the save sphere. When you are ready, head north.

The Calm Lands

You will first see a scene between your party, and Lulu will resume the calm 
Lands at bit. She'll tell you that the high summoners, once they obtained the 
Final Aeon, usually decide to take the Calm Lands as the battle field against 
Sin. That is why it is called the Calm Lands. Also, she will tell you that 
there are now no temples or cities anymore, behind the lands, there are only 
mountains and all. Auron will then tell you that a whole lot of summoners 
quit on their pilgrimage here. You'll then see Tidus, going at Yuna, telling 
her he won't let her die and that he'll find another way to beat down Sin. 

Alright guys so now, you can decide to continue on the story or you can do a 
little side quest!
Do you want Valefor to be able to break the damage limit and exceed 9999? 
Let's do it! First, get down the passage to your left leading to the plains 
of the Calm Lands. Meet Maechen on the way, and if you wish to hear more 
about the Calm lands he'll tell you that long time ago, there was a war 
between Zanarkand and Bevelle in the Calm Lands, so since Bevelle and 
Zanarkand are machina cities, it was one hell of a machina melee fight. 
However, Sin then appeared for the first time in there and punished both 

So continue west, then once you got in the plains, you'll see a ship landing 
just near you. It's a Rin Travel agency shop so buy some goods there, and now 
head east. On the map, you can see that there is a save sphere in the middle 
of the plains. Don't head there yet, and head east until you see a green dot 
on the map. Enter that place to arrive in...

Calm Lands- The Monster Arena

If you talk to the guy just right there in front of you, he'll tell you that 
this arena was first created by Mi'ihen so his Crusaders could try out the 
monsters to train themselves. Now however, the Monster Trainer will tell you 
that he, huh, screwed up (-_-) and all the fiends were able to escape from 
the arena. Now, you can help him to get back some of those fiends. Buy first 
some Taming weapon from him(with the Capture ability on it) and then, go do 
some monster hunting in the lands. For the side quest we're doing(having 
Valefor exceed 9999 of damage), we'll only need to capture one of every 
fiends of the Calm Lands. There are 9 at a total, and the big ones(Orge, 
Malboro and Chimera Brain) can usually be found northwest of the lands. To 
capture a fiend, you just need to deplete it HP with a taming weapon. Keep in 
mind that you can't capture a fiend using magics. So, you are sure you have 
capture the 9 fiends of the lands, go northwest on the map and hug the cliff, 
running south until you meet someone on a chocobo, staring at the sky. Talk 
to her and tell her you wanna train a chocobo. You'll have to do a mini game 
in wich you'll be able to race against the time; you have 12.8 seconds to 
reach the end of the road you'll see with your chocobo. The chocobo runs by 
itself, so you have to control it using Left and Right on your controller. 
See those ballons? Grab some of them to get some free time. Once you are able 
to reach the limit of the road in a time of 12.8 seconds, you'll now win an 
Elixir, then, when you talk to the Chocobo Trainer, she'll let you ride a 
chocobo! Now, with that chocobo, get back at the entrance of the Macalania 
Wood(from where you came), but don't go in, instead, pass it to your right 
until you arrive at a broken bridge. Normally, you can see that with that 
bridge, you would have been able to access that little area on the other 
side. But it is broken. However, see that chocobo feather on the ground? 
Press X on it so the chocobo(with Tidus on it back) will jump to that little 
area. Now head into the path right, you'll dismount the chocobo, then enter.

Remiem Temple

You'll see a huge temple that you can access using a bridge. Cross is and 
find a save sphere on the other side. Now, head left of the temple until you 
arrive at a chocobo and a sphere on the ground. Examine the sphere and you'll 
have some instructions. It will also tell you that you can race that chocobo 
you see near you by using the chocobo on the opposite side of the temple. So 
go back to the save sphere and head right until you find the chocobo. Examine 
it to start a race. In there, you just have to reach the end of the spiral 
before the other chocobo so you can win the race. You'll get a Cloudy Mirror. 
Also, I suggest you try to win the race again, grabbing one chest on the way 
so you can win an Elixir once you won the race, then do the race again and 
this time, try to grab 2 chests in the spiral to get a Melixir as a reward 
again, once you won the race. Take note that in order to get the rewards, you 
must NOT hit any of those flashy polls you'll see. 

SO, once you have the Cloudy mirror, get back in the calm lands.

Calm Lands

So mount back on the chocobo, and now get back at the entrance to the 
Macalania Wood. You'll dismount your chocobo. Now, head in the wood.

Macalania Wood

Get west for the next screen and in there, you'll be at the intersection. 
Head west this time, you'll be at one more intersection. You'll see a guard 
blocking the path leading to north(Bevelle's gate), but the monk who was 
blocking the path to your left will be gone, so go in there to be in the 
first area of the Macalania Wood you first came in earlier in the game
(remember when you were heading to Macalania Temple). So now, go at the 
beginning of the long branch to see a woman and her child. Talk to her 
several time to understand that she was supposed to meet her husband here. 
Talk to the boy as well and he'll also tell you he was supposed to meet his 
father there. So head back in the intersection that you can acess the calm 
lands with, but head north instead to go where your party rested earlier. 
You'll see a man there, talk to him and tell him that you saw his wife and 
boy, and he'll go join them once he thank you. Get that chest in the area, 
then get back to where you met the woman and her boy. This time, you'll see 
the man with his wife, but talk to both of them several times to understand 
that their boy is missing and that he went in the wood. Now, you'll see 
behind them a new shinning pretty road behind them. Go up there, then in the 
next screen and at the first intersection, head north to see a huge shining 
plant. Talk to the boy there, and he'll finally be able to go with his 
family. Now, examine that shining plant and the Cloud Mirror will now be 
powered up to the Celestial Mirror! SO, now, head all the back to the calm 

Calm Lands

In there, your chocobo won't be in there anymore unfortunately, so you'll 
have to run. Head to the monster arena again, and talk to him. Now, for 
capturing all the fiends of the land, he can re open his arena, so he'll 
reward you with a chest that can't be opened without that Celestial Mirror. 
So, open it with it, to get the Nirvana, Yuna's celestial weapon. This is 
Yuna's best weapon. HOWEVER, in FFX, you need to POWER UP the celestial 
weapons of your characters in order to level up their powers. You need a 
crest and a sigil. As you know, you were able to get Yuna's Moon Crest back 
in Besaid much earlier in the game right? So now, with it, you'll be able to 
power up the weapon a bit, and allow Valefor to exceed 9999 of damage. How to 
put that crest on the weapon? Get back in the Macalania Wood, then at that 
plant where you obtained the Celestial Mirror. There, you just have to 
complete a ritual, select Yuna in the list of your characters, and the 
Nirvana will be power up by a little bit, and now, Valefor's damage limit 
won't be capt at 9999 but will be able to exceed to a maximum of 99 999. Each 
times I've beat the game and did this side quest at this point of the game 
for Valefor, I was able to do nearly 30 000 damage with her energy Blast so 
really, it is fun, especially if you are weak. Keep in mind however that you 
shouldn't equip that Nirvana yet because since you haven't powered it up with 
the Moon Sigil, the 'No AP' ability will be on it so... For more info, refer 
to my Celestial Weapon section HOWEVER, just to tell you one thing. You are 
not in a point of the game that I advice you to get some of those weapons 
yet. I strongly recommand you to just continue on the story for now. 

So back in the Calm lands, you can go at the Monster arena if you wish again, 
talk to the Monster Trainer and he'll tell you that he made one big creature 
with all those fiends you brought him so he'll reward you with 60 Farplane 
Wings AND will let you battle the monster he just created; Chimerageist for 
free, but trust me, I don't think you can beat that monster now. He has 
nearly 200 000 damage and his attacks are deadly so at this point of the 
game, you are too weak yet :D. SO, let's continue on the story at last! Head 
in the center of the Calm Lands to arrive in yet one more Rin Travel agency. 
In there, the party will meet Father Zuke, a former Summoner. Lulu and Wakka 
were his guardians, but he didn't make it and quit in the Calm Lands. He'll 
inform you of the situation Bevelle and towns of Spira. Both Mika and Seymour 
have told the citizens that your party came in Bevelle and murdered Kinoc, so 
you are now enemies of Yevon and that you shouldn't visit the temples 
anymore. About Kelk Ronso, he has left Yevon when he learned that Seymour was 
the murderer of his own father. As you can see, Maester Kelk didn't agree 
with the two other Maesters on their plans. So, once Father Zuke is gone, 
looks like your situation is worst. You are now the murderers of Kinoc when 
you actually haven't even touched him! Yes, you can now see that Yevon is 
nothing but a huge piece of trash.

So in the place, talk to everybody in your party. Here, let me explain the 
conversations(I like to talk ya?). If you talk with Rikku, you'll see quite a 
funny scene of Tidus, bashing Rikku for always saying 'but this, but that'. 
They will discuss about the pilgrimage, and will also then say that they will 
think of something to save Yuna. If you talk to Lulu, then she'll tell you 
that Yuna is the third summoner she guards. Father Zuke was her second one
(with Wakka), and the first one was... Well, she'll only tell you that she 
also stopped her pilgrimage in the Calm Lands. Now if you talk to Auron, 
he'll tell you that Seymour and Mika doesn't have the same plan. True that if 
you think about it, he's right. Mika is a Yevonite, and wants Sin to be 
defeated. Seymour however, wants to become the next Sin as you could have 
understood back at the Bevelle Gate just before you fought him. So Seymour 
would be only using Mika in order to get to Yuna. Hmm, now if you talk to 
Wakka, you will talk about Zuke, and Zanarkand as well, which is just behind 
the moutains north of the Calm Lands. If you talk to Kimahri, he'll also tell 
you that the sacred Mount of Gagazet is just north ahead of you, and that he 
has no family so they'll only pass through the mountains. In last, in the 
agency, head to the upper left section of it to meet an Al Bhed. If you talk 
to him, he'll tell you in Al Bhed that he has a message for you from Cid. The 
message says that once the repairs on the airship are done, he'll come get 
you with it, so until then, keep Yuna safe or he'll make you regret kid. :D

SO, when you are done, head out of the agency, and head northeast until you 
arrive at a path, go in. Now you'll be in the upper calm lands section, use 
the save sphere, then cross the bridge to be halted by two Guados. Summoned 
by Seymour, they are to take you to the Maester. Yuna will however tell them 
to get out of the way cause they have nothing to discuss with Seymour and 
that they owned him twice and he did zero so you have his number so he can 
just shut his big bad weakling mouth(well... not that way but you know). 
However, the Guados will then tell you that their leader doesn't need you 
alive. You'll now see some huge machine like monster coming from under that 
bridge. Your next enemy.

Boss: Defender X
HP: 64 000
AP: 6600
Difficulty: Tough

That boss is actually a pretty rough one, but as you might have heard, there 
is a 100% sure strategy to defeat him. All you need is Tidus use Provoke. 
Now, Defender X will only attack you with Blast Punch, gravitational attack 
that reduce half of your HP. So now, he won't be able to even kill Tidus 
since he can only take away half of his HP. But that strategy is kinda cheap, 
let's use a real one! Have Tidus use Hastega and haste the whole party. Then 
have Yuna casts Protect on all your characters as well. Now have Auron FIRST 
use Armor Break, then Mental Break so you can then use physical attacks and 
magics. Once you did that, you are ready to beat him. Have your characters 
beat the hell out of him, and have Rikku mug(or steal) as well. The Defender 
X will use some physical attacks for nearly 2500 damage quite often. He will 
also use a counterattack, Blast Punch, whih reduce one character's HP by 
half. His strongest attack is Haymaker, which deal nearly 3500 damage on one 
character. So as you can see, Protect is really nice in this battle. What 
ever you do DON'T use Slow on Defender X. Because if you do, not only that he 
is Immuned to it but I also that he will counter with Slowga to slow your 
party, so the effects of Haste will be completly reversed to slow. Also, 
whenever Defender X gets too low on HP(below 20 000), he might use Mighty 
Guard. Now, have Yuna and Rikku in the party. Have Yuna first cast Dispel on 
him(because with Mighty Guard he'll be deadly)then, have Rikku switch to 
Auron and inflict Armor Break and Mental Break again. Aga spells work well in 
the battle so use them. Summon if you wish. The battle is tough but I don't 
know, you can definitly be victorious. 

When the battle is over, the party will keep going but Yuna will stay quit a 
bit, to then follow them. Now Tidus will tell you that he now understand why 
Yuna was so attentive to each places they went.

So now, you can either continue on the story, or you can complete one more 
side quest to obtain a new aeon. If you wish to, then refer to my Secret 
Aeons part of my Side quest section. Just make sure that you have 220 000 
gils to spend though. SO, let'S continue on the story shall we?

Mount Gagazet

Head north on the way to reach the Mount Gagazet's gate, but you will however 
be blocked by Biran and Maester Kelk Ronso himself. The Maester won't let you 
pass, saying you betrayed Yevon. However, Yuna, Wakka and Lulu will defend 
themselves, saying that Yevon are the real traitors and that they won't 
follow the temples and the teachings no more. So then, Kelk will tell them 
they shall die by those words BUT, he will also ask Yuna why she still 
fights. Well, he does have a point think about it. The peeps of Spira think 
that you have murdered Kinoc, as well as Seymour(too bad they don't know 
about Jyscal), so that makes two murdered maesters! But then, Yuna will reply 
him honestly that she fights for Spira. She doesn't care if she has to 
sacrifice herself, she just wants the childrens of Spira to have another 
calm. From that strong will, Kelk will let you pass. By the way, you can see 
something HILARIOUS in the scene when Kelk tell you that you can pass. Look 
carefully in the right of your screen, you can see Wakka and Tidus fighting 
box style! Allow me to laugh. So now, when you can control Tidus, save your 
game, then make sure Kimahri has the ability 'Steal' learned(if you don't, 
use one of those Special Spheres). That is only if you need Lvl 3 Key 
spheres, but trust me, you will once you reached Wakka and Auron's end of 
part of grid. So head north in the path to be halted by Biran and Yenki. They 
will tell you that summoner and guardians may pass, but Kimahri stays. If you 
talked to one of the Ronso a few minutes ago, you could have learn the story 
of Biran and Kimahri. Ten years ago, both fought and Kimahri lost. He, 
however, didn't admit his loss, so Biran broke his horn, and Kimahri left 
Gagazet then. So Biran and Yenki will tell Kimahri that he can pass if he can 
prove his strenght, so here comes a boss battle.

Bosses: Biran and Yenki
HPs: Based on Kimahri's stats.
AP: 9000
Difficulty: Medium

It's a one on two duel, you control Kimahri against both Biran and Yenki. 
Now, this battle is somehow technical. Let's talk about it. Both uses level 1 
black magic spells like Blizzard and Thunder, but it won't deal much damage 
assuming your Kimahri is good on magic defense. They will also change row, by 
trapping Kimahri in the middle of them by using Bulldozer. Now, take note 
that Biran's Bulldozer is way better then Yenki's. The strategy is simple, 
first, STEAL them some level 3 key spheres. You will need them for Auron and 
Wakka later OR you might ALREADY need them actually. So now, have Kimahri 
take care of Yenki first I suggest. Use your blue magic Seed Canon or Trust 
Kick for that. Now, when Yenki uses White Wind when low on HP, have Kimahri 
lancet him to learn that one kind of a blue magic. So once you have beaten 
down Yenki, Biran will use Berserk on him. From now, he will always use 
Bulldozer for lots of damage since he's Berserked. So have Kimahri lancet him 
to learn some Blue Magics you haven't learned yet(especially Doom). Now, take 
care of him using Trust Kick or Seed Canon. As a last resort, have your 
physical attacks as well. Don't forget to heal yourself with Hi Potions or X 

Once you won, Biran will admit that Kimahri is strong, and will hollers in 
the mountains that he was defeated by a Ronso named Kimahri. So now, head 
back to the save sphere at the gate to heal and when you are ready, head 
north to go in the mountains.

It will be a long road, and for those who haven't took the time to work on 
their stats, I'll be honest and tell you that you'll have difficulty to pass 
through this. So, head to your north to see one more scene with the Ronsos. 
They will sign the hymn of the fayth for you. Now, when you can control 
Tidus, search the upper area to your right to find a chest with 20 000 Gils 
in it. Now, go on the other side and once again go up those rocks and get 
that chest for 2 mega potions. Now continue north until you arrive at some 
ruins. Lulu will then explain you that several summoners die here. Now, 
continue north and go up that hidden passage to find a Braska's Sphere. In 
it, Braska will be talking to Yuna, telling her to choose her own path, and 
her way of living. In other words, he didn't call his daughter Yuna to give 
her a task of defeating Sin just like Yunalesca did a thousand years ago. So 
then, head back south back and continue on the long road. Now you'll arrive 
at a place where you can change paths. However, continue on to find a chest
(defending Bracer) in a small area. Now get back to the intersection and take 
the path leading up. Now you'll reach an area at the end of it, and you can 
find Wantz there. He'll tell you that he is O'aka's brother and that O'aka 
was imprisoned by the Yevonites, so he asked his brother Wantz to replace 
him. Buy a few Holy Waters from him, will be usefull for later on. So now, 
once you talked to him and bought some goods, head south on the other path to 
arrive at one more intersection. Now on the map you can see a little area 
under the path you just crossed. Find two chests there for an HP sphere, and 
a lvl 4 key sphere. Now head back to the intersection and get the other path 
you came from leading northeast ON THE MAP to reach a save sphere. Save, then 
continue north to change screen. In there, run to the cliff to see a 
conversation between Rikku and Tidus. Both will chat about what to do for 
Yuna, and Tidus will come up with the 'let's go to Zanarkand, we'll find 
something there!'. Now, Rikku will tell him that for once he sounded like a 
leader, so Tidus will remind her he is the Blitzball star player of the 
Zanarkand Abes after all. Impressed by his leadership, Rikku will bow to him, 
but then, she'll see a Maester with blue hair in front of her.

Seymour is here, staring you with his evil eyes. Tidus will order Rikku to go 
on and tell Auron, she will, so then, your party will come at your rescue. 
However, you'll learn from Seymour that when he tried to pass through the 
Mount Gagazet's gate, the Ronsos put themselves in his way. So he had to kill 
them. Of course, Kimahri won't be pleased, and now Seymour will come up again 
with his ambitions. He still think that to heal and save Spira, he'll have to 
destroy it by becoming Sin. In his mind, if you kill someone, he won't feel 
pain anymore. Yes, Seymour does need medical assistance. Anyway, now, Seymour 
will then show you that he knows about Tidus's father, that Jecht is Sin. 
Tidus won't be pleased either to see Seymour sticking his nose in his 
business, so a battle will begin. However, take in note that this WON'T be 

Boss: Seymour Flux
HP: 70 000
AP: 10 000
Difficulty: Hard

Seymour, this time, is no push over. I would even say he is one of the 
toughest non-optional boss of the game. And that is because of only ONE 
attack; Total Annihilation. Well first, let's talk about the attack pattern 
Seymour Flux and the Mortibody(yes, that machine is still in there). Seymour 
Flux uses Lance of Atrophy, which inflict Zombie on one character. Then, the 
Mortibody will use(almost right after the Lance of Atrophy) Full-Life on the 
Zombied character to kill him/her. Seymour Flux will also use some support 
magics like Reflect and Protect, and will use Dispel on your characters to 
dispel your statuses as well. Now, the Mortibody will also use Closs Cleave, 
which deal nearly 2500 damage on whole party. Seymour, when lower on HP and 
with Reflect on him, will use Flare on himself so it will be reflected on one 
of your characters for nearly 2000 damage. Now, his most powerfull attack is 
Total Annihilation, which deal multiple high damages attacks on all 
characters for nearly 4500 damage at all(reminds me of Omega Weapon's Terra 
Break back in Final Fantasy VIII). SO, let's now talk about the strategy. 
First of all, begin by having Rikku mixes two chocobo feathers to cast Super 
Mighty Guard on party, then have Lulu cast Bio on Seymour. By doing so, 
Seymour will lose lot of HP each times he moves. So then, depending on who's 
your party, please note that if your Kimahri is strong, then have him use the 
Trigger Command 'Talk' to Seymour so his strenght will be twice as better. 
Now if you however didn't work on Kimahri properly, then don't bother. Also, 
keep in mind that you can talk to Seymour with Yuna as well so her Magic 
Defense will be increased but I don't know, I don't recommand you to lose any 
turns. SO, have your Hasted, Protected and Shelled characters from Super 
Mighty Guard beat the hell out of Seymour. You may consider switching Rikku 
to an hardstriker and then casting Haste on him since he'll probably be 
better then Rikku to damage the boss. Seymour's pattern is simple,he'll use 
Lance of Atrophy, then waits until Mortibody uses Full-Life on the zombie to 
kill him/her. However, once his HP drops lower, he'll begin to use Reflect on 
himself, as well as Protect and from now, he'll cast Flare on himself so it 
will be reflected on you. He may also use Dispel, if he does, then quickly 
have Hastega re-casted, and you might want Protect and Shell as well BUT like 
I told you, you must waste a very little number of turns. So cast Dispel on 
him once again to dispel Protect, then continue to beat him down. Whenever 
you see him use Closs Cleave, quickly have a Mega Potion thrown to heal the 
party for 2000 HP points. So continue on, and try to hurt him the more 
possible until he can be defeated in 2-3 turns. Why? Because after a while, 
you'll read in your screen that the Mortibody is setting Auto-Attack mode. 
Now on the next turn, Seymour Flux will flash and shine and you'll read in 
your screen 'Ready to annihilate'. Now you have two characters' turns. Once 
one character did his move, you'll read 'Seymour watches you and waits', now 
you have one last turn. Once one character did his move again, Seymour will 
unleash the Total Annihilation to deal up around 3500-4500 damage on whole 
party, which could definitly kill you. If you STILL have one character alive 
after that, quickly have a Mega Pheonix used. If you feel like using your 
aeons, then do so. If you did the Valefor side quest back in the Calm lands, 
she'll be able to exceed 9999 damage so you can use it as well. However, try 
to beat him down without your Aeons for a challenge :D. 

After the battle, Tidus, exhausted, will be staring at Seymour falling down 
the cliff with his machina. After that, the party will move on but then Yuna 
will ask about what she just heard from Seymour. Jecht, being freed once 
Seymour becomes Sin? Auron will of course try to change conversation but Yuna 
will force Tidus to talk. So now, your party will learn the truth, and that 
Spira's suffering, Sin, is Tidus's old man; Jecht. The party will be shocked 
of course(except Kimahri, who seems indifferent, give him a chance, his 
friends were just slained by Seymour). So now, when you can control Tidus 
again, head north. In the path, examine a hidden chest between two pillars to 
get the Saturn Crest. Now, continue north to arrive in a new shining area. 
You'll see an FMV, and then, Tidus will examine the shining water in the 
crack of the wall to fall asleep and have a dream.

Quick note: If you aren't at this part of the game and you're only reading 
this for fun, then don't read below since I explain a spoiler.

In the dream, you'll be in Zanarkand. You'll wake up in the area where you 
met your fans in the beginning of the game, just in front of Tidus's home. So 
go run to his place, and in there you'll find that Fayth that you met back in 
Bevelle's chamber of the Fayth. He'll tell you that this is a dream, but 
then, he'll also tell you something shocking. You are a dream. Now he'll head 
out of the house, so follow him outside and go on the floor above to meet 
again. He'll now explain you your story. A long, long time ago, there was a 
war between Bevelle and Zanarkand. Bevelle was however the better army, since 
they had some machinas weapons that could've been compared to Sin himself. 
Spira had never seen such power. So Zanarkand wasn't able to protect 
themselves, and they were doomed to oblivion by those sorry pathetic 
Bevellians(can we say that?). So then, the fayths joined forces and decided 
to have Zanarkand still alive- in memory at least. So they decided to summon 
the city as a dream, a Zanarkand that never sleeps. Meaning that every 
citizens living in the Zanarkand Tidus is from are all dreams, including 
Tidus and Jecht. You'll however learn something shocking. The fayths are 
tired of dreaming, and if Sin is defeated for REAL, the dream will be able to 

When Tidus wakes up, he'll tell the party he just had a nap. So now, head 
north to arrive in the cave.

Gagazet Cave

In there, you will have to complete two trials! Now now, don't run away yet, 
it's not like those cloister of trials you had to complete earlier. Now this 
they are actually pretty cool, and gives next rewards as well. So first, run 
to the north until you arrive at a save sphere. If you try to go up the 
stairs you'll see that you can't because there are no ground so you can't 
pass. So, head left instead and go down the path until you arrive at some 
water. The party will wish good luck to the swimmers; Tidus, Wakka and Rikku. 
So swim in the tunnel to the next screen. Now continue north until you reach 
some intersection. If you choose the path leading to the right, you'll readh 
a cliff, and on the other side you can see two chests. So come back and take 
the left path instead. Now you'll have to complete a Blitzball trial(the 
first trial of the cave). You see that red flashy light? You have to press 
the X button so Wakka throw his blitzball on it. However, you can see that is 
protected by some moving shields. Your goal is to throw the blitzball at the 
right moment so it will touch the red light passing through those moving 
protections. Once you did it, you'll be rewarded with a chest containing a 
Lvl 1 key sphere. So now head all the way back to the surface and head to the 
save sphere again. Now you can go up the stairs and pass since the hole will 
be covered with of rocks, allowing you to cross it. Now, if you head to your 
right you'll see that there is yet another hole so you can't continue on. So 
go back and take the left path instead. Continue north to arrive at two path; 
the one to your left leads to an upper level. However, get into the right now 
to go in the water and swim to the next screen. Now continue to swim until 
you arrive at the second and last trial of the cave. This one is extremelly 
simple. There are three coloured circles. One is blue, the other one is 
orange, and the last one is green. In order to complete the trial, you need 
to have your three characters go into the right circles. Which are the right 
ones? Well, look at the colours, then go on the main menu and go see into 
your sphere grid. If you go on Tidus, you'll see that his colour is blue, 
Wakka is orange, and Rikku is green. Each characters have their own colours, 
so this is how you can know which are the right ones... Now...... if you 
still don't understand... Then just do what I'll write...

Tidus goes in the Blue
Wakka goes in the Orange
Rikku goes in the green

Once you did that, you'll be rewarded with a chest containing a fortune 
sphere. Now go back at the surface and head all the way back to the save 
sphere. Go down the path leading to the first tunnel water you went in and 
look on your map for a secret area. Go in there and open the chest for a Pep 
Talk. Earlier you couldn't go in there because you needed to complete the 
Trial number 2. Anyways, now go back up the stairs again and head to the 
right path in the intersection. Swim to the other side to be able to access 
the two chests you could have seen on the other side in the cave. Open them 
for a Return Sphere and a Recovery Ring. Now head back to the intersection 
and head into the left path again, but this time don't bother heading into 
the water but simply head up the stairs made of rock and you'll see a scene 
between Auron and Yuna. Auron will tell Yuna that Yunalesca is waiting in 
Zanarkand for the strongest, and that she sent a monster to test your skills. 
So continue north to find a save sphere, save, heal, take a deep breath, 
learn Mighty Guard using Lancet on one of those Behemoths for Kimahri, then 
head north to the next screen in order to confront Yunalesca's test.

Boss: Sanctuary Keeper
HP: 40 000
AP: 11 000
Difficulty: Hard

One of my favourite battle of the game, and one of the most technical one as 
well. Sanctuary Keeper is definitly one nice cheater, and and he is 
extremelly intelligent compared to the previous bosses you fought. Let's talk 
about his attacks. He will use Photon Wings, which is deadly. It deals around 
1500 damage on party and inflict abnormal statuses such as Sleep, Darkness, 
Silence, Curse, and the horrible Confuse, and maybe even poison(not sure 
though). Now, he will also use some physical attacks for nearly 1000 damage 
points on one character, and he will also use Mana Breath for around 2500 
damage on one character. In last, he will also use Tail Sweep, which damage 
whole party for around 1000 damage, but it also dispel Haste. That is for the 
offensive attacks, but for his own sake, he'll use spells like Esuna, Curaga, 
Reflect, Regen and Protect too. SO, what to do? Well first, I found that the 
best way to beat Sanctuary Keeper down was to keep him busy. How? Well, as I 
told you, he is intelligent. So if you let use an abnormal status on him, 
he'll use Esuna on himself. Now if you use Reflect on him so he can't use 
Esuna on himself again or otherwise it'll be reflected, he'll use Reflect on 
one of your characters to then cast Esuna on the reflected character. He'll 
use this strategy to heal himself with Curaga or cast Regen or Protect as 
well. So as I told you, it's good if you have him waste his turns trying to 
cure some abnormal statuses inflicted on himself so in the meanwhile you can 
beat the crap out of him. As I heard, you can inflict Silence on him using 
Silence Buster so he'll be silenced for one turn however, I'm not sure about 
that. Now, to beat down Sanctuary Keeper, use Armor Break on him so you can 
cut his defense, then have your best strikers beat him. If he never cast 
Protect on one of your reflected character so it can be reflected on him, 
Dispel him then have Armor Break and Reflect re casted on him. Use your Aeons 
if you wish, they always help.

When you are victorious, you will first see a scene between Auron, Wakka and 
Tidus. Auron will tell Tidus that he reminds him of himself ten years ago 
when Braska's pilgrimage was to end so would his life. Now, Wakka will cheer 
him up saying that even Legendary Guardians choke up sometimes, but Auron 
will reply that in the time he was just a boy, and that he wanted to change 
the world when he actually changed nothing. On those words, he'll tell you 
that that is his story, to then follow the party.

When you can control Tidus, go up the path to your left to finally be able to 
see Zanarkand with your own eyes in a FMV. You'll then see Rikku, begging 
Yuna to reconsider the question. Now, Yuna will run to Rikku to cheer her up 
by hugging her and she'll drop a sphere. Now once the scene is over and that 
you can control Tidus, examine that sphere on the ground and you'll be able 
to hear Yuna's message. She recorded that sphere when you were in Mi'ihen 
Highroad when you took the night off much earlier in the game. In it, you can 
understand that it's a sphere that she would've give you once she would've 
defeated Sin and died, so it's like her 'good bye' messages for each(except 
for Rikku, she wasn't in your party at that point of the game yet). For 
Auron, she'll just thank him to help her like he did with his father. To 
Kimahri, you'll be able to hear how they met ten years ago. For Lulu and 
Wakka, she will tell them that they are her big brother and sister. Now for 
Tidus, she'll tell him that she's glad to have met him.

SO, when you are done, continue on the next screen.

Zanarkand Ruins

Go down the path until you reach another screen. Now, you'll see the first 
FMV you saw in the beginning of the game, when your characters sit around the 
fire and then Tidus goes up the rock and ask you to listen to his story. 

Yes, since the beginning of the game, you were only in Tidus's past. However, 
from now, you'll be in the present, so you won't see those italic dialogues 
down the screen anymore. Now, when the party is ready to leave, save, then 
continue north. Enjoy the music. So follow the path, get the treasures on the 
way(Fortune sphere and Spiritual targe). Once you reached the middle of the 
road, Wakka will mention that the city looks like the Farplane. So Auron will 
tell him that the deads weren't sent, so you see pyreflies around. Now 
continue north to reach the next screen. In there, save your game, then enter 
the Dome. You will first be at the entrance of the Dome. Does it look 
familiar? It was the entrance to the Blitzball Stadium you went into back in 
the beginning of the game with Tidus remember? It's however all destroyed 
now. So you'll meet an unsent priest(or monk, what ever) who will ask to see 
Yuna's eyes. By doing so, he'll let you pass, saying that you journeyed well 
and that Yunalesca is waiting for you. So enter the former blitzball stadium 
ruins. In there, you will first see a guardian talking to Lady Yocun, telling 
her to take her strenght to get rid of Sin and free Spira from it evilness. 
Now, of course, you'll see that this scene happened a long time ago, so Rikku 
will ask what the hell was that. Auron will then explain to the party that 
memories are lurking into the whole stadium since a lot has happened in 
there. When you can control Tidus, continue on the way and on the map, you 
can see that you can access an area above you to get a chest with 10 000 gils 
in it. Now, get back below and continue on the path, following the map. 
You'll reach a save sphere, so use it. I suggest you boost your characters' 
stats here, since the upcoming battles are not easy. When you are done, east 
on the map, always following the map. You'll reach an intersection, and in 
the middle of it you can see a young kid. Go near him to see a scene, he'll 
be begging his mother to not leave him by becoming a fayth. Hmm, that boy has 
actually blue hairs, guado style. Yes, it is Seymour, back when he was a kid. 
As you can see, his childhood wasn't pleasent at all, he had a Maester as a 
father, so a busy man, and his mother wanted to become a fayth to create an 
Aeon so Seymour can use it to defeat Sin.

Anyway, head in the little path to the north to find a chest, now continue 
north then east. While you are running, you'll see Braska, Jecht and Auron as 
memories run by you as well. You'll now see a scene between Jecht and Auron. 
The two guardians will be begging Braska to go back and find another way of 
defeating Sin. Now continue on the path, but down the area below you on to 
access a chest with a lvl 3 key sphere in it. Now get back up and continue on 
the path to finally reach the interior of a 'temple'. First, head north, 
grabbing that chest to your right. Then continue on and go up those stairs to 
see yet another scene between Auron, Jecht and Braska as memories, preparing 
themselves for the cloister of trials. So save your game, and do just like 
your predeccesors; complete the last cloister of trial! Now don't fret, this 
one is pretty simple and is nothing compared to Bevelle's one.

So first, you'll be in a room with a flour made of squares in front of you. 
You can see a flashy white light on some of them. If you step on one of those 
squares, you can highlight a form. Now, there are specific forms that you 
need to highlight in order to complete this trial. Which forms? Go examine 
that tetris image north in the room. When you do so, it will highlight on 
which squares of the room you need to step on. So examine the tetris screen, 
then follow it step by step(there is no orders though). Once you did it 
correctly, you'll see 6 pedestals, actually 3 from both opposite sides of the 
walls appear, and that room northwest in the room will be opened as well. 
From now on, I'll call the room you in 'the Pedestals room from Zanarkand 
Temple located north of Gagazet which is north of Calm lands which is...' ok 
nevermind let's just call it 'the pedestals room'. SO, head into the next 
room to arrive in a big room. You can see a hole right in the middle of the 
area, surrounded of blue blocks. You can also see another tetris screen north 
in the room. SO, now that you understand the mechanic of the room, get back 
in the pedestals room and now, you can push every pedestals EXCEPT two, and 
both are the ones in the middle on both sides of the room. Now, each time you 
push a pedestal, you unlock a map on the tetris screen in the second room. 
Now if you go examine that tetris screen in the second room, it'll show you 
which blocks to step on. So once you pushed one pedestal and completed it, 
one of the 6 blue platforms around the hole will be 'unlocked'. So you need 
to do that with the four pushable(respect da vocabulary) pedestals, each time 
you push one, a new map is unlocked on the tetris screen of the second room, 
so you have to complete each by stepping on the right blocks. Once you have 
done all for, go in he big room and take that Kilika Sphere left to the 
tetris screen. Now get back in the pedestals room and insert it in the left 
pedestal. Now get back in the second room, and do same with the Besaid Sphere 
right to the Tetris screen, just that you now put it in the last pedestal
(right side). Now, all 6 blue platforms around the hole will be highlighted, 
and a save sphere will appear in the pedestals room. Save, then head in the 
second room to meet the last test sent by Yunalesca.

Boss: Spectral Keeper
HP: 52 000
AP: 12 000
Difficulty: Oh my god

Ok, look, this boss is a PIECE of trash. He's not TOUGH at all, he is just a 
nasty bastard, one of the most annoying boss out there. He doesn't have too 
much HP compared to what you have defeated so far, but let's see the battle 
field. You are fighting the Spectral Keeper on those platforms you 
highlighted in the cloister of trials. There are 6, and you can have your 
characters use their Trigger Command to Move and change platforms around the 
boss. Now, let's see his attacks. The Spectral Keeper will counter attack 
EACH of your ATTACKS, weither their are physical or magicals, with a swipe, 
dealing nearly 2500 damage on characters who are positioned on the THREE 
circle platforms in FRONT of him. Now also, he will use Berserk Tail, which 
deal around 1500 damage on one character and berserk him of course, which is 
deadly in this battle. Now his last attack is Glyph Mine. When he does that, 
you'll see two of the 6 platforms shine in purlple(mine). Now at the next 
turn, both mines on them will explode, and the two characters who were 
stepping on those platforms will be automatically killed. SO, what is the 
strategy? Well first, have your three characters move in triangle around the 
boss. So now, what ever which way he faces, he'll only be in front of ONE 
character. So have Yuna cast Protect on your three characters, then have 
Tidus use Hastega as well. Regen will also help, but it is optional. So now, 
hit the boss. Each time, he'll counterattack with a swipe to only damage ONE 
character(the one in front of him), and the damage will be reduced by half 
since the character will be protected. When the Spectral uses Berserk Tail, 
it'll be deadly like I said earlier. Why? Because if one of your character is 
berserked, his physical damage will be doubled but you'll lose control of 
him. Now if he berserks someone like Yuna or Lulu, since they deal weak 
physical damages, they'll keep attacking the boss at each of their turns to 
damage him for crap, causing the Spectral to counterattack on the target in 
front of him. So whenever that happens, use a Remedy or have some BerserkWard 
and Proof armors(not sure if you can get that at this point of the game 
though...). If Spectral Keeper uses Glyph mine to put a mine on some 
platforms, if one of your characters is standing on one of them, then have 
him Move away so he won't be killed HOWEVER, if you do that, you'll disturb 
your strategy of positioning yourself in a triangle, so you might want to 
just let that character die, then revive him. If you feel like using Aeons, 
then you should know that once the Keeper has his turn, he'll banish them 
from the fight, stomping them.

After the battle, your party will down that elevator in the middle of the 
area. Once you are on the lower level, use the save sphere, then head north 
to arrive in the chamber of the fayth. Now, just like Jecht, Auron and 
Braska, you'll be informed that each Final Aeons are different, so each have 
their different and own fayths, so the bottom line is that there are no 
fayths. Now, the undead monk or priest what ever, will tell you to go on and 
meet Yunalesca so she can explain you how to proceed in order to get the 
Final Aeon. 

So head north, and in the next room, you'll meet the first summoner who was 
able to beat Sin, using a Final Aeon. Yunalesca will tell you that you need 
to choose someone who will become the fayth, as she did a thousand years ago 
with her husband; Lord Zaon. You must also share a really strong bond with 
the chosen person; love or friendship for example. So now, when Yunalesca 
tell Yuna that her father, Braska, did the same thing ten years ago and had 
to choose someone to become the fayth, you'll see the scene of what happened 
ten years ago. Jecht, in memories, will tell Braska to make him the fayth, 
since he wants his life to have meaning for once. Now, even though Auron will 
try to stop them, Braska and Jecht will thanks Auron for all his help 
throughout the pilgrimage, to then go leave to face their destiny and defeat 
Sin. Now you'll see Auron, the real one, tries to hit the young Auron. You'll 
understand just after. So now, you'll see a scene between your party, in 
which Lulu and Wakka will tell Yuna that if she needs a fayth, they 
volunteer. Now however, Tidus will tell them that Sin always come back, even 
though that Braska has defeated him ten years ago, Sin still reborn, so it's 
a waste of lives. Now he will then say that he'll go see Yunalesca and ask 
her if there would be another way. So the party will move on to meet her in 
the next screen. Now you'll hear some shocking news. When Yuna asks Yunalesca 
if there would be another way of defeating Sin and that he doesn't come back 
after, she'll reply that Sin is eternal, and that by defeating him again and 
again, it will give to Spira some hope. Now however, it is FALSE hope, since 
Sin always come back, because he takes the fayth of the Final Aeon and reborb 
as a new Sin that way(yes, that is why Jecht became Sin).

Now Lulu and Wakka, who won't be pleased, will yell at Yunalesca that the 
teachings state that Sin will disapear once they atomed for their crimes. But 
the 1000 years old woman will reply that humanity will never obtain such 
purity. So Yuna will tell her that her father decided to defeat Sin to free 
Spira from it sorrows and pain, not to covered up it with lies by giving some 
false hopes. At the same moment, you'll see Tidus who will draw his sword and 
try to run to Yunalesca HOWEVER, you'll see the ten years younger Auron in 
memories do the same thing like Tidus, and talk trash on Yunalesca to then 
attack her saying Braska and Jecht died for nothing since the spiral of death 
will continue. Yunalesca will however struck him down to KO him.

So Yunalesca will then quit bothering and will menace you, saying that she 
will free you from the sorrows of the life, so you can be freed of pain.

Of course, the party won't let her do what ever she wants, and will engage 
the battle. Enjoy the scene, Auron owns :p!

So, are you ready?

Boss: Yunalesca(three forms)
HPs: 24 000(first form)
     48 000(second form)
     60 000(third form)
AP: 14 000
Difficulty: Hard

Yunalesca... You might have heard she is extremelly hard to beat, and that 
several players just quit at her because she is unbeatable. Well, honestly, I 
thought that Yunalesca was just time-consuming to take down, but not HARD. 
She got three forms, so let's begin shall we?

First form: Yunalesca in there, is really easy. Whenever you attack her with 
magics, she'll counter using Silence, and whenever you attack her physically, 
she'll reply using Darkness, but that can be countered. Just have Reflect on 
your characters. She will also use 'Absorb', which absorbs half of one 
character's HP. Now she'll also use some physical attacks(well, let say 
ranged) for only 200 damage, BUT that will dispel your supportive statuses 
like Reflect so you know. Anyway, continue to hit her until she dies. In this 
battle, have Yuna with Holy to deal 9999(should) of damage, you can also have 
Lulu use a White Magic sphere to learn Holy as well. 

Second form: Yunalesca has now nearly 50 000 HP, and she will begin the fight 
by using Hell Bitter. This attack deals around 300 damage on party, but 
inflict Zombie on all of them. Hmm, well, you might think I'm nuts, but don't 
cure it using Holy Waters. You'll understand later. Yunalesca will use some 
healing white magics like Regen and Cura on your zombied character, so as you 
know it should hurt you since you are zombied however, it won't, since you 
have Reflect on your character. Now yes it will heal her since it'll be 
reflected, yes, but it will only heal her for around 5000 HP. From Holy and 
your physical attacks, you should be able to deal higher damages, especially 
at this point. So continue to hit her until you depleted all her HP. Now, 
make sure you have a party with Zombied characters(or at least ONE), and then 
finish her so she changes form.

Third form: Ok this time it's a bit harder I'd say. She has 60 000 HP, and 
she will begin the fight by using Mega-Death. Now you are dead, game over, so 
restart. Just kidding, you won't be killed because Death doesn't work on a 
zombied character. So continue to attack Yunalesca, she will still be 
counterattacking you with her ranged attack to dispel your statuses so just 
re-cast them. After a while, she'll use Mind Blast, now that will deal around 
500 damage on party BUT it will inflict abnormal statuses including Confuse. 
Having a Confuseward armor is really usefull here, or if you don't got then 
have one of your weak on strenght characters(Lulu, Yuna, Rikku) hit the 
Confused character to free them from being BS and continue the beating. It's 
now the time to use your overdrives. Whenever she counters you with her 
ranged attack, re cast the stasues(reflect and Haste). If you wanna use your 
Aeons, do so but keep in mind that once Yunalesca has her turn, she'll attack 
your Aeon several turns without letting him/her doing anything. The battle at 
all is of course long, you have to take down a nearly 130 000 HP boss, but 
use this strategy or read a Boss FAQ for further infos on how to beat her, 
really, if you know what you are doing I don't see how you can lose the fight.

Once you are victorious, she'll tell you that you now, without her, Spira has 
lost the only hope it had, and she'll then tell you that Yu Yevon, the 
immortal has now nothing to fear anymore. Finally, she'll send her own self. 
Good bye Yunalesca, it was pretty fun to own you.

SO, now that you have beaten Yunalesca, Tidus will propose you do something 
even more impossible; destroy Sin. So for now, the party will decided to head 
back. Now, you'll be on the roof where you fought Yunalesca. First, go north 
to go down some stairs. You'll automatically re appear down those stairs 
southwest in the place. Now head to the stairs north again but don't go down 
then, instead, look for a chest containing the Sun Crest. Now head back south 
to exit the place. Now, you'll be in the room where you talked about the 
fayth earlier, and once the party left, Auron will stay to tell Tidus 
something. He is also an unsent. When Braska and Jecht died, he wanted to 
avenge them and tried to beat down Yunalesca, she, however, KO-ed him just 
like you saw. So, he used his last forces to go down the whole mount gagazet, 
from Zanarkand to Bevelle. That is however where his strenght left him, and 
that the moment just before he died, Kimahri found him. So Auron asked him to 
watch over little Yuna. Now, even though Auron died, he wasn't sent, and 
since he made a promise to Jecht, he didn't leave the world(just like 
Seymour, Mika, Yunalesca ect) and was able to ride Sin to Zanarkand so he can 
guard Tidus just like Jecht asked him to. 

Now however, Tidus will ask him why him. Auron will then show him his 
memories of Jecht before he becomes the fayth, saying that he has a cry baby 
son in his Zanarkand and asked Auron to take care of him. 

So once the sequence is over, continue south, always south until you get out 
of the Dome. You'll now see that it's dawn, and have Tidus head south to 
rotate the camera to Sin, who's flying, staring at you. Tidus will tell him, 
in his thoughts, that he'll free him from his pain soon, that he just need 
the patience(yes, he is talking to his father). 

So now in the FMV, you'll see the airship, and it will come to get you.


You'll first see your party wondering in the cabin what to do. Now, Auron 
will propose you think, and wait, two things Tidus's bad at :D. So now, when 
you can control Tidus, get out of the cabin and head to the area where you 
can access the deck. You'll see Yuna and Kimahri, go talk to them. Now Yuna 
will apology for knowing nothing; she has followed by the teachings of Yevon 
since she was born, so now that they will try to beat Sin without using 
Yevon, she is like in another world. However, Kimahri, who rocks just like 
Tidus said, will advice to go see Mika, because he probably knows something. 
So head back in the cabin to see a funny scene between Wakka, Rikku and Lulu. 
They will have came up with a theory that since Jecht likes the Hymn of the 
Fayth(remember in the bottom of the Lake of Macalania when you were on him? 
He was actually just listening to the Hymn from the Shiva's fayth), so Lulu 
will propose we download the Hymn of the Fayth from Kazaa and then put it in 
the speakers of the ship when they battle Sin so he'll be docile.

Bevelle's highbridge

So, once Tidus agreed, you first have to go see Mika remember? So go talk to 
Cid, and select to Naviguate. Now go at the HighBridge, and you'll be where 
you fought Seymour Natus(Bevelle's gate). Head north to meet two dumb monks 
who will try to stop you. Now, Shelinda will come and tell them to quit, 
because Yuna isn't a traitor, it was just a rumor spread by the Al Bheds. Now 
however, Rikku will get angry and ask where Shelinda heard that. You'll now 
learn that Mika spread the rumor, and she will also tell you that she was 
named Captain(LMAO) of the Monks yesterday. Now, once she told you that it's 
the panic in each temples and that Yevon is in deep deep deep jhit(replace 
the J by S to understand the word, tee hee now no one can tell that I was 
vulgare!), Tidus will ask her to lead the way to Mika. 

So now, when you meet the old geezer, he'll dare to order Yuna to go defeat 
Sin with the final Aeon. So now, Tidus will shut the no good Maester's mouth 
that they have fought and beaten the hell out of Yunalesca, and she has sent 
herself. Now, Mika will however go in a 'trance', and will go crazy, 
insulting you. You'll hear him mention Yu Yevon as well(just like Yunalesca 
did), saying that Yu Yevon is now invincible, claded in an armor called Sin, 
and that the only thing that could've pierced that armor is now gone. He'll 
then say that he doesn't have the desie of watching Spira dying, so on those 
words, he'll send himself like the old scared n00blet he is. Here, enjoy 
Wakka, saying 'ah, disapearing on us will ya? Rotten son of a shoopuff!'. 
Allow me to laugh. Haha. Thank you.

Ahem, noe you'll see the Fayth you met in your dream who will tell Tidus and 
Yuna to go at his room. So Tidus and Yuna will head into the chamber of the 
fayth of the Bevelle's Temple. He will ask you if you are ready, select the 
top option. Now, when he asks you what you gonna do, tell him you gonna 
battle Yu Yevon. Now you'll learn who Yu Yevon really is.


So now, it will be time to battle Sin without any Final Aeons :D. So first, 
select 'Sin' and choose to naviguate at him. Cid will put on the Hymn of the 
Fayth in the speakers of the Airship so everybody can hear it, and the 
citizens on earth will also sing along with it. Now, when you are ready, head 
to the dock of the airship(save on the way), then, once you there, you'll see 
Sin who will unleash one of his terrible breath like attack. Once he shot it, 
the time will be stopped. You'll see the party standing up on the dock, and 
then, the time will continue to go on and you'll see an awesome FMV of the 
effects from the attack. Now, Cid will tell you that he located a weak spot 
on the left side of Sin under his arm, so the airship will move close to Sin. 
Yes, it is now the time to battle the Yu Yevon's spiral of death, the reason 
why Spira is living in terror; Sin.

Bosses: Sin's left and right arm, Sin's principal Core and Sinspawn Genais
HPs: 65 000 each arms
     36 000(Sin's principal core)
     20 000(Sinspawn Genais)    
AP: 20 500 each
Difficulty: Medium

What the bloody hell. I can't believe thousands of crusaders died or just 
lost all their battles with Sin; he is so a push over. The only reason why I 
review this battle's difficulty Medium is because you can't heal between the 
three parts of this battle.

Left Arm: Actually, you are more gonna battle Sin's weak spot near his left 
arm. You can once again have Tidus or Rikku use their trigger commands to 
Move the airship closer to Sin, but you'll begin the battle far from him. 
Now, the only attack that can hurt him when you are near are: black magic 
spells, Wakka's blitzball, Kimahri's Lancet, and maybe Rikku's Grenades. As 
you have already guessed, it's useless to use the two last ones. So now, if 
you were like me the like, 8 times I've beaten the game and had Yuna learned 
Holy so Lulu can also then learn it using a white magic sphere, you just 
don't need to move the airship closer to Sin. Just have Haste on both Yuna, 
Lulu, and Wakka, then you harm Sin. If Wakka has learned Armor Break(you can 
once you completed his part of grid, use a level 3 key sphere to be able to 
go on Auron's part of grid where you can learn both Armor and Mental break), 
use it so you can have him deal nice damage afterward. Holy should deal 9999 
damage, so Sin will go down quickly with two mages using two Holys at each 
turns. If you really wish to weaken Sin's left weak core by being close to 
it, then ask Cid to move the ship and then, once you are there, Hastega, then 
Armor Break, then send him to oblivion. Keep in mind that Sin's attacks; 
he'll hit the airship to deal around 1000 damage points on all characters, 
and once the Core gathered energy, he'll attack with Graviga.

When you are victorious, you'll see the airship shoot Sin's left arm using 
one of their extremelly powerfull laser weapon to remove it from his body. 
Now it'll be time to take on the right arm.

Right Arm: Once again, you are fighting Sin's weak spot(the Core), but this 
time, it's the one to the right. The strategy is the same you need to use
(read above). However, before you completly
deplete it HP, heal all your characters.

Sin's principal core and Sinspawn Genais: First, the core will summon 
Sinspawn Genais. Remember Sinspawn Geneaux? Well, it has the same design, 
just that now, it will reveal itself from its armor at the beginning of the 
fight. Quickly have your characters Haste themselves(Hastega helps for that), 
then beat the hell out of Genais once you used Slow on it. It will use Venom, 
which deals around 1000 damage on one character and inflict Poison. Now, 
it'll also use Trasher to deal around 1500 damage on party. To beat it, 
Genais is weak to fire so have Firaga. It has only 20 000 HP so it'll go down 
quickly. If it goes back in it shell, then don't use physical attacks anymore 
and just bother with Firaga from Lulu, and Yuna, if you had her learn it. 
Once it's gone, you'll have to take care of that Core behind it. Armor and 
Mental(if you wanna use Magic)break it, then make full use of your speed from 
Hastega and beat it down quickly. The core will use level 1 magics like Fire, 
Thunder, Blizzard and Water for around 600 damage on whole party... Shouldn't 
disturb you really... Just use your best attacks and it'll go down quickly. 
Just watch out for Graviga.

When you are finally victorious, Sin will fall on Bevelle on earth near 
Bevelle. You'll be back in the cabin and even though the party will be happy 
since they are just winning, they need to beat the guy INSIDE Yu Yevon. So 
now, when you can control Tidus, go back on the dock to meet Yuna. You'll 
have a conversation with her. She will have an idea, on how to beat down Yu 
Yevon. From what you have learned from the Fayth, if you defeat Sin using the 
Final Aeon method, Yu Yevon will take the Final Aeon's fayth and make a new 
Sin with it. The Fayth also told you that Yu Yevon is not really alive at 
all, he's just inside Sin for one purpose; summon. So whenever he sees an 
aeon, he merges with it. So now, Yuna will have an idea; once you reached Yu 
Yevon, she'll summon one of her normal Aeon, so then Yu Yevon will merge with 
it to try to create a sin but since the aeon you'd use woudln't be as strong 
as a Final Aeon, so it won't be as strong, so you'll be able to defeat it. 
Now however, Cid will talk to via the speakers, telling you to come in the 
cabin to see Sin, who's now back. You'll see an FMV of him, deploying some 
wings to fly in the air. Now, you'll go in the cabin and Tidus will look at 
everybody from the party. Now, when you are ready, you'll head to the dock 
again to finish off Sin.

Boss: Sin
HP: 140 000
AP: 20 000
Difficulty: Easy

You'll battle Sin's head. As you can see, he got an overdrive gauge. Once it 
is full, Sin will unleash the Giga-Graviton. When he does that, it's instant 
game over, even if you call an Aeon to recieve the attack instead of you. 
Now, before his bar is full, you have several turns. First, you'll be too far 
from him to be able to use any none-ranged physical attacks. So you'll once 
again rely on Yuna and Lulu's magic spells, when Wakka will use his blitzball 
as well. At each turns, Sin will draw the airship closer and closer to him, 
each times his overdrive bar increases. Once you are directly in front of him 
after he drawn the airship enough times, you'll be able to attack him with 
Auron, Kimahri and Tidus. So have them quickly beat the hell out of Sin 
before he can use his overdrive. Use some multiple hits limits; Tidus's Slice 
& Dice or Blitz Ace(if learned), Wakka's Attack reels, Lulu's Doublecast, 
everything. The battle is easy only if you managed to work on your 
characters. If not, then you might have some difficulties. For the attacks, 
Sin will use some Graviga like spell that will inflict several abnormal 
statuses on whole party like Petrify, Zombie and so on. So of course, Hastega 
helps a lot. 

When you are victorious, your party will be staring on the dock at the now 
defeated Sin, and you'll see tons of pyreflies from it beaten out body. 
However, you'll see a huge eye gets out of the now-destroyed body of Sin 
passes through the airship and you'll hear that eye laughs with evilness. 
Should be familiar :D. 

Inside Sin - The last chapter

You can go back to the airship if you wish. Now, let me tell you that if you 
did some side quests and were able to get some ultimate weapons full powered 
up and some good stats, you shouldn't need this walkthrough, since you will 
probably take down the next bosses in one or two hits. Otherwise, then keep 

You'll be in the sea of sorrow, inside Sin. You can't see the map yet, it 
will draws as you walk. The road is long and quite tough, the fiends you'll 
find in there are pretty rough if your party is weak. So first, move south to 
the next screen, now head north until you reach an intersection. Take the 
leftmost path and you'll eventually reach yet another intersection. Continue 
on the left until you reach a chest(special sphere). Now continue left more 
and you'll eventually reach one more chest(phantom ring). Now backtrack and 
continue to the north path ahead until you reach one more intersection. This 
time, head to the upper left path until you find another chest(Elixir). Now 
head back to the last intersection and follow the other path and eventually, 
you'll be in a intersection. Take the one that leads to the bottom of the 
screen and continue on until you find a chest(Wizard Lance, pretty sweet 
weapon here). Now, backtrack to the intersection once again and head east 
until you find the last chest(lvl 3 key sphere). Now continue on south then 
head north, following the zig-zag path until you reach a save sphere, with 
some stairs. Use the save sphere, then go up the stairs to meet Seymour. 
Remember that huge eye you saw when you beat down Sin? It was Seymour, and 
now, he's waiting for a battle with you.

He will first tell you that Sin has chosen him, but Tidus will tell him that 
Sin just absorbed him like that. He, however, will tell you his evil plans; 
he'll learn how to control Sin from within, and that by defeating Yunalesca, 
you abolished the only thing that was calming the spiral of death. Yes, you 
are fighting Seymour again, for the fourth and last time.

Boss: Seymour Omnis
HP: 80 000
AP: 24 000
Difficulty: Rough

Actually, this battle can be complicated, but it is pretty simple. You see 
Seymour, with 4 roulettes like cores behind him, and from them, you can view 
Seymour's attack pattern. There are 4 coloured circle on each cores; one red
(fire), one yellow(lightning), one white(ice), one blue marine(water). So 
now, Seymour begin the battle with the red circles on the four roulettes in 
his back. Meaning that when he has his turn, he'll use 4 Firagas(without 
letting you move). Also, with four red roulettes in his back, it's like if 
his element was fire, so if you try to use a fire spell on him, you'll just 
heal him- so if fire is his element, then Ice will work well. Anyway, you can 
block three of the spells using Nul Blaze, so now only one of them will hurt 
you. Now, when the roulettes in Seymour's back are moving to the the yellow 
circles, then, at his turn, he'll use four Thundagas, so you'll just use Nul 
Shock. So? From that, can you understand the way the battle goes? For the 
strategy, I recommand you have someone with Armor Break(or Auron with 
Banishing Blade), Yuna(or someone with the four Nul Spells learned), and the 
strongest striker or magic user(holy works well). Have Hastega casted on 
party, then have Yuna use Nul Blaze. From now on, you are fast and blocked 
against the three first spells from Seymour, just that the last one will hurt 
you since the Nul spells effects are gone once they have blocked a magic 
attack. So use Armor Break on him OR Mental Break(if your last character will 
harm Seymour Omnis with magic spells, yet, Banishing Blade would be the best 
attack to use), then send him to oblivion. Whenever you see the roulettes 
rotating in his back for different spells, adjust your party's status with 
the right Nul Spell. Once Seymour has around 20 000 HP left, he'll use Dispel 
on your characters to then unleash the terrible black magic Ultima, which 
will deal nearly 3500-4000 damage on whole party. You might want to summon an 
Aeon to block the attack, or to have a party under Shell status. The boss 
won't be too hard, you definitly met some tougher enemies before. Actually, 
trust me when I tell you that Seymour Flux was way tougher. 

Once you won the battle, Yuna will finally be able to send Seymour for good. 
He'll however tell you, before he's gone to the farplane, that Spira's 
sorrows will previal even if he's gone.

Inside Sin- Tower of the Death

You'll be in a strange place, looks like a city. A scary phantom city. 
Anyways, first, kill off 10 enemies in the area. Just do that. Now, continue 
on the path until you arrive in a big squared area(respect da vocabulary). 
Head to the little passage on your left and you'll see a Glyph sign just like 
the ones in the cloister of trials. Touch it and the wall will reveal a chest
(lvl 4 key sphere). If you didn't kill 10 enemies in the place, then, you 
won't be able to open the wall. Now, backtrack and go at that little bridge
(you can see that the passage is tiny on the map). There is a glowing 
platform on it, so step on it to be transported to a upper level. Take the 
chest. Now back on the lower level, and you can see yet another glowing 
platform north of you near a wall. Go on it, and Tidus will push the wall to 
actually see it's a bridge. So cross the bridge for another chest(defending 
Bracer). Now go back to the square area, and head north to see another 
glowing platform. Use it to be transported to two chests. Now, get back on 
the lower level and continue on the path right. Now, if you continue right, 
you'll see some parts of the ground leveling up to try to block your path. 
Their purpose is simply to... piss you off. Now, if you make it to the other 
side, Tidus will look at a lower level. You can see a chest. To get there, 
backtrack a bit on the moving ground and head to the path leading north. In 
the next screen, try to cross the bridge right in the path to see that it's a 
ramp that goes down. Grab the chest, then continue on north to reach a screen 
with a save sphere and a path leading north. Don't go there yet, instead, 
head to your right to the next screen. Now, jump(using X button) down the 
wall to reach the chest you could have seen earlier from the moving ground. 
Open it, then go back up to the save sphere area. Yes, it is the last save 
sphere. If you go north in the path you can't come back. So save, then follow 
the path to see a huge rock tower block the path. Examine that red sign on it 
to be teleported in the area where you could see the deads back at the after-
Mi'ihen operation. Well, you'll be in there.

In this lame place, you'll see some icicle like crytals levering up from the 
ground. You can also see some eggs like crystal around as well. Your goal is 
to touch 10 of those eggs(each times you get an item), if you never run into 
one of those icicles, you'll get a random encounter in your face. So once you 
were able to touch 10 eggs, you'll be transported on another area.

The Middle of Sin

You'll be on the roof of a destroyed building in Zanarkand. Remember back in 
the very beginning of the game, Tidus fell asleep and you had to control him 
in the air so he can fly to Jecht on the roof? Well you are there. Of course, 
you'll see Jecht as well. When you can control Tidus, completly heal your 
party and adjust your equipments. When you are ready, run to Jecht. You'll 
see a scene. Jecht will tell Auron he's late, and Tidus, after ten years, 
will finally be able to see his father again. Jecht, will tell his son he 
really grown up, but then, Tidus will tell him he's still bigger. Now, allow 
me to laugh, because Jecht will reply: 'well, I'm Sin you know...'. Anyway, 
Tidus will also tell his father he hates him, and then, Jecht will tell you 
that you know what to do, so without wasting any time, he'll yell 'let's do 
it!' and transforms himself to unleash his maximum power. Yes, he will morph 
into the Braska's Final Aeon.

Boss: Braska's Final Aeon(two 'forms')
HP: 60 000(first form)
    120 000(second form)
AP: What?
Difficulty: Easy to Hard

The battle will be easy to hard. If you took the time to do some side quests 
or simply have some strong characters well advanced on their grids, then it 
won't be hard. Now, if you however trush through the game without taking any 
time to increase your stats properly, you are in one very hard fight. 
Braska's Final Aeon, actually Jecht, has two forms. Well, I don't know if we 
can call that a form, just that he'll first fight you with 60 000 HP and some 
weaker attacks. Now, once you depleted his HP, he'll draw a huge sword from 
his body. Now he'll be at 120 000 HP, and he'll use some really vicious 
attacks, along with a stronger overdrive; yes, Jecht has an overdrive bar, 
and you can decrease it twice by having Tidus talk to Jecht using his trigger 
command. Shall we begin?

First form: Nothing too hard here, just one thing I didn't tell you to keep 
the punch going. The boss is accompagnied of 3 Yu Pagodas in his back. Those 
three evil Pagodas have 5000 HP each, and use Power Wave on Braska's Final 
Aeon(now known as BFA). Each power waves will heal for 1500 HP, as well as 
increase BFA's overdrive bar. If you don't have enough agility, then the 
Pagodas could be able to use 3 frikin Power Waves to heal BFA for 1500x3= 
4500. Also, each Power Waves dispel statuses on BFA, and since that boss has 
an armor, then if you use Armor Break, it'll be dispeled. For the attacks, 
one of the Yu Pagodas counters each physical attacks you use on it with Curse 
to inflict Darkness, Poison and Silence. Now, the other one right to BFA will 
also counter with Osmose to drain out the whole MP of one character. Seems 
terrible. Now to talk about BFA, he'll use the Jecht Beam to deal around 1000 
damage points on one character and sometimes stone him. He'll also use some 
physical attacks to deal around same damages. So, first of all. Hastega your 
party, and then, cast Slowaga on BFA and his three Yu Pagodas. Yes, by doing 
so, you'll have WAY more turns then him. So now, you can use two strategies. 
You can Armor Break him, and then hit him the more you can until the Yu 
Pagodas cast their damn Power Waves again. OR, you could simply have Yuna and 
Lulu with Holy(like I said it earlier, have Yuna learn Holy then have Lulu 
use a white magic sphere to learn it from Yuna as well), then a character 
with high strenght, good agility, and piercing. Yes, Kimahri is better then 
Auron for that, since he's way faster. Now, just have Yuna and Lulu abuse of 
their Holys, with Kimahri hitting BFA with a piercing weapon. If you didn't 
work well on Kimahri, then have Tidus(if he's strong) with a piercing weapon. 
Now if you DEADLY wanna use Auron, then have him, but keep in mind that even 
if he is really strong, he's not super fast. SO, with Yuna, Lulu and a 
character that can hit for at least more then 7000 damage, you can deplete 
around 27 000 HP from BFA in one party turn, let say he has his turn, him and 
his pagodas, he'll be healed for 3000 or 4500 HP, it still won't be able to 
save him. Don't_use_any overdrives from your characters or Aeons yet. Keep 
them for the second form. To talk about Jecht's overdrive, if his overdrive 
is full in his first form, don't have Tidus talk to him to decrease it(since 
you can only use the trigger command twice, keep it for later) because Jecht 
will only use Thriumphant Grasp which harms only one character anyways. Once 
you depleted his HP, he'll draw his sword.

Second form: Ok, be ready for something tougher here. He'll use his sword to 
attack the whole party with a swipe, dealing 1000-2000 damage. The Pagodas 
are still there as well, and now, if Jecht, errr BFA, gets his overdrive, he 
might use the Ultimate Jecht Shot(or something like that), which can deal up 
to 6000-7000 damage on party. If you weren't able to have more HP then that, 
then yes it is game over for yes it'S now the time to use the trigger 
command 'Talk' with Tidus once BFA's overdrive bar is full. So now, once, 
Hastega the party, then Slowaga the enemies again(if needed), and this time, 
have Protect casted on party; helps I'd say. Now is the time to use your 
Aeons' overdrives if you wish, or simply yours. So continue on the beating 
using same strategy, now the Final summoning has 120 000 HP so it'll take 
even longer to beat him then in the first form fight. What ever you do, the 
only times that the Yu Pagodas should be hit is when you use some all targets 
overdrives. Otherwise, don't waste normal turns cause even if you do stop 
them, they'll be revived in one turn with even more HP. Don't feel guilty 
about using your best curative items like Megalixirs, and Turbo Ethers and 
all; this is the last battle that you can actually lose so, have use 
everythings you got.

Like I said earlier, just before you enter Sin, if you did some side quests 
and have some fully powered up celestial weapons with high stats, you'll just 
eat BFA in 3 turns. So this strategy I have just written is definitly for the 
ones who rushed throughout the game.

When you are victorious, you'll a sequence of Braska's Final Aeon falling, 
and then you'll see Jecht again. Tidus will run at his father, and cries. 
Jecht will mock him of course, so Tidus will tell him he hates him again. Now 
however, once Jecht asked Tidus if he knows what to do, Tidus will say yes, 
and will add that for the first time, he's happy to have Jecht as his father. 

However, as you can see, there is an ugly meteor like red shining 'ball' 
flying around you. It is Yu Yevon, so Jecht will stand up and tell Yuna to 
summon the Aeons so you can follow the strategy you planed on the first 
place; summon your Aeons so Yu Yevon will merge with them. You'll also see 
the Fayth you met before comes and tell you he'll help you out. Now, you'll 
Jecht finally die, and you'll be transported in the very middle part of Sin 
and your party will stand up on a platform(actually looks like BFA's sword to 
me). Now, Tidus will tell Yuna to summon her Aeons. 

So, choose which Aeons you wanna summon first, and each times you do, Yu 
Yevon will merge with them, so you'll have to defeat each and every Aeons of 
yours. Now don't worry if they are powerfull, you can't lose anymore, because 
EACH times one of your characters die, he's automatically revived by Auto 
Life from the Fayth. The only way that you can actually die is by Petrifying 
your three characters on the battle field, but you would need to be a dumb 
dog to do that.

Once you have defeated all your Aeons, you'll see Yu Yevon shows his true 
apparence; a, hum, star fish with the sign of Yevon on its 'body'... Now, 
you'll see a scene of Tidus, telling the truth to the party; once they 
defeated Yu Yevon, the dream will end, so he'll disappear. Now, the party, 
who won't understand much, won't have the time to think about it because Yu 
Yevon will engage the battle.

Final Boss: Yu Yevon
HP: 99 999
AP: Hi!
Difficulty: Are you mocking me?

Once again, like I said it earlier, you can't lose the battle(unless you 
petrify your own characters). Now, Yu Yevon has 99 999, and each time you 
attack him, he counters using Curaga to regen 9999 HP. If you have Break the 
damage limit on your weapon, then you can take him down easy in one hit. If 
you don't, then follow this strategy. Cast Reflect on him. So now, each times 
you attack him, he'll counter with Curaga on himself but it'll be reflected 
on you. For his attacks, he will use Graviga to deal 9999(not sure if it caps 
at 9999 or if it can reduced) on party, so it will kill you, but you'll be 
revived automatically by the Fayth. So now, have Reflect casted on your party 
as well, so each times he uses Graviga, it'll be reflected on him to deal 
9999 damage as well. Now, there are different strategies that you can use as 
well. For example, you can inflict Zombie on him, and then throw a Pheonix 
Down or cast Life on him. Really, have fun, you can't die, so use everything 
you want. Try out some mixes and other attacks, really, just have fun.

Once you won, you'll finally see the very sad ending. For the first time in 
this FAQ walkthrough, I won't explain what the FMV is about, I'll let you 
discover it yourself :D. 

7- Side Quests

FFX has a LOT of secrets. Side quests are optionals; you can finish the game 
without them but it is good to complete them because it adds fun, and helps a 
lot too(to beat the game I mean). So in this section, I'll write several side 
quests that can be completed in FFX.


A. Omega Ruins

Omega Ruins is the best area to level up(well, there ARE better ways to gain 
sphere levels but for the 'I run around a save sphere to go in random 
encounters' leveling up strategies, it is the best. You can also meet two 
optional bosses in there.

First, you need to get the airship in order to access the ruins. Omega Ruins 
can be located using the 'Search' command by talking to Cid. On the map, you 
need to choose the coordinates:

X: around 70
Y: around 35-40

Just mash the X button around this location and you'll unlock the Omega 
Ruins. Now choose to head there.

Omega Ruins

My purpose of adding the Omega Ruins in my list of my side quest section is 
to give you a brief walkthrough of how to travel in there, and of course, so 
you can have strategies to defeat the two optional bosses that you can run 
into in there; Ultima and Omega Weapon.

Now listen. In the ruins, you'll sometimes get to see some chests and that 
when you open one, some fiends are summoned to fight you, and then once you 
are back in the area, they disapear. Well, there is a complicated side quest 
that you can complete with the use of those chests. For more infos on that, 
check out thgink999's EXELLENT Omega ruins guide.

So, now, let's face that dungeon! Oh actually, before you take on this quest, 
maybe you would want to have some strong characters; in this area, you'll 
meet some fiends that are way stronger then the ones you could meet in other 
areas of the game so you know. Also, please, have some confuseproof and 
berserkproof armors OR a character with a First Strike weapon while you 
travel in the ruins. Why? Because if you meet some Great Malboros, they'll 
always ambush you and then throw on their Bad Breath on you, which inflict 
nearly every status ailments of the game- including confuse and berserk, and 
once you are poisoned by those, you lose control of yourself. So better have 
PROOF to block those two, or like I just said, have someone with First Strike 
weapon, then have him use Flee from Battle(or switch to someone who can). 

Anyway, when you are ready to go, head north from the save sphere and you'll 
see a scene between your party. Auron, Lulu and Wakka will be talking about 
some traitor called Omega who turned his back on the teachings long time ago, 
and that the legend says that he took refuge in some cave just like the one 
you in. So of course, let's have some fun in there. 

First, head north to reach an intersection. First, take a right turn and head 
at the end of it to reach some chests. Just like I told you, there is a 
mechanic about how to open them correclty, so read the very good Omega Ruins 
guide I mentioned earlier to learn more. Now, head back to the intersection 
and take the left path until you can enter in yet another room with some 
chests. Once again, refer to the Omega Ruins guide. Now, continue on the path
(just follow it, don't make any turns) until you reach some Glyph sign in a 
intersection. You can't do anything about it yet. So continue to the path to 
the bottom until you reach another Glyph Sign. Touch, so now the one at the 
intersection you just saw will be activated, so head back there and touch it 
so you can get the 'couldn't be reached' chest(Teleport sphere). So when you 
are ready, go on that teleport platform and head to the next room. Head in 
that elevator to meet a boss.

Optional Boss: Ultima Weapon
HP: 75 000
AP: 40 000
Difficulty: Easy to Hard

Remember Ultima Weapon back in FF8? Well, he lacked on training because he's, 
in FFX, way easier. Oh well, read below.

A lot of players say that this battle is extremelly easy. Well, to be honest, 
it is incredibly easy- with nice stats. If you, however, rushed through the 
whole game without taking the time to boost your characters and were barely 
able to beat bosses such as Seymour Flux or Yunalesca, then Ultima Weapon 
might be of a challenge. But to be honest, he's not dangerous. He has three 
attacks that you should be warned of; Shimmering Rain, which deal nearly 2000-
4000 damage on party- that is if your magic defense s-ucks, but otherwise, it 
won't deal crap. For the other attacks, he'll also use Break to petrify one 
character, and the last attack you should watch out for is actually Sleep
(harm one character). Other then that, just Haste your party and beat the 
hell out of him. HOWEVER, I recommand you to steal him Doors to Tomorrow, and 
to bribe him as well...

Reader: ?_?, hum... you said Bribe?
Me: Yes I did.

Oh sorry, you don't know what is it yet? It's the last ability located on 
Rikku's part of grid and with it, you just pay a monster to leave the battle, 
and by leaving, he'll drop some items. Each monsters give different items, 
and you need to give each the appropriate ammount of Gil. For Ultima Weapon, 
give him 1 400 000 in order to get 99 Pendulums, awesome and rare items 
For more infos on Bribe, see CB!'s exellent Bribe FAQ for more infos. 

Now, once you are victorious, you'll see a scene between your party and Auron 
tell Tidus that this boss you just fought wasn't Omega Weapon. So continue on 
the way and you'll reach a new area. Now, you see those platforms all linked 
by stairs? Each time you'll go on one, you'll see a fiend that will run into 
you. You'll also find some chests on those platforms. So go down them until 
you reach the cave in the middle of it. You'll first see a scene between 
Auron and Tidus, talking about Omega. Then they'll head in it. 

Optional Boss: Omega Weapon
HP: 99 999
AP: 50 000
Difficulty: Read Ultima Weapon

Omega Weapon, in FF5, was a deadly bastard. In FF8, he was also a strong one. 
But now in FFX, damn... He's a pushover actually- but that is yet again only 
if you worked on your party's stats properly. Otherwise, it won't be easy. 
BUT still, he is really beatable trust me. 

First, Hastega your party, then have Kimahri Lancet Omega Weapon to learn 
Nova, one nice blue magic. Then, have your party beat the hell out of the 
boss. Omega Weapon's best attack gotta be Nova and Ultima, which both dealup 
nearly 4000 damage on party. However, the attacks he uses the most are 
Shimmering Rain, which deal around 2000 damage on party, and his physical 
attacks. He'll also use his Core energy just like Ultima Weapon. If you are 
weak, have two strikers and one healer. Mega Potions work well in there.

When you are victorious, you'll be back at the save sphere in the beginning 
of the dungeon. Congratulation(...).


B. The Secret Aeons

In FFX, there are 5 Aeons that you cannot miss since you get them in the 
story itself. These are; Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva and Bahamut. Now, there 
are other Aeons that you can get, just that they are part of sub quests. 
Let's hope this section will help you to get them.

Aeon Yojimbo

A strong Aeon who is the king of bling bling.

Location: Cavern of the stolen fayth

Technics: Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, Zanmato

Black Magic: None

White Magic: None

Element: None

Overdrive: None

You can complete this side quest once you defeated Defender X. Just pass 
under that bridge for the next screen for a new area. In there, use the save 
sphere, then head into that cave entrance to your left. You'll see a scene 
with Lulu, and you'll learn that it's in there that the first summoner she 
guarded died, so of course, coming back here is tough for her.

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

Follow the path on the map until you reach an intersection. Head into the 
path to your right until you find a chest(megalixir). Now go back and 
continue north until you reach one more intersection. Now head once again to 
your right to reach a green room with a chest. Open it for a lvl 2 key 
sphere, then go back at the intersection and head to your left path and 
continue north. Now at one more intersection, go in the north path to reach 
yet another chest with a sphere in it, then, as you can see on the map, the 
passage on the other side of the wall leads to a huge area, and you can see a 
save sphere. So head back to the intersection and head to the left path to 
reach that save sphere, save, then continue to the next area.

You'll see a scene between your party, and you'll learn why this place is 
called 'Cavern of the Stolen Fayth'. The story is actually about a thief who 
stole a fayth because he didn't want the summoner he was guarding to die, 
using her own Final Aeon(or something like that, sorry). Now however, you'll 
meet an unsent, summoner Ginnem. Lulu will recognize her, and apologize for 
her 'incompetence'. So then, Auron will tell Yuna to send Ginnem but the 
summoner, who's not human anymore, won't let her do that, so Lulu and the 
party will decide to free her by fighting her.

Optional Boss: Yojimbo
HP: 30 000(not sure)
AP: 0
Difficulty: Easy

She will summon Yojimbo, a samurai like Aeon. The battle is however not hard, 
you can definitly win it the first time you can go in the Cavern. Yojimbo 
will use Daigoro, his dog, to attack one of your characters for around 400 
damage. He's not extremelly fast so you'll have more turn then him, 
especially if you cast Hastega on your party. Yojimbo has high defense, so if 
your strenght isn't awesome, then you can definitly rely on your Aeons, just 
summon one that can heal him/herself using an elemental magic and you'll be 
fine. Oh and, don't try to steal Yojimbo, because he got nothing.

When you are victorious, Yuna will send Ginnem. Now, continue north and Auron 
will tell Yuna to go see the fayth. So use that teleport platform on the 
ground and press X when the arrow is pointing north. You'll meet the fayth of 
Yojimbo, and he'll ask you why you wants him to join you. Choose the third 
option(to defeat the strongest fiends)if you are low on cash, and he'll ask 
250 000 gils. So now, offer 125 001 gils. Get it? You need pay him half of 
his price, plus 1, and each time he'll lower his price. Once he's at around 
200 000 Gils, he won't lower his price anymore so pay him, and you'll get 
him. Note that if you pay too much under his price, he'll tell you to leave, 
saying you can go feed some chickens with your offer. Also, note that if you 
do have a lot of gils to spend, pay him 3 times what he asks and he'll give a 
treasure in bonus; 2 Teleport Spheres.

Now, when you try out Yojimbo, you'll see that you need to pay him to have 
him use his attacks. But there is actually a whole mechanic about Yojimbo's 
attack pattern, so see a Yojimbo guide for more infos on that. You can find 
two at already, so you won't have dificulty to.

Aeon Anima

An extremelly powerfull Aeon, she was first Seymour's Aeon. Now however, if 
you complete her quest, she'll be yours.

Location: Baaj Temple

Technic: Pain 

Black Magic: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Water , Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, 
Watera, Firaga, Thundaga,
Blizzaga, Watega, Demi, Death and Bio. 

White Magic: None

Skills: Silence Attack, Dark Attack, Sleep Attack, Silence Buster, Dark 
Buster and Sleep Buster. 

Element: None

Overdrive: Oblivion, deal major non-elemental damages to all enemies.

How to get the Aeon:

You need to have completed every Cloister of Trials by getting the 
Destruction spheres treasures. Then, go in the airship and go talk to Cid and 
select the Search command. The temple in which you'll find Anima's fayth is 
called Baaj Temple. The coordinates are:

X: 15
Y: 60

Mash the X button at this location and Baaj temple should be located. 


Now, head there to be transported in one of the first area, in those ruins, 
remember? So run at that bridge(now collapsed) and dive in the water. Now 
however, do you remember that a huge fish almost ate you when you were in the 
water? Well, he'll once again try to, but now, since you are stronger, you'll 
be able to take on him.

Optional Boss: Geosgaeno
HP: 32 767
AP: 4200
Difficulty: Rough

Wah, I thought he would be a breeze but he is actually pretty rough if your 
party is weak! It is an underwater fight so you'll only be able to control 
Tidus, Wakka and Rikku. First, have some StoneWard(Stoneproof would be best) 
because Geosgaeo can petrify one of your characters, so then he/she'll 
explode since it's an underwater battle. Now, have some Deathward(proof being 
best again) on your characters as well since Geosgaeno will use KO. punch, 
will inflict well...Death. Now, have Hastega on your characters, then have 
Wakka and Tidus use their multiple hit overdrives. Rikku should be an healer, 
but if you have worked on her strenght properly then have her attack the boss 
as well. After a while, Geosgaeno will absorb one of your character in his 
stomach. Now, you can still control your character from within using the 
Trigger command to attack the boss from inside. However, when you do so, 
he'll spit you out on one of your character for very ugly damages. Yet, the 
battle is tough but if you once again did took the time to get some decent 
strenght and agility, then you should definitly be victorious.

When you are victorious, swim underwater and head to that green dot on the 
map. Press O once you reached it to enter the temple. 

Note: oh by the way, when you are underwater, mash the action button in the 
right side of your sreen until Tidus opens some chest, contains Lulu's Onion 
Knight(you need the celestial mirror to open the chest though). 

Baaj Temple

Continue on the next screen to reach a room with 6 statues. Now, each statues 
represent each temples' destruction spheres treasures. Here, a map of which 
statues represent which temples.

Baaj Temple map

Chamber of the fayth

X Besaid temple      X Bevelle temple
X Macalania Temple   X Djose temple
X Zanarkand Temple   X Kilika temple


Each times you go examine one of the statue, if you did take completed that 
temple cloister's trial and managed to use the destruction sphere to reveal a 
chest in that temple, it will shine. So examine each statues to 'activate' 
them all. Now don't worry, even though you cannot return to Bevelle, you had 
to use the destruction sphere in that cloister in order to complete it. So 
now, only one of the statue should be your center of attention; the Zanarkand 
one. As I heard, you cannot get the Destruction sphere treasure from it when 
you complete it cloister of trials the first time you get there, and that you 
can only complete it once you are out of it and that you can control the 
airship. So head back at Zanarkand Dome and enter the temple. Now if you red 
my walkthrough, you would know that I call the first room 'the pedestal 
room'. So now, in this room, look carefully on the form around those blocks 
with white shining grounds on them and step on the right ones that highlight 
pale blocks. There are three in the pedestal room(first room), and 4 in the 
second room. Now, a room will be revealed with a destruction sphere in it in 
the second room. Go take the destruction sphere and insert it into one of the 
two sharp recress on the wall on opposite sides of the tetris screen. A 
treasure will be revealed. Now, head back to Baaj Temple and examine the 
statue corresponding to Zanarkand's cloister so it will glow. Now, head north 
in the room to enter the chamber of the fayth.

Watch out, spoilers below.

In there, you will meet the fayth of Anima... Now if you remember correctly, 
in the first time you passed through the Zanarkand Dome, you saw Seymour, as 
a child, begging his mother to not leave him by becoming a fayth. Well, 
Seymour's mother DID become a Fayth, and she's just in front of you. Now, 
she'll tell you that she became an Aeon's fayth so Seymour can defeat Sin 
with it. As you know, Anima is a definitly more then powerfull Aeon. So now, 
once she told you that it wasn't actually Seymour's fault that he turned bad, 
since his father was never present for him(Maesters are busy ya?) and that 
his mother decided to become a fayth, so he had suffered so much pain he 
wanted to destroy Spira to free it from it sorrows(...). She'll then give you 
the Dark Aeon; Anima.

Aeons Magus Sisters

Three powerfull flower sisters, when you summon them, they are like a party. 
They ARE extremelly powerfull actually. Even though you need to know several 
things before you ever try to control them.

Location: Remiem temple


Cindy: Camisade
Sandy: Razzia
Mindy: Passado(one of the greatest ability in FFX).

Black Magic: They have almost all the black magics

White Magic: They have almost all the White Magics

Overdrive: Choose Combine Powers when the three sisters have their overdrives 
and you will perform the Delta Attack, deal none-elemental major damages to 
all enemies.

Element: None

*special note on the way you can control them:

Below are the commands that you can select when you use them. When you tell 
them to fight, they'll either attack the enemies with physical attacks OR 
their technics, OR they will simply take a break and waste a turn. Now if you 
let say tell Mindy to Fight, and then she uses Passado, you can have her 
use 'One More Time' and from now, she'll use Passado again- that is if she 
doesn't take a break. Now if she does, then if you select One More time again 
at her next turn, she'll copy her last move; Take a Break. Do you understand? 

Now for 'Are you alright?' they usually just take some more breaks, and when 
you tell them to Defense, they'll use protective magics. Help each other? 
Well if you select that, they'll just help each other using curative spells. 

Do as you will
Go Go
Are you alright?
Help each other
One more time

How to get the Aeon: The magus Sisters are easy to get, but you must have 
Yojimbo and Anima to be able to obtain them. So first of all, you must 
capture every monsters of Mt Gagazet, then after, go talk to the Monster 
Trainer and he will give you the Blossom Crown(and unlock Catoblepas), then, 
go ride a Chocobo in the Calm lands and get to Remiem Temple. If you still 
don't know, then ride the chocobo passed the entrance to the Macalania wood 
until you reach some broken bridge. Press X on that chocobo feather on the 
ground so you'll fly to the lower level just right here. Now dismount your 
chocobo and head into the path.

Remiem Temple

So, head into the temple and you will meet Belgemine, remember her? You've 
met her 3 times in the pilgrimage, and each times you did, you could 
challenge her for some boss fights. So talk to her, and fight her some more. 
You'll need to use your own Aeons to defeat hers. Now, you will receive the 
Flower Scepter as a reward. So then, go at that door behind Belgemine and 
stand near it. You will break the seal with the Blossom Crown and the Flower 
Scepter so you'll obtain the Magus Sisters in the chamber of the fayth.


c. The Celestial Mirror and the Legendary Weapons

Since FF7, each characters in each FF had their own best weapons. In FFX, 
there are still some, but each weapons' powers can be powered up using some 
special Key Items. Well, I'll talk about that later. First, in order to be 
able to obtain thoe Celestial Weapons, you need a key; the celestial mirror.

Celestial Mirror

You can obtain the Celestial Mirror at your first visit in the Calm Lands. 
First, you need to go talk to the Chocobo Trainer to tell her you wanna train 
a chocobo. Now, you'll have to play a mini game and you need to win a little 
race. Once you did that, she'll let you ride some chocobos. So ride one, then 
head at the entrance for the Macalania Wood. However, ride the chocobo passed 
it and head right of the screen to reach a broken bridge with a chocobo 
feather on the ground. Press X on it so the chocobo will fly to the lower 
level that you couldn't access from the bottom. Now dismout your chocobo and 
head into the path to your north.

Remiem Temple

Cross that long bridge to reach the huge temple, and head to the left of it 
to meet a chocobo and a sphere on the ground. Examine it to learn that you 
can race that chocobo you see by riding the one on the opposite side of the 
temple. So run to the right of the temple until you reach the chocobo. 
Examine him to begin the race. To obtain the Cloudy Mirror, you only need to 
run down the spiral and reach the middle BEFORE the other chocobo. However, 
you can obtain some treasures in that race, by opening a certain number of 
chests while racing. 

O chest: Potion
1 chest: Elixir
2 chests: Megalixir
3 chests: 30 Wings of discovery
4 chests: 30 Pendulums
5 chests: 60 Three Stars

Important note: You_must_not touch and hit any of those poles in the race or 
otherwise, you'll only be rewarded with a potion.

Once you got the Cloudy mirror, head to the Macalania Wood. 

Macalania Wood

In there, run south to the next screen for an intersection. Continue to the 
left path and yet again, take the left path in the other intersection. Now 
you'll be in the first area of the Macalania Wood you first went it in the 
game. So run near the save sphere to see a woman and her child. Talk to both 
them to learn that the woman's husband was supposed to meet them here but 
he's not here yet. So head back at the 4-paths intersection and go in the 
north one to find a man. Talk to him and choose the top option to tell him to 
go meet his family. Now follow him and go just where you talked to his 
family, and you'll see that the man is there with his wife. HOWEVER, talk to 
them several time to learn that their boy went in the wood and never came 
back. So to find him, you see that new glowing shining path leading up to 
another level just left to the branch you can use to cross the Macalania 
Wood? Run up that new road until you change screen. Now take the north path 
on the map to meet the boy, talk to him and the family will be reunited. Now, 
examine that huge glowing plant and the Cloudy Mirror will be powered up for 
the Celestial Mirror.

The Legendary Weapons

You need TWO different key items to power up each different Celestial 
Weapons. Now each weapons have a Crest, and a Sigil.

Usually, each weapons aren't hard to get, neither are the the crests. But the 
Sigils on the other side, can be harder to get.

Tidus's Caladbolg

The weapon location: Go in the Calm lands, and talk to the chocobo Trainer. 
Tell her you wanna train a chocobo, and then you'll have to win four mini 
races. Let me describe them.

Chocobo Race #1: The Wobbly

You need to reach the finish line under a time of 12.8 seconds, riding your 
chocobo. Now let me tell you that you don't control the bird just like you do 
in the Calm Lands or in Mi'ihen. You actually have to use the left and right 
pad to settle down the Chocobo and have it run straight; watch out, those 
chocobos are stubborn.

Chocobo Race #2: The Dodger

This one's tougher actually. You once again need to reach the finish line
(well, you now have 16.8 seconds) but the trainer(or whoever it is) will 
throw some balls from the finish line so you'll have to dodge them, once 
again by using the left and right pad. If you get hit by a ball, then the 
chocobo will need nearly a dangerous second to continue on the race.

Chocobo Race #3: The Hyper Dodger

This one can be a pain actually. You see, you once again need to reach the 
line at the end of the race to win it, and the trainer will be still throwing 
ball at you. However, those balls split in
5 other balls when they touch the ground. So yes, you need to dodge them 
completely, using the left and right pad again. You have to reach the finish 
line in 18.5 seconds.

Chocobo Race #4: The Catcher

Oh, this one is actually not that hard. You are racing the Chocobo Trainer in 
a race, and the road is the whole area of the Calm Lands. Now, you have 45.0 
seconds to reach the finish line(which is at the entrance to the upper part 
of the calm lands, where you can access the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth). See 
those balloons on the way? Each times you catch one, 3 seconds are 
substracked from your time. However, you can see some birds as well that will 
beak you, and if you get hit by them, then 3 seconds will be added to your 
time. Let's put it simple; don't get his by any birds and try to grab as much 
balloons as you can.

Once you won all four races, head into the northwest part of the calm lands 
and hug the cliff until you see a path(not shaped on the map). Go in and 
normally, there would be a guard telling you he's blocking the path. Now 
however, with all four races completed, he won't be there anymore(or maybe 
yes but he'll still let you pass). Now go examine that glyph on the wall and 
use the Celestial Mirror to get the Caladbolg.

Sun Crest: You can obtain it once you have beaten Yunalesca, just go down 
those stairs north on the area where you fought her and you'll re appear down 
some stairs southwest on the screen. Now head back north and search for a 
chest, open it for the Sun Crest. If you forgot to get it once you defeated 
Yunalesca, you can still get it don't worry.

Sun Sigil: Oh damn... This one is hard and frustrating. And I do mean 
frustrating. Remember the Catcher race back in the calm lands? You have to 
win it by BEATING a time of 0:0.0. How? Well, since 3 seconds are subtracked 
from your time for each balloons you catched, you need to let say need to 
reach the final line of the race with a time of like 40 seconds, with 14 
catched balloons you subtrack 14X3= 42. Now you take your time and substrack; 
40 seconds - 42 seconds(from the balloons you have grabbed)= a time under 
0:0.0. Yes it is hard, and it takes several tries. The only advice I can give 
you is to not use the Trainer as a shield against those birds; if you do so, 
yes you won't get hit but she'll grab all the balloons before you. 

Effects: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Magic Counter, Evade & Counter

Yuna's Nirvana

The weapon location: Once you captured every monsters from the Calm Lands, 
the Monster Trainer will be able to re open his arena. He'll reward you with 
a chest. Open it to get the Nirvana.

Moon Crest: Back at the Besaid Beach, swim to the west from the coast and 
you'll reach a secret beach side of the island. You can find the chest there. 
Open it for the Moon Crest.

Moon Sigil: Go to Remiem Temple. Now you'll have to defeat each Aeons from 
Belgemine(including the secret Aeons she got, see my Secret Aeon section for 
more infos) and send her. You'll obtain the Moon Sigil.

Effects: Break the Damage Limit, Double AP, one MP cost, double overdrive

Wakka's World Champion

The Weapon Location: Win 5(or so) Blitzball games and the guy working at the 
counter in the Cafe in Luca will reward you with it. 

Jupiter Crest: Once you got the airship, head to Luca. Now, head into the 
Aurochs locker room and search one of the locker for it. 

Jupiter Sigil: You need to win all four overdrives for Wakka, the Jupiter 
Sigil will appear as a prize in the league. Refer to my overdrive section for 
more infos. 

Effects: Break Damage limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, Evade & Counter

Kimahri's Spirit Lance

The weapon Location: Go at the Thunder Plains, and in there, pray at 3 
Qactuar Stones. Now, head into the lower part of the plains and hug the wall 
to your right. You'll be able to see the ghost of a Qactuar running around. 
Follow him until you reach a fallen tower. Pray at it by pressing Square and 
you'll get a chest(Spirit Lance).

Saturn Crest: In the Mount Gagazet between two pillars left on the wall, just 
where you defeated Seymour Flux. There is an hiden chest that contains the 
Saturn Crest.

Saturn Sigil: Head into the Macalania Wood and go meet that bird man or what 
ever. Play the butter fly mini game and get all butterflies before the count 
reaches zero. Now, the Birdman will move to somewhere else in the Wood, so go 
find him again and play the mini game again and once again catch all 
butterflies before the countdown reaches 0. Now you should obtain the sigil.

Effects: Break Damage limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, Evade & Counter

Lulu's Onion Knight

The weapon Location: In Baaj Temple, once Geosgaeno is defeated, swim to the 
east part in the water and mash X button until Tidus opens an invisible chest
(Onion Knight). 

Venus Crest: In the Farplane in Guadosalam. Once you have the airship, head 
there and you'll see a chest to the left of the entrance. Open it for the 
Venus crest.

Venus Sigil: You need to dodge 200 bolts in the Thunder plains and go take 
your reward from the chest in front of the Rin Travel Agency. It'll be the 
Venus Sigil. Indeed, you gonna need some patience in order to dodge 200 
bolts. You must NOT leave the area once or your count will reset. Having No 
Encounter ability is of course extremelly usefull in there. I recommand you 
dodge like, 25-30 bolts, then pause the game and take a 15 minutes break, 
then come back and dodge some more bolts, then take another break and so on.

Effects: Break the damage limit, Once MP cost, Triple
Overdrive, Magic Booster

Auron's Masamune

The Weapon Location: For this one, you gonna need the Rusty Sword.. Where to 
get it? Head at the area where you can get access the Cavern of the Stolen 
Fayth but head to the path to your right in the screen and continue on, 
crossing a bridge, until you reach some statue. Examine it to get the Rusty 
Sword. Now go back in the airship and get to the Djose Highroad.

Djose HighRoad

Now, head to the left in the screen until you reach the broken huge machina 
that the Al Bheds were supposed to use to take down Sin in the Operation 
Mi'ihen. Now climb it, and jump to the other side. Now head south and you'll 
be in the Mushroom Rockroad. Continue on the screen to the bottom and follow 
the path until you can see a small area in the left on your map. Go in there, 
and use the elevator to access an higher level. In there, examine the Mi'ihen 
Statue and you'll see a cool scene of Auron, trying out the sword. 

Mars Crest: In a dead end in the Mi'ihen Oldroad. You'll see a chest, open it 
for the Mars Crest(you can get it at your first visit). 

Mars Sigil: You will have to unlock ten monsters of any creations in the 
Monster Arena.

Effects: Break the damage limit, Triple overdrive, First strike, Counterattack

Rikku's Godhand

The Weapon Location: In the Airship, go talk to Cid and choose the  Password 
command. Now enter the digit 'GODHAND'. A new location will appear in the 
list; Mushrom Rock Road. Go in there and head north until you reach some 
chest. Open it for the Godhand. 

Mercury Crest: In a chest in the Bikanel Island. In the third screen there, 
search for a small area west in the sand. Get in there and open the chest for 
the Mercury Crest. 

Mercury Sigil: In a chest in the Cactuar Village. But there is a sandstorm in 
there, so you'll need to get rid of it in order to enter the village. How to 
do so? Well, there are 10 named cactuars messing around in the Sanubia 
Desert. Each time you catch one, you are rewarded with his sphere. Oh 
actually, if you fail to their trials you'll get a Sphere Del perdetor, but 
it doesn't matter, you can complete the quest even with those. So first, head 
at the entrance to the Cactuar Village(in the last area of the desert, 
southeast actually) and examine that cactuar stone in front of it. So then, 
you must insert the spheres of each Cactuars in the ten recresses of the 
stone. Also, each time you insert one sphere, you get a description of the 
next cactuar you have to catch. So, here is the list. Take note that EACH 
times you get the sphere of a cactuar, you have to go insert it in the stone 
at the entrance to the cactuar village before you can take on the next 
cactuar! Here is the list: 

1- Tomay: You'll find him in the first area of the desert(where you first 
appeared) just to the right of the save sphere

2- Rovivea: In the second area, he will be running around near the tent with 
a chest inside. 

3- Chava: Go in the fourth area, and in the middle(actually a BIT west), 
there is an Al Bhed instruction pannel. Chava is there.

4- Alek: In northwest of the third area, head at the save sphere in the 
middle of it at the pannel where you can read the 'stronger fiend to the 
left, weaker fiends to the right'(in Al Bhed) pannel. So head left to get 
down the dune for a small area. Now look on the map, there is a ruin shaped 
like a C(or a U). Head in there to meet Alek. 

5- Aloja: running with Alek

6- Vachella: In the second area at the save sphere under a tent, just where 
you could meet Rikku once the party was transported from the lake of 
Macalania to the Sanubia Desert by Sin. Vachella is there. 

7- Robeya: Go at the save sphere near the Al Bhed Board warning you for 
stronger and weaker fiends in the third area, then go to your left to arrive 
at a fence. Run west hugging the fence to reach a chest, open it to find 

8- Israa: Tricky here, there is a little glitch with Israa. Once you 
activated Robeya's sphere on the stone, if you go in the sand pit in the 
middle of the fourth part of the desert, you won't
find it. You must leave to the third area, and then head back in the fourth 
area to find Israa running in the pit. 

9- Elio: Another tricky here, his description? He likes the adventure. You'll 
understand. Well go at the first area of the desert and head to the save 
sphere to find Elio. The thing is that he'll use the save sphere and be 
teleported to the airship. Go in the Airship and head to the roof to find 
him. If you can catch him, he'll fall off the ship and you'll get his sphere.

10- Flaile: You'll find him at the cactuar stone once all the spheres are 
inserted in it. 

So, now once all the spheres are inserted in the stone, the sandstorm will 
stop and you'll be able to enter the village. Now go open that chest to get 
the sigil. 
You can also get a reward for all your efforts in the quest for the sigil. 
Like I mentioned it earlier, the cactuars you have to catch like to put you 
in some trials. For example, you have to catch them like a real stealth 
without being discovered huh? Well if you fail to a trial, you get a Sphere 
Del Perdetor. However, if you WERE able to catch them by beating them in 
their own trials, you were able to get their NAMED spheres right? Well, 
depending on how many named spheres you obtained, you can get some treasures. 
Here is the list. 

Get 2 named spheres: reward is a Potion
Get 3 to 5 named spheres: reward is an Elixir
Get 6 or 7 named spheres: reward is a Megalixir
Get 8 or 9 named spheres: reward is a friend sphere.


D. The Aeons can also break the damage limit!

This is a mini section in which I just explain a little secret. Let's see the 
list of all Aeons. You can get Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, Bahamut, 
Yojimbo, Anima and the Magus sisters. Now out of those Aeons, only Bahamut, 
Anima, and the Magus Sisters can break the damage limit once you obtained 
them right? Now Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva and Yojimbo can ALSO be able to 
exceed 9999 damage. How? Well, there are 5 Celestial weapons linked to your 
Aeons. The Nirvana, the World Champion, the Spirit Lance, the Onion Knight 
and the Masamune. Now, if you use the corresponding crests on each of those 
weapons, the Aeons linked to them will be able to exceed 9999 of damage!
Here is the list. 

Caladbolg with Crest on it allows: None
Nirvana with Crest on it allows: Valefor
World Champion with Crest on it allows: Ifrit
Spirit Lance with Crest on it allow:s Ixion
Onion Ring with Crest on it allow:s Shiva
Masamune with Crest on it allows: Yojimbo
Godhand with Crest on allows: None


E. Secret Locations/treasures(using the Airship)

In Final Fantasy X, there is no world map anymore. To travel around the world 
once you have obtained the flying engine, you just have to go talk to Cid and 
ask him to take to one of the locations you can see in the list. Now, you can 
also Imput some commands to unlock locations, and you can search them as well 
using the Search command use some coordinates on a map. In this section, I'll 
write which secret places you can access, and what treasures you can find as 


With the Imput command:

Enter 'VICTORIOUS' and a new location will appear in your list; Besaid Ruins 

Get the Victorious there.

Enter 'MURASAME' and a a new location will appear in your list: Besaid Ruins 

Get Auron's Murasame there.

Enter 'GODHAND' and a new location will appear in your list: Mushroom Rock 

Get Rikku's celestial weapon there.


With the Search command:

Baaj Temple's coordinates are X: 12, Y: 58

You can complete Anima's sub quest there.

Besaid waterfalls' coordinates are X: 30, Y: 74

You can get treasures there.

Mi'ihen Ruins' coordinates are X: 34, 56

There,  you won't be visible, so try to head south and mash X button until 
you open a chest. 

Battle Site(operation Mi'ihen)'s coordinates are X: 40, 58

You can get treasures there.

Sanubia Sand's coordinates are X: 13, 43

You can get the Ascalon there(Double AP)

Omega Ruins' coordinates are X 70, 35

You can complete Omega Weapon and Omega Ruins' side quests there.


F. The secrets of Luca

At the stadium of Luca, you can do something amazing. Head there, then go the 
Movie/Music Teather(south from the save sphere at the counter, continue in 
the next screen and head north at the intersection, then north again). You'll 
reach the teather and you can see 3 persons. The man left of the counter and 
you can buy a total of 69 music spheres(you can listen to a song with it) 
from him. However, each music spheres cost 2000 gils. Now the man to the 
right in the screen will also sell you spheres, just that he does not sell 
Music but Movie Spheres! With those, you can re-view a FMV of the game. But 
you need to buy the spheres first, 1000 gils each. 

To play a song or to watch a video, you need to go talk to that woman at the 
counter. Then select Movie or Music from the options, and select what you 
wanna listen/watch!

Also, if you buy all 69 songs from the man, he'll give you 3 more music 
spheres(Wakka and Lulu's theme, along with the Hymn of the Fayth!). 

This is not REALLY a side quest or a secret but, I don't know, it's hilarious 
to be able to re view cinematics from the game and all.


G. The Clasko's side quest

Do you remember that pose made of three chocobo knights you met several times 
on the pilgrimage? The captain was Lucil, and her two partners were Elma and 
Clasko. As you could have noticed, Clasko was always left behind and he 
wasn't really an awesome chocobo knight. So on your trip, when you got out of 
the Macalania Wood to the Lake of Macalania, you could have met Clasko 
outside of the Rin Travel Agency with a chocobo. If you talked to him, Tidus 
woudl've noticed that Clasko knows exactly what the Chocobo needs or wants. 
So then, if you told Clasko that he would've been way better as a Chocobo 
Breeder then as a Chocobo Knight, he would've agree with you. So now, once 
you have your airship. Head at Besaid and take the SS Liki to head to Kilika 
Village. Now go on the front dock and you'll meet Claso with a chocobo. Talk 
to him to learn that he is very happy now as a Chocobo Breeder and to thank 
you, he'll give you a teleport sphere(or a friend sphere?). 

This is just a mini side quest that you can do just like that for fun.


H. Travel through Spira a second time!

This is actually a little secret that you should know. I suggest you do it 
when you are doing some monster hunting for the Monster Area(refer to the 
section for more infos), just travel through the world once more. You can get 
several treasures you missed at your first visits, and you can also get the 
Al Bhed primers you couldn't get, and also get those Jecht's spheres(refer to 
Auron's overdrive in my Overdrive section). Well, you know, to get some 

Just so you should know, you can go into the chambers of fayths of each 
temples(excluding Bevelle's one) with the Airship in order to talk to the 
Fayths and to get treasures. Here what you can get.


In Besaid Temple, head into the chamber of the fayth(complete the trial) to 
meet Valefor's Fayth(a woman) and you'll have a conversation with her about 
her past. She'll give you a Evasion Sphere, and now you can also open the 4 
chests in the chamber for the next treasures; 2 potions, an Hi Potion, an 
Elixir and a White Magic Sphere.


In Kilika Temple, head to the chamber of the fayth(complete the trial) to 
meet Ifrit's fayth and you'll converse with him about his past and Sin. Now 
he'll give you a Luck sphere and when you can control Tidus, open the three 
chests for the next treasures; Defense Sphere, Agility Sphere and Accuracy 


In Djose Temple, head to the chamber of the fayth(complete the trial) to meet 
Ixion's fayth to talk about the sorrows of Spira. Then, you'll obtain a Luck 
Sphere and you can get the next treasures from the 2 chests; an Agility 
sphere and a Magic defense sphere.


In Macanala Temple, head to the chamber of the fayth(complete the trial) to 
meet Shiva's fayth, and you'll actually talk about the futur of Tidus and 
Jecht! Now you'll get a Magic Sphere and two chests for the same treasures 
you obtaiend in Djose Temple; an agility sphere and a magic defense sphere.


In the Cavern of the Stolen fayth, head to the chamber of the fayth to meet 
Yojimbo again. You'll talk about his past, and the futur of Spira. You'll 
then get a Strenght Sphere.


In Baaj Temple, go to Anima's chamber of the fayth to meet Seymour's mother. 
You'll talk about Seymour some more, and then you'll get a sphere.


In Remiem Temple, go to the Magus Sisters's chamber of the fayth to meet the 
three sisters. You will converse with them about different aspects, and then 
you'll get a sphere.


I. Al Bhed Primers full list/locations

In FFX, there is a people called the Al Bheds, and they have their OWN 
language, and you can actually LEARN their language with the help of some 
books that will translate the letters for you. In this section, I'll write a 
full list of them along with their locations. 

Volume 1: In the upper right corner of the Al Bhed ship in the beginning of 
the game.

Volume 2: Right to the counter in the Crusader Lodge in Besaid village.

Volume 3: In the Power Room in the SS Liki(bottom of the screen).

Volume 4: In Kilika Village, search the counter at the Pub(north of the deck).

Volume 5: On the SS Winno, on the bridge(where Wakka and Lulu were discussing)

Volume 6: In Luca, head to the hall down to the Luca Goers Locker room(can't 

Volume 7: In Luca, at the Movie/Music Teather on the floor.

Volume 8: When you meet Rin in the Agency of Mi'ihen Highroad, he'll give you 
the primer.

Volume 9: On the Mi'ihen chocobo road(where you can ride a chocobo in the 
screennorth to the Rin's Agency) near a pillar. 

Volume 10: In Mushroom Rock Road, at the end of the road in the upper left 

Volume 11: In Djose Highroad, at the beginning of the road behind a massive 
rock north from the first chest you can find.

Volume 12: Ride the shoopuff in the Moonflow to the other side of the flow 
then go on the platform on the higher level of the stage to find the primer.

Volume 13: In Guadosalam, go in the library(west on the second level) and 
you'll see a big tree in the middle of the room. Mash the X button behind it 
until you pick up the book.

Volume 14: In Rin Travel Agency in the Thunder Plains, tell Rin you are 
learning his language well and he'll give you the primer.

Volume 15: In Macalania Wood where you could meet O'aka. It's on the ground.

Volume 16: Left to the Rin Travel Agency at the Lake of Macalania.

Volume 17: In Sanuba Desert(Bikanel Island), go at the pannel where you are 
warned in Al Bhed of 'stronger fiend to the left, weaker fiends to the 
right'. Take the left path down the dune and head north to the exist but 
search in the left ruins to it for the primer.

Volume 18: Read above, just that now you need to take the right path and 
search the sand for the primer.

Volume 19: At the save sphere at the entrance to inside Home. Search left to 
the door to find it.

Volume 20: In Home, south from the path leading to the living quarters, 
search the bed in the room for the primer.

Volume 21: In Home again, at the intersection of three paths, take the right 
one and go into the room at the end of it to find it.

Volume 22: Just before entering the Bevelle's cloister of Trials, search the 
floor from the save sphere.

Volume 23: In the Calm Lands, search the west(bit north) cliff to find it. 
It's near where you can find the Chocobo Trainer at your first visit in the 

Volume 24: At Remiem Temple(access it from the Calm Lands), go at the sphere
(left to the temple, there is a chocobo as well) that explains to you how to 
race and search for the primer there.

Volume 25: In the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, take a left turn at the first 
intersection and head to the dead end for the primer.

Volume 26: In the Omega Ruins, take the left path in the first intersection 
and go down the road until you reach the room with 4 chests. Find it in there.

So that concludes all, take in note that by obtaining all 26 Al Bhed Primers 
you are rewarded with 99 Underdog Secrets when you talk to Rin in the airship.


J. Two ways of leveling up

This section is dedicated to the players who wanna level up ONCE they are at 
the end of the game with the airship. I'm gonna write several strategies to 
level up fast, and you should definitly make full use of them while you are, 
for example, trying to max(or simply boost) your stats. 

First strategy: If you wish, you can simply do it the old school way and 
locate Omega Ruins(refer to my Secret Locations/treasures section to know 
how) and then run around the sphere and run in random encounters, then win, 
then get AP, then touch the save sphere to heal, then do the procress again! 
Well, it is a pretty good beginning actually, especially for the ones who are 
pretty weak. Having some Double AP or Triple AP weapons would help a lot. 

Second strategy: This one is by far the best one, and I gotta give full 
credits to Ryan Charles for coming up with his definitly usefull way of 
gaining S.lvl. Now however, you will need different items actually, along 
with some good-enough skills to be able to beat down One-Eye easily(refer to 
Monster Arena section).

So now, once you have unlocked One-Eye(again, see Monster arena section to 
learn how), kill him to learn that he actually drops Triple AP weapons. It 
would be best if you could get some Triple AP weapons with 2 empty slots, but 
one(empty slot) could always do the thing(even though it woudln't be as good 
as 2). So then, once you obtained enough of those Weapons, you'll need to 
customize Overdrive -> AP on them. You need 10 Doors to Tomorrow for that, 
and those aren't tough to get. For example, you can get 99 of them by 
unlocking 6 Monster Arena Area Creations(see Monster Arena section for more 
infos). You can also get them using other strategies, so see an Item FAQ or a 
Bribe FAQ to know how, but to me, unlocking 6 Area Creations monsters is the 
best one. 

So with those items, customize Overdrive -> AP on the Triple AP weapon. Now 
you can either begin the easy AP trick now OR use the last ability(Triple 
Overdrive) on the last slot of the Weapon, which is optional but an awesome
(and I do mean awesome) bonus. 

To get Triple Overdrive on a weapon, you need 30 Winning Formulas. You can 
get 99 of them by unlocking every Area Creations monster in the Monster 
Arena. So with 99 of them, you can customize Triple Overdrive on three 
[Triple AP]+[Overdrive->AP]+[empty slot] weapon you got. If you need more, 
then you can bribe those Sandworms for 900 000 Gils in order to obtain 14 to 
16 of those. 

Now have armors with Auto Pheonix on them. Auto Pheonix can be customized on 
a armor by using 20 Mega Pheonixes.

Anyways, once you have the weapons with the three AP abilities on them for at 
least 3 characters(mostly the ones you will work on the most) and each with 
the auto pheonix armors, set your overdrives modes on Comrades for the three
(or all) characters with the AP weapons, and you are ready for the trick.

You'll need to unlock Don Tonberry, an Area Creation monster(again, see 
Monster arena section). Now engage in the battle with him, and strike him. 
Each times you do, he'll counter with Karma. This attack deal damage based on 
how many enemies the victim has killed X 100. So if let say Kimahri has 
killed 230 enemies, then it'll deal 230 X 100 = 23 000 damage. Cannot be 
reduced by any protective statuses, so unless you have Break HP limit on your 
armor along with more then 23 000 HP, it will kill you. However, you have 
Auto Pheonix, so each times a character dies on the field, he/she'll be 
automatically revived. So your goal is to hit Don Tonberry again and again 
and again and gets countered by Karma each times. So now you'll ask, but what 
is the deal? Well, it's all about your overdrive mode and your weapon. You 
see, with your overdrive mode set to Comrade, each times one of your allies
(comrades) is hit by Karma(or any other attacks), your overdrive bar will 
increase. Now however, Overdrive-> AP replaces your overdrive bar by AP when 
it increases, meaning that when that character gets hit, the two allies in 
the fight are supposed to have their overdrive bar increase but instead, it 
will be their AP because of Overdrive -> AP! Now, since you have Triple 
Overdrive, your overdrive would normally increase 3 times faster, but since 
you have Overdrive ->AP ability, it'll be 3 tiems the AP! And now, the last 
ability, Triple AP, will triple the ammount of total AP after the battle! 
Yes, it is an awesome strategy to gain s.levelS. 

So of course, the more your allies gets damaged, the more your overdrive bar, 
actully your AP ammount, will be increased. Meaning that the more Karma will 
deal damage on your allies, the more you'll get AP. Now as I told you, 
Karma's damage are based on X enemies you have defeated multipled by 100, so 
you'll need some characters who have killed a whole lot of enemies. But the 
trick works really WELL!


K. Easy Gil strategy

Gil is the money in the Final Fantasies. Now, you might need a lot for 
different reasons(When you max stats for example), so let's hope this section 
will help you to gain more. 

First strategy: This is not a really good strategy, but I don't know, if you 
need it just in case. Have the Gillionaire equiped on a character who will be 
one of the three persons in the field when you are victorious. Then, go in 
Omega Ruins and run in random encounters. Sometimes, you can find some chest 
in battles, and when you obtain them, there are chances that you'll see a 
Mimic fiend getting out of it. Those fiends are actually miming other fiends. 
They give 50 000 Gils when defeated actually, so with Gillionaire, it'll be 
the ammount of gils X 2 for 100 000 Gils at all. 

Second strategy: This one's better actually. You need to have some good-
enough skills to be able to beat down Kottos easily by overkilling him. So 
first, head to Kilika village. In there, go buy as many empty slots armor as 
you can. Now go back at Monster arena, overkill Kottos for 40 healing 
springs. Customize those for SOS regen on an armor, sell one armor for around 
35 000 gils. Now repeat the strategy again. One thing I don't like from it is 
that it is a bit time consuming so...

Third Strategy: This is the one I use, and it is really simple. You need to 
have some good-enough skills to be able to beat down One Eye. Now, go kill 
him and sell the Triple AP weapons he drops for a lot of gils. I use this one 
because I am a lazy guy actually :D.

So that concludes my side quests/secrets section, I hope this helped.

8- The Monster Arena

A. What is it?

The Monster Arena was made by Mi'ihen a long time ago so his crusaders could 
test their skills on monsters from all over Spira. So now, if you go at the 
Monster Arena, you will meet a Monster Trainer and you will learn from him 
that he, uh, screwed up(haha) with the security of the arena and that every 
monsters were accidentally released. So now, you can buy some taming weapons 
from him and with those, you can capture some monsters by defeating with the 
use of physical attacks. Then, the monster Trainer, who's a 'master' in 
creating some monsters will take the monsters you bring to him, and he'll 
make some powerfull recipes of strong beasts, by giving you some rewards as 
well. So in this section, I'm gonna write some strategies for every monsters 
from the Monster Arena, along with their HP/attacks, and I will also tell you 
how to unlock them, and of course, what rewards you recieve for each.

Where is the Monster Arena: In the calm lands, head at the entrance to the 
upper part of the calm lands and go down south hugging the wall. You'll see a 
green dot on the map, it's there.

In my guides, whenever I write a strategy for a boss/enemy, I review their 
difficulties. Now however, please take note that in the Monster Arena, every 
monsters can be incredibly hard or definitly easy, it is ALL about your STATS 
and the strategy you gonna use. In my 175 hours file, I beat easily around 
every monsters from the Monster Arena with an exception of 4-5 beasts. But if 
I try them with some of my 50 hours files(files in which I don't have beaten 
the game and barely Ultima and Omega Weapon), I get definitly owned by them. 

To describe the arena a bit, talk to the Monster Trainer and you can Chat 
with him so he gives you some little advices. You can also Buy and Sell 
equipments. And of course, you can ask him to show you the list of the 
monsters you have captured, along with the list of the monsters that he has 
created. Because yes, you can battle the enemies you have captured! So now, 
in menu of the Arena, you'll see a list of the Areas of Spira, along with 
three lists of monsters that the trainer has created and that you cannot find 
in the world. It will unfortunately cost you fees to battle the monsters, but 

So in this section, I won't write a strategy for EACH monsters of Spira. I 
will just write a strategy for EACH CREATED monsters by the Trainer. There 
are 3 lists of creations at all. There is the Area Conquest, the Specie 
Conquest and the Original. 

When you are doing some Monster Hunting, I suggest you capture 10 of each 
fiends of Spira in one and then, you go at the Monster Arena to be rewarded 
with all those awesome prizes all in one

B. What you need?

Good stats. The monsters in the Monster Arena are no ordinary monsters. They 
are definitly hard, just in the Area Conquest(the easiest creations) you can 
find some monsters that are 10 times harder than let say the second to last 
boss of the game. You'll find your strenght in your stats, but you'll 
definitly also need some good weapons and armors. I highly recommand you to 
be able to break the damage limit and to be able to exceed at least 50 000 
damage, even for the creations from the Area Conquests. For the HP, believe 
me or not, but if you have 200+ defense and 9999 HP, Break HP limit won't be 

Now you'll be asking; how do I get such stats??? Well, let's give it step by 

First, you'll want to get the Magus sisters. Now, have Yuna(and your other 
characters) as well conquer at least 75% of the sphere grid each(will be 
handy to take on the Arena trust me) using the AP trick(refer to to my side 
quest section for more infos the trick). So then, take care of Tanket(from 
the specie creation) using your magus sisters several times; he's no match 
against them. Now, with his drops(2 defense spheres each times, and rarely 2 
Dark Matters), you can definitly boost up your defense. For the agility, 
Hastega combined with Quick hit will do the thing for beginning(because you 
can get those agility spheres by killing Fenrir but he's much harder so for 
now stay away from him). For the strenght, you can definitly get the stat to 
nearly 160(enough for now with Break damage limit) by conquering 80% of the 
sphere grid, so you'll only use the 'clear -3 and less strenght nodes to 
replace them with strenght spheres' strategy later. HOWEVER, if you COULD hit 
for 99 999 damage it would be really usefull and save many troubles(and I 
should say time as well).

For your armors, considering you have 9999 HP, I recommand you to get some 4 
empty slots armors for the characters that you gonna use the most(for me, I 
use Tidus, Wakka, and Yuna the most, but I have a well made nice stats Rikku 
as well, same goes for my Kimahri). Now, on those 4 empty slots armors, the 
abilities I got on mine are;

Auto-Haste(extremelly handy)
Auto-Protect(same here)
Auto Pheonix

For the two last ones, you decide. For me, since I usually use Trio of 9999(a 
mix) on the toughest monsters in the Arena, Auto Potion is pretty usefull. 
Now also, if you don't wish to always have Rikku mixes a Trio of 9999 in each 
fights, then your inventory must be potions and hi potionsless(can we say 
that?), with only X Potions as potion items. Now for the last one, it is your 
own choice. If you wish, you can have Defense+20%, but I have Auto Pheonix on 
two characters, and the last one has Master Thief. Why? Because my three main 
characters already have 255 defense each and it is enough for me. So for the 
last ability, then you can choose by yourself. Curseproof if you wish, even 
though I would recommand you to have a confuse/berserkproof different armor 
instead as a second armor when you'll be running around in Omega Ruins(so you 
won't be affected by the Great Malboros' bad breaths, or simply when fighting 
One-Eye or Malboro Menace in the Monster Arena). What ever you do, DON'T put 
auto Shell. Don't forget that Shell reduced by half EVERY magics casted on 
the shelled character, including the healing ones. 

WELL, the bottom line is see by yourself. But Auto Haste and Auto Protect are 
definitly the musts. 

If you need to know how to get the items to customize those abilities, then e-
mail me or see a item FAQ(a Bribe FAQ would also help). 

Now for the weapons, Break Damage limit(with high strenght) will be 
EXTREMELLY usefull. You can customize Break Damage limit on a weapon with 60 
Dark Matters but heck, those are a pain to get so you'd better just get the 
Celestial Weapons and fully power them up using the Crests and Sigils on 

So, anyway, let's begin shall we?

C. The strategies!

Area Conquest

In this list, you_don't_need to be as powered up as you'd be in let say the 
Original Creation's. However, if you were barely able to beat down Yunalesca 
or Seymour Omnis, then you'll be wrecked by the Area creations. Having a 
party with 9999 HP and 170+ defense(255 would be ideal) will be good, along 
with some pretty nice agility, accuracy, and of course, celestial Weapons 
with some armors like I just mentioned in the section above. 

Monster: Stratoavis
HP: 320 000 
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monsters from Besaid Island.
Prize: 99 Stamina Tonics

Hmmm, again, let me tell you that the difficulty of the battle will definitly 
depend about you. However, it's true that he isn't really strong really. 
First, cast Slow on him and then beat him down. If you really have low 
agility, Auto Haste on your armors will double it, and just use Quick Hit. 
Whenever you see Stratoavis landing on the ground just like Zuu does(well... 
as you can see, they have the same apparance), it means he's almost dead.

Monster: Malboro Menace
HP: 640 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monsters from the Kilika Wood.
Prize: 99 Poison Fangs

This one's way tougher. Just like the Great Malboros, Malboro Menace will 
always ambush you and then throw on you his putrid Breath, which is like Bad 
breath but it add damages. I suggest you have Auron with his Masamune(OR any 
other characters with First Strike Weapon) to switch to Yuna at the beginning 
of the fight to summon an Aeon, and then, from what I've seen, Malboro Menace 
won't use his putrid breath on the Aeons but will cap on using Mega Gastric 
Juice. Now, you can either do what I just said, or you could have your three 
characters with an Berserk/Confuse Proof+ Auto Med armors equiped on each, 
then you Hastega your party and focus with Quick hit, which will be handy in 
the battle. Use your overdrives whenever you can.

Monster: Kottos
HP: 440 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monsters from the Mi'ihen High 
and old road.
Prize: 99 Soul Springs

This guy's funny! If you can have a character with Auto Protect and 150+ 
defense, along with another character capable of healing for 6000 HP points 
by casting Curaga, you cannot lose this battle. You see, Kottos isn't 
extremelly fast, but he'll counter every offensive moves from you with a 
vicious physical attack. If you however have Protect on you with a defense of 
150+, his counterattack will then be pretty weak, even if you can with Curaga 
after! So let's see the strategy:

- Have two characters with nice defense and Protect(auto protect on armor 
- Have one character with magic of 100 and Curaga
- Hit Kottos with your two Protected-nice-defense characters
- Have the healer heal with Curaga when HP too low(if it never gets too low 

Monster: Coeurlregina
HP: 380 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monsters from the Mushroom 
Rock Road
Prize: 99 candle of life

Have some confuse and deathproof armors because Coeurlregina's Chaos attack 
will inflict Doom and Confuse(along with Curse but what ever). You might also 
want some nice Magic Defense and to have Shell casted on the party because of 
Coeurlregina's Flare and Thundaga spells. Have a fast and strong party, then 
Quick hit works well. Haste is always fun as well. If you wanna rely on 
Aeons, then keep in mind that Coeurregina's Hyper Blast attack inflicts Death 
EVEN on them. 

Monster: Jormungand
HP: 520 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monster from the Djose Road 
and the Moonflow(these two area are put together)
Prize: 99 Petrify Grenades

This one is actually not really tough at all! Jormungand isn't fast, so cast 
slow on him to slow him even more, and then have Hastega(or Auto Haste on 
armors) and you should be definitly the boss in the fight! The only thing 
that could disturb you is Jormungand's stone-gaze attack will petrify one of 
your character. But with Stoneproof(or simply with the use of a normal Soft) 
you should'nt have any problemes at all! His physical attacks are something 
to watch out for- when low defense! With Protect and high defense, you'll 
just laugh at this creation.

Monster: Cactuar King
HP: 100 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monsters from the Thunder 
Prize: 99 Chocobo Wing

Wow, Cactuar King is by far one of the most annoying(and toughest) creation 
of the Area conquest list! He has really high evade, however, with Auto 
Pheonix, you just can't lose the battle. Cactuar usually counters each 
physical attacks from you with 10 000 Needles, but he sometimes also use 99 
999 Needles, however, like I said earlier, Auto Pheonix will save you. I 
recommand you to just use some powerfull multiple hit overdrives to win the 
battle in one turn, because Cactuar King's high evade will so piss you off 
since he'll easily dodge your attacks even if you have high accuracy. Oh and 
watch out; just like the Cactuars in every Final fantasies, Cactuar King can 
flee from you!

Monster: Espada
HP: 280 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monsters from the Macalania 
Wood and Lake of Macalania.
Prize: 60 Shinning Gems

This one doesn't have much HP, but I gotta admit he's not bad. Each times you 
attack him, he'll counter with Hades Claw, which is instant Death. Have Death 
proof on your armor or simply Auto Pheonix(OR you can always just manually 
throw your pheonix downs). Espada has high agility, so try to cast Slow on 
him and have your party in Haste status so you can have an advantage on him. 
What ever you do, if your strenght is low, have Auron his Banishing Blade 
overdrive to dispose of Espada's armor, and you might want to have some 
strong characters that can take him out in 2-3 hits, since he is constantly 
under Regen status. If you are up for a little challenge, take him out 
without Break Damage limit.

Monster: Abyss Worm
HP: 480 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monsters from Bikanel Island
Prize: 99 Shadow Gems

Oh what the heck. First time I saw him I thought he would be quite a 
challenge, but he's one easy dude I mean come on, he is a breeze even in a 
NSG challenge. The Worm is pretty slow, and from what I could experienced, he 
only uses some weak physical attacks. Sorry, but I don't see any strategies 
for him, he doesn't even deserve to be touched by your overdrives. 

Monster: Chimerageist
HP: 120 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monster from the Calm Lands
Prize: 99 Farplane Wind 

Here the best proof that the difficulty of the Monsters from the Arena is 
definitly based on your stats. At your first visit in the calm lands, if you 
captured one of every monster out there and then brought them to the trainer, 
you could have fought Chimerageist and possibly get burned out. Now however, 
when your now better stats and fully powered up celestial weapons, you'll 
definitly see how easy he really is! He's actually the easiest one out there! 
Just be fast and you should definitly be victorious.

Monster: Don Tonberry
HP: 480 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monster from the Cavern of the 
Stolen Fayth(Sunken
Prize: 40 Silver Hourglass

Hmm, even though Don Tonberry is good at killing, with Auto Pheonix you just 
can't die. Each times you attack him, Don will counter attack you with Karma. 
Karma's damages are based on 100 X how many enemies the victim has killed. So 
it will of course easily deal over 9999 damage if you killed a lot of fiends, 
but with Auto Pheonix, your character will always be revived! Now, when Don 
Tonberry reached you, he'll use his knife to kill one of your character in 
one hit but he'll be automatically revived by Auto Pheonix so you have 
nothing to fear when fighting him.

Monster: Catoblepas
HP: 550 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monster from the Mount Gagazet
Prize: The Blossom Crown

Hmm, I'd say this one's not hard actually, the first time I fought him, it 
was when I was still beating the game while heading to Zanarkand, and I still 
owned him with weak stats! But he killed me with his final attack, Ultima as 
well(my party's magic defense wasn't high at that point...). Other then that, 
Catoblepas will cast Flare a lot, along with the brand new Behemoths' heaves 
attack; Pop fly. To win, if your strenght is too low, have Auron use 
Banishing Blade to break Catoblepas's armor and then, send him to oblivion! 
As I said earlier, Cateblepas will cast Ultima on the party as a final attack 
before dying, so unless you have a magic defense of 100+, have Auto Life on 
one character(or maybe Shell). 

Monster: Abaddon
HP: 380 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monster from Inside Sin
Prize: 99 Lunar Curtains

Abaddon is one nice mage, he'll use every Aga spells(firaga, thundaga, 
blizzaga, waterga) on himself(he has auto reflect) so it is reflected on 
yourself. Other than that, Abaddon is constantly under Nul- All status. He 
will also dare to use Pharao's Curse, which is terrible, inflicts abnormal 
statuses like Confuse. Now after a while, when you see in your 
screen 'Emblem', then at his next turn, Abaddon will unleash his most 
powerfull attack, Emblem of Chaos. You'll need to have some decent magic 
defense to be able to survive it, but that is he HAS time to do it before you 
kill him, because believe me, he's not hard really. He got an armor, so 
Banishing Blade him- if your strenght is too low to be able to deal major 
damages on him.

Monster: Vorban
HP: 630 000
How to unlock the monster: Capture one of each monster from the Omega Ruins
Prize: 99 Designer Wallets

Vorban is actually one big Barbatos from inside Sin. Each times you attack 
him physically, he counters with Mortar. Now, consider that attack really 
dangerous if you got some low magic defense. Other than that, Vorban will 
also use one of his huge 'arm'(what ever is it) to stomp you, and he'll also 
use body splash(have Protect and decent defense to reduce its damages). Now, 
the only ways to attack Vorban so he doesn't counter with Mortar is by either 
using a black magic(doublecast Flare or Ultima for nice damages, that is if 
you have good magic stats), or by either using Quick Hit. So I suggest you 
have a party under Haste status, then you abuse of Quick hit until you 
depleted totally his HP.

That is all for the Area Creations! Now let's be ready for a tougher 

Species Conquest

Hmm, now you'll meet some way tougher beasts. Also, each species in there are 
unlocked differently from the Area Creations. To unlock one in this list, you 
usually have to capture a certain number of times several fiends from a 
specie, and then, the Monster Trainer will create a monster with the 
specimens. As I said, the monsters in there are tougher, so you might want to 
go boost some of your stats now.

Specie: Fenrir
HP: 850 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture three of each monster from the Wolf species
Prize: 99 Chocobo Feathers

Man, this one's tough. Fenrir has a lot of HP(850 000 is high for a wolf). He 
will use only two attacks, but they are deadly. First, his Fang of Chaos will 
be dealing gravitational damages, and will also inflict confusion to one 
character. Now his other attack is Fang of Hell, this one is instant death 
even on Aeons. In this battle, Auto Pheonix won't save you actually; even if 
your characters will always be reviving themselves, if you are not fast 
awesome, Fenrir can easily get 3 turns and kill your whole party. So first, I 
advice you to equip your anti malboro armor(Confuseproof on it), then Hastega 
your party, and have the patience. Get 100+ accuracy to have a chance of 
being able to hit Fenrir, since he dodges easily your attacks from his 
impressive Evasion. Multiple Hit overdrives are definitly helpfull in the 
battle, so use them! If you wanna use your Aeons, then you'll use the Magus 
Sisters. However, as you know, Fang of Hell inflicts Death even on the Aeons 
so you gotta be quick, and the Magus Sisters are always taking breaks in 
crucial moments!

Specie: Ornitholestes
HP: 800 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture three of each monster from the Lizard 
Prize: 99 Stamina Spring

Ornitholestes is actually easier then Fenrir but still a toughie. He has 
pretty high Evasion actually, his HP is also not bad, and he's going to use 
two attacks as well; Poison touch, which deal pretty high damage even if high 
defense, and of course inflicts Poison. Now his second attack is pretty 
terrible as well; Drain Touch, which drains away a whole lot of HP from one 
character. Ornitholestes is another beast that you shouldn't be shy about 
using your multiple hit overdrives, because if you have low accuracy then 
you'll just wanna cry at his high evasion.

Specie: Pteryx
HP: 100 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture three of each monster from the Bird species
Prize: 99 Mega Pheonix

Pteryx is a bird, and another high evade rate creation. So now you'd think 
you should just rely on your overdrives again. Hmm, well, Pteryx will use 
Beak of Woe, and when he uses that, he uses it three times in one row on each 
of your characters for small damage, and inflict Curse. He also got a strong 
armor, and he has auto Regen. If you have low accuracy, I suggest you work on 
your strenght, and then banishing blade him and quickly use one of your 
multiple hit overdrives before he dares to use his Beak of Woe. Oh well, you 
can also use some Holy Water when he does! Or you can just have a little 
Curseproof armor!

Specie: Hornet
HP: 620 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture four of each monster from the Bug species
Prize: 60 Mana Tonics

That one is quite tough as well. Hornet will use some stinger attacks to 
inflict Death on you, and when it doesn't, the victim will be poisoned by 
Sleep and Darkness, along with Curse(not sure for that one though). Now when 
low on HP, Hornet will also cast Curaga on himself. You might once again rely 
on your multiple hit overdrives to take him out. Now, when you win, you can 
see that he drops 2 Accuracy spheres if overkilled(1 if not), so I suggest 
you to beat him down several times and boost up your accuracy stat with all 
those dropped Accuracy Spheres. Will be usefull for the upcoming battles, AND 
they are always good for the previous species that you maybe haven't beaten 

Specie: Vidatu
HP: 95 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture four of each monster from the Wizard species
Prize: 99 Mana Spring

Vidatu isn't hard actually. He is constantly under Nega-All elemental status, 
and he has auto regen as well. His evasion is quite good too, but he is still 
not hard. Boost up your Accuracy stat using those accuracy spheres you can 
get from Hornet and you should definitly be able to kill him in one turn.

Specie: One-Eye
HP: 150 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture four of each monster from the Eyeball 
Prize: 60 Stamina Tablets

One-eye is not TOUGH, but you need to watch out; he can take you out. He will 
use some of those normal attacks just like the other eyeball fiends, but he 
will also use Black Wave to deal some damages on one character, and Shock 
Wave, which inflict pretty high damages on party, and inflict Confuse, 
Darkness, and Curse as well. He however doesn't have much Evade compared to 
the previous species, so you should definitly be victorious, also the fact 
that he doesn't have too much HP neither.

Specie: Jumbo Flan
HP: 1 300 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture three of each monsters from the Flan species

Jumbo Flan is the hardest creation of the whole Species Conquest list. The 
battle is really technical. I know two strategies of defeating him, and both 
actually work.

For the first one, you need Anima. Now, teach her the next abilities; Haste, 
Dispel, Curaga(optional), Shell(optional) and Regen(optional too). Now, go in 
the battle, and have one of your character cast Reflect on one of your ally, 
then cast Slow on that Reflected character, so it will be casted on Jumbo 
Flan. Now, quickly summon Anima, and have her cast Haste, Shell, and Regen on 
herself. Shell and Regen are optional, and even Haste is, but these three 
white magics will help. Now, you'll need Anima's Pain. Use it on Jumbo Flan, 
and even though he'll be immuned to Death, it will deal damages on him. If 
you worked on Yuna's stats properly, it should deal 99 999 damage. So now, 
just use Pain on Jumbo Flan at each turns. The enemy has reflect on him, so 
in order to dispel Slow, he'll need to first cast Reflect on Anima to then 
cast Dispel on her so it will be reflected on him. In order to block that, 
just cast Dispel on yourself so Reflect will go away, then quickly re cast 
Haste, Shell and Regen. To talk about the attacks from Jumbo Flan, he'll be 
using the Aga spells, along with Flare and Ultima on himself(he has Auto 
Reflect) so it will be reflected on you. Basically, Ultima's the only one 
that you need to watch out for, but if you had Yuna with a nice magic defense 
attribute, Anima will too. Otherwise, just have Curaga casted, even though 
you are Shelled it will still heal. So just keep using Pain, and the flan 
will eventually die. What ever happens, you'll see once Jumbo's low on HP, 
he'll use Reflect on you and then will try to cast Regen on Anima so it can 
be reflected on him. DON'T let him, whenever he casts Reflect on your Anima 
dispel it quickly. I repeat; Jumbo Flan must NOT be under Regen status.

Now the second strategy isn't as good, but oh well. Jumbo Flan is immuned to 
your physical attacks as you know, and every elemental spells heal him. So 
you gonna rely on Ultima. More precisly, on Doublecast Ultima, and copycat. 
What you need is simple. Three characters with nice magic stats, and at least 
one of them must know Doublecast and Ultima. Now your three characters must 
have Copycat as well. So enter the battle, cast Shell on your characters, and 
then have one of them Doublecast Ultima. Then mime it by using Copycat, and 
so on. Ultima is non elemental so it does work on the Jumbo Flan, and 
doublecast is a bonus. However, the pain with this strategy is that you'll 
have to watch the Ultima's animation over and over, but still, it does work! 
Whenever the Flan is low on HP, he'll cast Reflect on you and then try to 
Cast regen on the reflected character so it will be reflected on him. Again, 
DON'T let that happen. 

Specie: Nega Elemental
HP: 1 300 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture three of each monster from the Elemental 
Prize: 99 Star Curtains

Oh, this one's not bad neither actually! Well, this battle is just like the 
one with Jumbo Flan, but I'd say it's easier. Whenever you do something 
offensive to Nega, he'll counterattack with Ultima. With a Magic defense of 
200, it will deal around 2000 damage on party. So you can just have one of 
your characters throw a Mega Potions each (yes, a Mega potion!). You can also 
use the Double Cast Ultima/copycat or Anima's Pain and combos strategies(read 
Jumbo Flan above) to defeat him.

Specie: Tanket
HP: 900 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture three of each monster from the Armor Fiend 
Prize: 99 Gold Hourglass

Tanket, pretty high defense, but still an easy one. Having nice agility and 
Haste helps in the fight. Tanket will use some physical attacks(body blow 
like) for moderate damage at any level, and will use Offensive Charge as 
well, which can inflict Berserk. If you cannot deal much damage on him due to 
his high defense, have Auron use Banishing Blade to cut it down. 

Specie: Fafnir
HP: 1 100 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture three of each monster from the Dragon 
Prize: 99 Purifying Salt

Trust me, you could be surprised by that one! Fafnir uses some physical 
attacks, but his most devastating one is 'Triple Attack'. While using that 
one, he'll first attack one of your character, then automatically throw a 
random elemental breath on the party, to then finish his attack by using 
another physical attack. I suggest you have some Fire and Water eater armors 
so his breath attack won't hurt you at all. Fafnir has high defense as well, 
so if you got low strenght then use Auron's banishing blade too! Fafnir's HP 
not bad neither, 1 100 000 is pretty impressived, so make full use of your 
multiple hit overdrives!

Specie: Sleep Sprout
HP: 98 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture five of each monster from the fungus species
Prize: 99 Healing Springs

Don't let this guy's HP fool you. Sleep Sprout is easy, but he can be 
terrible. Unless you cannot hit him for 99 999 damage, don't attack him. Why? 
Let's give some explanations. Sleep Sprout always ambush you Malboro style, 
and then use Goodnight; a vicious attack. It inflicts Sleep, Poison, 
Darkness, Silence and others. What I recommand you to do is to have a 
character with a First Strike Weapon, then switch to Yuna(or if the holder of 
the First Strike weapon is Yuna then just have her on the field) and summon. 
Now, once your Aeon has blocked the Goodnight, Dismiss it then QUICKLY beat 
him down. 

Specie: Bomb King
HP: 480 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture five of each monster from the Bomb species
Prize: 60 Turbo ethers

From what I've experienced, Bomb King has three forms. Well, let's get over 
his specie. In the world of Spira, you can find some Bombs, Grenades, and 
Purobos. For each, you have three turns to dipose of them. If you couldn't 
kill them in three turns, they'll use Selft Destruct and you won't get any AP 
in the battle. Now however, Bomb King is different from them. In his first 
size, he'll only be using Fire(just like the Bombs). Now, from what I've 
experienced, you need to hit him 3 times and he'll swell to his bigger size. 
Now he'll use Fira instead of Fire(just like the Grenades). Then, if you hit 
him 3 times again, he'll swell to an even bigger size, and from now on he'll 
be using Firaga(just like the Puroburos). Once he reached this size, you 
could think he'll be using Self Destruct on you once he reached this size, 
but nope. Now, if you hit him 3 times, he'll swell to his biggest size and 
then, he won't be using the fire elemental spells anymore but he'll unleash 
Ultima. So the strategy is simple; have your three strongest characters, and 
HIT him. Cast Nul Blaze on your party as well, then just hit the Bomb king 
until he dies! You might want to use Auron's Banishing Blade as well to help 
you break his armor and his magic as well, and then, take care of him the old 
school way.

Specie: Juggernaut
HP: 1 200 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture five of each monster from the Horned species
Prize: 99 Lunar Curtains

Oh, this battle is actually a breeze! With Nul Blaze or some Fireproof/eater 
armors, you just can't actually lose this battle. First, if you have some 
strenght stat under 200, you'll need to Banishing Blade him in order to break 
his armor, then beat him down. At his first turn, Juggernaut will Charge(just 
like those Grendel in Gagazet/Zanarkand). Then at his next turn, he'll 
unleash Salvo. This one is fire elemental, so with Nul Blaze on party or with 
some fireproof/eater equipments, you'll just won't be harmed at all! But 
however, once he did used his Salvo, he'll then only use an instant death 
attack each times he get his turn, so have a party under Haste status and 
finish him off. 

Specie: Ironclad
HP: 2 000 000
How to unlock the specie: Capture ten of each monster from the Iron Giant 
Prize: 60 Mana Tablets

Ironclad isn't tough at all, but he's annoying. He counters each offensive 
moves from you using Reppageki. This attack's damage isn't too high, 
especially if you had Protect casted on you(or Auto Protect Armor). Other 
then that, Ironclad will also use some Buhinzan(excuse my spelling) attacks 
to deplete both HP and MP of all party. He's last attack is Shinryudan, and I 
don't see any differences between that one and Reppageki anyways. SO, 
Haste/Protect yourself, then attack him! If you are low on defense, you'll 
see how usefull Auto Pheonix will be(same goes for auto potion, if your 
inventory is full of X potions and no Potion/Hi Potions). Ironclad drops 2 
strenght spheres when overkilled(1 if not), so take this opportunity to boost 
up your strenght stat; will be usefull for the battles in the Orignial 

That's all about the Species Conquest! Now, be ready for the last list made 
of 8 Original monsters, waiting for you.


For this list, having some high stats(mainly strenght, agility, defense and 
magic defense) will be extremelly handy.

Original: Earth Eater
HP: 1 300 000
How to unlock the beast: Unlock two monsters from the Area Creations or from 
the Species Creations
Prize: 60 Three Stars

Oh! Chocobo Eather! No wait, it's EARTH Eater!!! This one is definitly hard 
with low stats, but with a party with a strenght of 230+, 200+ defense and 
magic defense, along with some nice agility, you should be victorious. First, 
let me talk about his attacks. Earth Eather will use some normal punches, 
each dealing not even 1500 damage with +220 defense along with Auto Protect.
Now his second attack, Megaton Punch, which is also a counterattack, will 
inflict Death. Have Deathproof, along with Protect on you, so then, you'll 
only be damaged for a few points(considering you got some nice defenses). To 
talk about the strategy, I unfortunately never saw any ways of breaking Earth 
Eater's armor. I used both Banishing Blade from Auron, along with Frag 
Grenade and no changes at all. So the strategy is simple, either you have 
plenty of Healing Waters along with the ability Use on all your characters, 
or either you use Auto Potion. In that case, have Rikku mixes a Trio of 9999, 
OR simply have only X Potions as potions type item in your inventory. So now, 
enter the battle, and Quick Hit him; it would be best if the only times you 
are damaged are when Earth Eater counters your physical offenses. So once you 
dealed a certain ammount of damage on him, he'll fall on his back. But now 
however, when he's knocked on his back, unlike Chocobo Eather, his defense 
won't even change at all! BUT, he is way less aggressive while he's on his 
back, because all he can do is counter each of your offenses by casting Flare 
on himself, he got auto reflect so it bounces off on you, to deal around -
9999 damages; his black magic won't break the damage limit. So with a Magic 
Defense of 200+, along with a Shelled party(cast it on your characters), it 
will deal way less damage; with your auto potion ability he just won't be 
able to kill you. 

Original: Greater Sphere
HP: 1 500 000
How to unlock the beast: Unlock two Species from the Species Conquest
Prize: 60 supreme Gems

Guys, you have ONE hard original creation here. Trust me, he could definitly 
be one of the toughest enemy of Final Fantasy X(in the NA version I mean). 
Whenever you use a physical attack or magic attack on Greater Sphere, he 
counters with a vicious Ultima. However, with high magic defense and Auto 
Potion(trio of 9999) it won't disturb you. Also, he will counter each of your 
overdrives with Hydraulic Press, extremelly dangerous. Other then that, he'll 
also stomp one of your characters for around same damages. What you need is 
quite simple. I recommand you boost Wakka's strenght to 255(you can do it 
with 220 I'd say), and have him learn Attack Reel(well, you have it if you 
have his fully powered up celestial Weapon). Now have Auron learn Banishing 
Blade as well(have his overdrive bar full too), and have Rikku with a first 
strike, and have her Overdrive bar full, along with the right items to be 
able to mix a Trio of 9999(or just have X Potions as potions type items in 
your inventory). Now, have Auto Protect and Auto Haste as well, and Auto 
Potion too of course. In last, have two characters with full overdrives bar 
and have them learn Entrust. So enter the battle with Rikku in front line, 
and have her mix the trio of 9999. Now, quickly switch to Auron, and have him 
use Banishing Blade in order to lower Greater Sphere's defense by damaging 
his jelly armor a bit, and Greater will counter with his hydraulic press
(remember, he counters your overdrives with that), so use an Healing Water to 
heal completly, then quickly have Wakka use the attack Reel, and try to use 
perfectly(2 hits in the three wheels)so he can attack Greater Sphere 12 times 
at 80 000+ damages(99 999 would be best of course). Now, you'll be struck by 
Greater Sphere yet again, and he could possibly get a turn and use one of his 
one target stomp attacks, but with Auto Potion, the victim will be saved. 
Now, you can either trust your luck and have Tidus use the Blitz Ace, or you 
could just Entrust your overdrive to Wakka again and have him use attack 
Reels; actually, with Comrades set mode, your overdrive bar could've 
definitly be full from Hydraulic Press so you might not even have to rush 
wasting a turn using Entrust. If you are up for a little challenge, beat down 
Greater Sphere without any overdrives.

Original: Catastrophe
HP: 2 200 000
How to unlock the beast: Unlock six monster from the Area Conquest
Prize: 99 Door to Tomorrow

Catastrophe is actually pretty easy I mean, with decent strenght and agility, 
you can definitly take him out. Do you remember Sinspawn Geneaux and Genais? 
Well, Catastrophe is just like them, just that he is way bigger(and harder of 
course). So, the battle begins while he's in his shell, so if your strenght 
is too low then you might just wanna use some Doublecast Ultima+Copycat combos
(assuming you have decent magics). While in his shell, he'll use some putrid 
like attack to deal small damages on party but inflict Confuse, Curse and of 
course, poison. Now once you hit him several times, he'll get out of his 
shell to reveal himself, and now he'll be using an attack pattern; Toxic Pray 
attacks one character and correct me if I'm wrong but it dispels the statuses 
you have casted in the battle(like Haste). To continue on his pattern, he'll 
use Demi, which takes away 1/4 of party's HP, and then he'll use Hundread 
Thorns, which is by far his best attack since it can deal pretty impressive 
damages on whole party. Like I said earlier, being fast is the key, since 
Catastrophe is kinda slow, you'll definitly have 75% more turns then him.

Original: Th'uban
HP: 3 000 000
How to unlock the beast: Unlock six species from the Species Conquest
Prize: 99 Gambler's spirit

Remember Sanctuary Keeper? It was quite a technical battle heh? Well, 
Th'uban, who's just a stronger version of the keeper, will also requires some 
technical strategies. Against this boss, it is USELESS to cast Haste, 
Protect, and any other statuses on yourself because each times you DO 
something offensive to him, he counters with Condemn, which dispels all your 
statuses. What to do? Have your Auto Haste+Auto Protect armor instead! When 
you have an Auto status on your armor, there is no way that ability can be 
dispeled. So have that, then you might want good strenght as well. Now of 
course, Th'uban's counterattack is not the only thing he can do. He'll also 
use Rainbow, which has same animation as Sanctuary Keeper's Photon Wing, will 
inflict Curse on all targets EVEN on Aeons. But unless you are playing the 
Int/Pal version, I don't see how Curse can be disturbing for your Aeons. Now 
his last attack, Th'uban will use a mana breath like offense, reminds me of 
Ultima and Omega Weapon's Light Pillar back in Final Fantasy VIII. SO, what 
to do? I suggest you don't bother with physical attacks; trust me when I tell 
you that even though the Condemn counterattack won't deal crap on you if you 
have good defense and auto protect, it is still lame to watch Th'uban uses a 
swipe in your face like that whenever you move. So I'd say you beat him with 
some ovation and class;

- Auron enters the battle and use Banishing Blade.
- Tidus and Wakka uses their multiple hit overdrives
- You win

Original: Neslug
HP: 4 000 000
How to unlock the beast: Unlock all the monsters from the Area Conquest
Prize: 99 Winning Formula

If you went on some message boards or chats about FFX, you could have seen a 
whole lot of users begging for some strategies for Neslug. That original 
creation is one of my favourite one, and trust me, he's not hard. First, he's 
slow. Second, you are fast(assuming you have high agility and Auto Haste). 
Bottom line; you have more turns then him. What to do? Ok. Usually, the 
reasons why the players need help on him is ONLY because once you dealed a 
certain ammount of damage on him, Neslug will retreat into his shell. Then, 
he'll be IMMUNED to your physical attacks, and will absorb your elemental 
spells. On top of that, he'll be regening some MASSIVE(I do mean MASSIVE) 
ammounts of HP, and will also use Curaga. What to do? Well first, let's just 
use Hastega and Quick hit; Neslug's so slow I don't even know if he'll get a 
turn to attack you. If he does, then he'll use either a physical attack, 
either Slime(which inflict Curse, Armor/Mental/Magic/Power break, Poison, and 
dispel your current statuses like Haste and Protect), or his last attack; 
Megaton, which deal pretty high damages on one character and inflict Confuse 
if the victim survived. Now, once you dealed enough damages, he'll retreat in 
his shell. Now, you can either do two things. If you wanna make it quit, then 
you'll need Wakka with high strenght, along with attack Reels. Use it on 
Neslug(who's regening HP by the time we are talking) and use it properly(2 
hits in the 3 wheels) to be able to attack Neslug 12 times for 90 000+ points 
each hits. OR, if you have the patience, then just have a magic stat of 150+, 
and have one character with Double Cast Ultima, so then you have your other 
characters just mime it using Copycat. With this strategy, the shell's auto 
regen won't be good enough to replenish the HP taken away from two strong 
Ultima but only one.

What ever you do, once you dealed around a million damage on his shell, it 
will shatter in thousands of little pieces. From now on, you can just Quick 
hit Neslug until he dies.

Original: Ultima Buster
HP: 5 000 000
How to unlock the beast: Capture five of each monster from all over Spira
Prize: 99 Dark Matters

Wow, cool looking heh? Well, don't let him intimidate you. He has 5 millions 
but trust me, he's not too hard at all. Well, it will once again depend about 
your stats. First, we'll talk about him a bit. Ultima Buster is a stronger 
version of Sinspawn Gui. So just like Gui, he has 4 parts; 2 arms, an head, a 
body. If you try to attack the main body, both arms will block your attack, 
reducing the damages by a whole lot. To talk about his attacks, both 
destroyable arms will use some physical attacks, and those two smaller arms 
at the bottom of his body will also use some other physical attacks(weaker 
though). The head, who cannot be reached for grounded attacks, will use 
Contamination on one character, which will deal pretty good damages, and of 
course, inflict abnormal statuses like Poison and confuse, as well as the 
four Breaks(Power, Magic, Mental and Armor). To talk about the main body, 
Ultima Buster isn't called 'Ultima' for silly reasons; he DOES use Ultima. 
And yeesh, even with high magic defense, it will still deal 7000+ damage on 
party, so Shell will help. You can either use two strategies. 

First strategy: If your party is strong, then you can definitly take him out 
easily. You'll need Auto Haste and Auto Protect on your armors, if you don't 
have those then simply have Hastega and Protect. Now, you'll also need Shell
(not on your armor but just in your list of white magics). Quick hit on your 
three characters will also be EXTREMELLY handy. Now, for stats, having 210+ 
strenght is actually enough for Ultima Buster, but you'll want 255 agility(oh 
well, it can be done with around 210 too but 255 is just best). Now, have 
decent Defense, and you'll need good magic defense too(like I said earlier, 
this creation's Ultima is strong even with high magic vitality). Having some 
nice Evasion are always quite cool. SO, enter the battle, and first, take 
care of both arms and the head. As I mentioned earlier, the head will use 
Contamination so better destroy it quickly, same thing goes for the arms. By 
the way, doing that won't be hard with a strenght of 220+ because those three 
parts have less than 90 000 HP each so, have Wakka take care of the head with 
his blitzball or just use Flare or Ultima(if you have good magic), and your 
two other characters of the arms. Now, you'll be facing the body. Once Buster 
has used 3 turns, the arms will be regenerated. But, WILL he GET thoe 3 hits? 
Because this is where Auto Haste, your agility, and Quick hit will be proved 
as the bests. With an 200+ agility, along with the Haste status and Quick 
hit, you can definitly take out a million HP away from Buster before he can 
even get a turn. Actually, when I just fought him a second ago, I just 
obtained 30 turns in one row until he finally unleashed Ultima, then I just 
gave up and finished him off using a 12 hits Attack Reels from Wakka.

Second strategy: You'll want to use this strategy if your party is weak. You 
will need Tidus with Blitz Ace, along with two characters with Doublecast and 
Ultima. You'll also want everyone to have learned entrust. Now enter the 
battle, and have Tidus use Blitz Ace on one of the arm to deplete it total 
HP, then have someone entrust his overdrive so Tidus can use another Blitz 
Ace on the other arm to deplete its HP as well. Now, have someone Doublecast 
Ultima on the head and mime it with Copycat. Once you did that, the three 
parts should be destroyed, so just have Yuna summons her Magus Sister and 
then, abuse of Passado from Mindy to take down the body. Once Ultima Buster 
has used 3 turns, the arms will be back, so then you can either dismiss them 
and have Tidus takes care of both arms again with his overdrive(OR you could 
also use any other overdrives of yours that can take out the arm in one self 
turn) to then summon the sisters again, OR you could just keep them on the 
battefield and still try to finish off the body. Now you'll ask; 'but what is 
so bad about having the Magus sister summoned while the two arms aren't 
destroyed?'. Well, as you know, you don't entirely control the Magus sisters. 
So when you have them attack Ultima Buster, they will sometimes be stupid 
enough to keep trying to harm the body while both arms are there protecting 
it, wasting your precious time. So it would be best if the arms were already 
destroyed whenever you summon those sisters. 

Original: Shinryu
HP: 2 000 000
How to unlock the beast: Capture two Splashers, two Achelous and two 
Malespikes from the Mount Gagazet Cave.
Prize: 30 Mega Elixirs(wOOtage)

Ah damn, you have a tough one here. Mainly because the fight is underwater, 
so you only have Tidus, Wakka and Rikku. Yet, you shouldn't be scared if 
those three characters usually form your main party. But I'll tell you his 
attacks. Sinryu counters each and every offenses from you with his claw for 
around 10 000 damage if low defense(WAY less if high). He'll also use 
Shining, this one is pretty dangerous because it inflict mutliple hit damages 
on whole party for around 800 damage each hit, considering it harms each 
characters around 6 times then nearly 4000 damage on party, way more if your 
defense is low. Now, his most horrible attack is Eraser, this one inflicts 
stone on one character so then, your character will shatter since it's 
underwater and you can't have him back the field. He can use it if there is 
more than one character on the field, otherwise he won't. Oh by the way, you 
cannot block it using a stoneproof armor. So now, let's see the strategy. I 
suggest you enter the battle with your overdrives bar full, then have Wakka's 
Attack Reel properly used on Shinryu(12 hits). If you no good at it, then 
have Tidus's Blitz Ace as a resort. Auto Haste and Auto Protect on your 
armors will be very usefull, and for your overdrives modes, you can set them 
at Stoic or Warrior, but to me Comrade's the best one; whenever one of your 
characters is damaged(which will happen often), your overdrive bar will 
increase. For the smart ones who were rushing using Yojimbo's Zanmato until 
now, you are now facing an enemy that you just CANNOT defeat via that cheap 
attack, so if you wanna battle the next enemy, you'll have to do some efforts!

Original: Nemesis
HP: 10 000 000
How to unlock the beast: Capture ten of each monster from all over Spira and 
defeat all
the creations from the whole Monster Arena.
Prize: 10 Master Spheres

Once you have capture ten of each monster from all over the world and have 
defeated every creations from the trainer, you'll be given 10 Master Spheres, 
which are the best spheres you can get AND, the monster trainer will let you 
fight his 'strongest' creation; Nemesis. Well, let me tell you one thing. 
It's harder to unlock Nemesis than defeating him! In fact, before you reached 
Nemesis you fought some definitly harder creations than him. In fact, I 
thought that Greater Sphere and Shinryu were somehow a bit tougher! But now, 
don't think he's easy neither. To be able to win against Nemesis, you'll need 
to prepare yourself. I shall write the steps.

- Nemesis has an armor, and you cannot lower his defense using normal breaks. 
So you'll think about using Banishing Blade from Auron, but nope. Nemesis 
counters each overdrives using a vicious Ultima that can definitly kill your 
party even if you have some 255 magic defense stats. So then, what to do? You 
will need to be able to hit him for 99 999 damage ON his strong defensive 
armor. So you'll need around 240 Strenght, 255 would be best. How to boost up 
your strenght? Well, when overkilled, Juggernaut drops 2 Strenght Spheres(1 
if not), so go battle him.

- You will need to be fast. Have an high agility of 200+, of course, 255 
would be best. Auto Haste on your armors will also help, or you can just have 
Hastega. Now for this strategy, you will need Quick Hit on all your characters
(or maybe you can just Copycat, not sure if it will work though) as well. How 
to boost up your agility? Fenrir drops 2 agility spheres when overkilled(1 if 
not), so get your agility high that way.

- Patience, and you'll need to know how to count.

So, enter the battle with all of this, then use this simple strategy; once 
your party is under haste status, use Quick hit on Nemesis around 20 times; 
he shouldn't be able to get a turn due to Quick hit and your nearly maxed 
agility. If he never gets one, then he'll use one of his four attacks;

- Ethereal Canon, deal major non elemental damages on one character, with 
210+ magic defense it won't exceed 9999 damage though.

- Ultra Spark, this one is terrible, deal major non elemental damages on 
whole party and inflict poison and Curse. 

- Physical attack, just a normal physical attack, won't even exceend 5000 
damage if you have 220+ defense and Protect.

- Armageddon(Nova actually), this is by far his best attack, you actually 
cannot survive it since it deals 99 999 damage on whole party, cannot reduce 
the damages.

Oh and in last, he also counters overdrives with Ultima like I mentioned 

So, once you hit him 20 times, summon an aeon to absorb Nemesis's attack
(he'll probably get his turn), then, once your aeon is defeated, continue to 
slaughter Nemesis with Quick Hit twenty more times, then re-summon and have 
the Aeon absorb the damages from Nemesis's turn again, and continue on. 
Nemesis has 10 000 000 HP(10 millions), meaning that by striking for 99 999 
damages each hit, you can kill him in 101 hits. That is why you need somehow 
some patiences. But yes, the strategy is that simple. Actually, like I just 
said it, it's harder to reach Nemesis than to beat him.

Once you won, you'll see a scene between your party and the Monster Trainer, 
and he'll give you the Mark of Conquest, which is the proof that you have 
conquered the whole Arena. 

That's all for this section! I hope it helped you out!

9- General Tips

This section contains some general tips about the game.

- Whenever you see a save sphere and have some free times to spend, run 
around it and battle monsters in order to get some AP, so then you can work 
on your sphere grid!

- If you increase Yuna's stats, her Aeons will also grow stronger, so if you 
wish to use your summons, then have a nicely built Yuna.

- Sensor and Scan are pretty usefull while fighting enemies, especially the 
ones that give you trouble. 

- When fighting a strong enemy that deals nice physical damages, cast Protect 
on your characters. Same thing goes for when you are fighting some magic 
users, Shell will help!

- Don't ever put Auto Reflect on an armor

10- Challenges

You have beaten FFX and you are up for some challenges? Then read this section



Challenge: No Sphere Grid(NSG)

Description: You must game the game without using any spheres or moving on 
the sphere grid.



Challenge: No sphere grid, No Zanmato challenge

Description: You must beat the game without using any spheres or moving on 
the sphere grid and you cannot use Zanmato, which is instant death to about 
99% of the enemies you'll meet.



Challenge: No sphere grid challenge, No customization

Creator: ???

Description: Again, you have to beat the game without using the sphere grid 
but just that you can't customize abilities on your equipments neither.



Challenge: No sphere grid, No Aeons

Description: You need to beat the game without using the sphere grid but you 
cannot summon your Aeons neither. The only times you'll be able to is when 
you have to do some Aeons battles in the game.



Challenge: No healing challenge

Description: This one is quite stupid, but when I posted it on the message 
boards of several sites, there were some die hards FFX players who said they 
would try it for fun.

But as I said it, it is kinda lame, you must not heal, meaning you cannot use 
any save sphere neither since each times you touch one, you are healed. But 
you can use the sphere grid, and when your party stops by some Inns (like in 
Mi'ihen Highroad for example, or Djose Temple) then you automatically rest 
and take the night off. But that is all. Now, yes, it is lame if you die so 
you can always give yourself some rules like; 

- You can touch 4 save spheres.

- You can use (for example) a save sphere in the Thunder Plains, then one in 
the Sanubia Desert, then one in the Mount Gagazet, etc. 

So... see by yourself if you wish to do this...challenge.



Challenge: One character game.

Description: You have to beat the game using only ONE character, so choose 
which one(usually, the players choose Tidus since you control him for 95% of 
the game).



Challenge: FEB(Flee Every Battle)

Descriptions: Start the game(as usual), you will fight until Tidus learns the 
Ability Flee. Once this ability is obtained, you must Flee EVERY battle, with 
the exception of battles that are not possible to flee from(such as bosses). 
NOTE: If Tidus dies at the beginning of battle, this is counted as a fight 
that is not possible to flee from. In this instance, kill the enemies, at the 
end of the battle, Tidus will return with 1 HP, cure him to full health. AP 
from bosses can be used, but this is the only AP that is allowed to be used. 
The Monster Arena is not allowed. Overdrives, Aeons, Customizing 
Weapons/Armor is allowed.


1) Since you flee from every, you will gain no money, nor items, nor 
>weapons. However, you must fight bosses, from which you will get items and 
>money and weapons, use these things wisely.

2) Customizing might be a rare thing, so whatever you do customize, make it 
worth while.

3) Keep in mind, you will still get weapons and such from treasure chests 
through the game, so don't get to jumpy with your items.

4) Look at the items that you normally wouldn't use, these may end up helping 
you more by using them.

This challenge was sent by Possession Of Lulu

11- E-mail

Wish to ask me some questions about FFX? My e-mail is, 
so you can ask me what you need about storyline, bosses strategies, 
characters' overdrives, auto abilities, equipments, etc. However, please, 
write 'FFX' in the topic of your message.

12- Conclusion

So... this concludes my guide. I hope you all enjoyed reading it, it was 
definitly fun to write this walkthrough, I really like to type about video 
games, especially in english so I can practice it since I don't speak english 
at home; je suis en faite un francais. This wasn't my first guide, and not 
the last neither, so see you in another FAQ! Until then, take care.

13- Credits

- Jeff 'CjayC' Veasey for posting this guide.
- for being one of the best video game site.
- for posting this guide on their awesome site.
- www.neoseeker for also posting this guide on their really great video game 
- FFmania for posting this guide on, an awesome site 
dedicated on games from Squaresoft.
- Possession of Lulu for his FEB challenge.
- Dan Birlew's exellent strategy guide for the Bestiary Section.

Final Fantasy X by Squaresoft on the Playstation 2 platform
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